I Will Shield You

Now we all know I'm not a huge fan of Captain America, however, I am doing this for an unnamed friend.

Whatever happened to Ally after Emily died? Here is the story where you will find out.

Mxfia Rodgers gave me permission to write this, so don't spam me please.


6. Sadness is Self Destructive.

"Have you found her yet?" Cap asked, walking to the mission room.


"No, but we're working on it." Fury replied.


Cap nodded, but his head was starting to hurt. He walked outside to get some air.


He found Loki sitting alone, clutching a picture, with tears steaming down his face.


"This entire thing is my fault." Loki whispered. "I never should have left her." Steve felt a ping of guit.


"This isn't all your fault." He said.


"If I didn't leave her, she wouldn't be dead and her best friend wouldn't be with HYRDA." Loki explained.


"You can't blame yourself, you were trying to protect her." Cap replied. 


"I guess so." Loki agreed, then got up and walked off. Steve then realized something. Loki was falling apart. 


Sadness is self destructive. 

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