I Will Shield You

Now we all know I'm not a huge fan of Captain America, however, I am doing this for an unnamed friend.

Whatever happened to Ally after Emily died? Here is the story where you will find out.

Mxfia Rodgers gave me permission to write this, so don't spam me please.


7. He Really Hates This

Loki walked around the newly build HQ. He really hated this. 


He hated himself for leaving Emily. He hated Laufey. He hated Earth. Basically, he hated everything that involves him. 


However, he couldn't let Ally get revenge on Laufey,he wanted revenge for himself. Loki was going to kill Laufey...Again. 


"Brother." Loki turned around to see Thor. 


"Yes?" Loki asked. 


"I need to talk to you." Thor said. 


"You are talking to me." Loki sassed. Thor sighed. 


"I know. But, how come you didn't tell me?" Loki was surprised of this question. Then, he got mad. Thor didn't need to be nosing into Loki's business.


"It wasn't your business." He spat then stormed off. 

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