my name is agent violet, im 14 years i would say im normal besides the fact i've been training for missions my whole entire life if you havent figured out yet i'm a spy


1. Yes sir

Agent Violet's Pov.


I woke up to a loud noise coming from my alarm clock beside me, i sat up and turned it off only half way awake. Today is the day when i get told what a first mission ever is, I've been training for this day all of my life. I got up out of bed and into my cloest and changed into my averege uniform for our spy school. I looked up into my mirror and in the refection i say a girl with gold locks of blonde hair big bright blue eyes frekkeles covering her nose.


I walked out of my dorm and walked into Agent brown's office he the the leader of our agenciey but most people dont know he's my dad. Hello agent violet he said i cringed at the fact he dosent even say my real name. talk about being a little to into your job but whatever.


So today is your first mission am i coreect, yes Sir I responded







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