The gryffindor common room

Do you know what really happens in the gryffindor common room?
Read this to find out what Harry Ron and hermione acsually do in the
Common room.


4. The past


     Harry: a blast from the past?

a bright light flashed again and harry Ron and hermione are gone.




                     Harry's pov. 

I sat down on the gryffindor common room chair.

It was different though, it had yellow cloth instead of red.

harry looked over at hermione she looked different she had round glasses and short hair?

he looked at Ron, weird he also had glasses but they were very small but he has brown hair no freckles!

Harry: Ron hermione look in the mirror very slowly.

hermione turned  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

What's wrong a short haired prefect stuck his head through the door.

" Did it happen again pansy?" The prefect took pansy ( hermione )

by the wrist leading her out the door.

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