Animagus Revealed

Have you ever wondered what your Animagnus would be if you had one? If you were a dog like Sirius Black? A cat like McGonagall? Or you could be something diffrent entirely! Just follow the easy instructions in chapter one to find out which animal your Animagnus would be!


13. Ice Feather01

IceFeather01's Description- 

Curly dark blonde hair. Green/blue eyes. Tall with long legs. Small hands and feet. Shy, quiet, suspicious of strangers. Have good hearing. Run fast, likes outside, don't like being alone. Easily looses temper. Often blames self.

     Your Animagus is a lion/lioness. Like the lion/lioness, you are suspicious and are VERY fast. You have good hearing and dont like being alone. (The lion/ lioness are always with their pride) Also like the lion, you loose your temper easy. Your Animagus looks normal enough, (Golden hair) with striking grey blue eyes.

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