The gryffindor common room

Do you know what really happens in the gryffindor common room?
Read this to find out what Harry Ron and hermione acsually do in the
Common room.


2. entering hogwarts



                                                              . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

            SQUEak SWOOSH the great hogwarts doors opened with quite a racket.

They walked through the great halls looking like they have never seen it before. Wow it feels great to be back home, not that he never called the dursleys home, wait he never called privet drive home he thought. 

           '' Here to get beat up again....Potter?'' someone sneered. Malfoy.


              Harrys P.O.V: what does he want now, cant he bother someone else like peeves?

''What do you want malfoy?'' harry questioned

'' I though i said dont come back" he tilted his head chuckling.

Harry walked up to the fat lady.

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