I Will Shield You

Now we all know I'm not a huge fan of Captain America, however, I am doing this for an unnamed friend.

Whatever happened to Ally after Emily died? Here is the story where you will find out.

Mxfia Rodgers gave me permission to write this, so don't spam me please.



"I want revenge now!" Ally screamed. Red Skull faced her calmly. 


"I know my dear, but you must wait. Laufey is currently in hiding and we must find him." He informed her, "Besides, you need much more training." 


"Do you know how mad Emily would be at me for joining Hydra if she wasn't dead???" Ally questioned, "I didn't do this because I wanted to, I did this for revenge." 


"And you shall get that. When you're ready." Red Skull replied then left the room. 


Ally screamed in frustration, as she threw her self at the wall and started punching it until her hands were bleeding. Then, she kept punching. 


She hated Laufey. She hated Loki. She hated the Avengers. She hated just about everything except for Emily. She was going to avenge her. No matter the cost. 


Ally was started feeling light headed from loosing too much blood. She felt her self slipping away into darkness. 

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