I Will Shield You

Now we all know I'm not a huge fan of Captain America, however, I am doing this for an unnamed friend.

Whatever happened to Ally after Emily died? Here is the story where you will find out.

Mxfia Rodgers gave me permission to write this, so don't spam me please.



Ally was just sitting there, on the hospital bed. I mean, she wasn’t just sitting there, angry at Red Skull. Angry at Laufey. Angry at Emily for leaving the SHIELD HQ. Well, actually she was really mad at Steve for slapping Emily. She was mad at Tony for taking them to the HQ.


She was angry with the Avengers for not saving Emily in time. Ally thought about that for a second. Tony did save Emily, but Laufey killed her.


So, Ally guessed it wasn’t the Avengers' fault. Maybe...Maybe it was Ally’s fault. If she had followed Emily, she might have been able to save her. And was being with HYDRA paying Emily back for all of those good times that they had together? The times when Ally stood by Emily’s side when she dated Loki? And Emily staying by Ally’s side whenever she was upset and throwing things across the room.


This wasn’t right. Ally shook her head. What the heck was she doing? She could’ve just stayed with the Avengers and THEN bring Laufey to justice, but noooo, she had to go out of her way and go stand by HYDRA didn’t she?


Ally had made up her mind. She wasn’t going to stay with HYDRA. She had to get out of that room. Ally got up from the hospital bed (Nothing was attached to her or anything, she just needed to ‘rest’) and slowly walked to a window.

There was just one problem with that: There was no window.


Ally slowly walked out of the room, her breath pausing every time she saw a shadow. Wait, a shadow? Who was here that wasn’t supposed to be? Wait……….Ally just realized something.


Fury had told her that her decision was her decision a long time ago...He had suspected that Ally would join HYDRA! She had never been on the wrong side, she was just a double agent without even realizing it!


Fury was good. Ally will admit that. She’ll have to thank him when she got out of HYDRA.


“Allison? What are you doing?” Red Skull had caught Ally.


Ally couldn’t think of anything else to do, so she yelled “I QUIT!” and took off down the hallway.


After many twist and turns, she ran into a certain man with a shield.


“Ow!” She yelled as she tumbled onto the floor.


“What the….Ally?” Ally looked up to see Captain America.


Ally couldn’t think of anything to say, so she just whispered, “You can see me?” Captain America rolled his eyes.


Of course I can see you.” He told her, obviously annoyed.


“Oh….Hi.” Ally said.


“I’m glad to see you’re back to normal and not with HYDRA.” Cap said.


“How did you--”


“We heard you down the hall.” Cap explained.


“Oh…” Was all Ally said.


“Yeah...We were just going to fight Red Skull, you coming?” Captain asked.


“Um, actually I was leaving...But whatever.” Ally said, as she shrugged.


“Okay, let’s go.” Captain said as he walked in front of Ally as she and the rest of the Avengers walked down the hallway.

Before Ally could follow, Clint pulled her aside, said "I always wanted to do this." and kissed her. After a second of shock, Ally kissed back. They kissed for about 15 seconds before Clint pulled back. 

"Gotta go!" He said while winking, and ran off. Ally stood there shocked. What just happened? 



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