Animagus Revealed

Have you ever wondered what your Animagnus would be if you had one? If you were a dog like Sirius Black? A cat like McGonagall? Or you could be something diffrent entirely! Just follow the easy instructions in chapter one to find out which animal your Animagnus would be!


15. SeerSand05

SeerSand05's Description-

Blonde hair down to shoulders. Blue/brown eyes. Freckles. Thin an tall for age. Abit shy. Good at making friends. Gets angry easy and likes to be with many friends at once. 

     Your Animagus is the Cackling Goose! Like the goose you like the be around others and is abit shy. The cackling goose can be a bit temperamental. Your Animagus is dark brown with a lighter belly. You have blue brown eyes.

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