Social Casualty

so tell me tell me what you want from me
i dont just want to be another social casualty



3. ™~chapter 3~™

Azettes POV.

"what do you want." i just spat out blankly

he chuckled, "i was just hoping to get you to the principles office but now that you mention, i could use a good massage."

"this isn't some kind of joke just take me there and leave please." i didnt bother make eye contact. he might draw me back in the way he did when we first started dating.

he lead me through a series of hallways until we got to the end where in big bold letters spelt the Principles Office. 

"t-thanks," i stuttered, "see you around school."

he hugged me. ben johnston hugged me. i walked in to the principles office and checked my schedule. 

i was pretty confused. but i ended up in the correct classroom which is a great thing for me. I had advanced algebra and i was with mikey and calum. wow i never thought they'd be mathematical genius's. My favorite subject was always math and this doesnt surprise me that when i walked in michael and calum stared at me like what are you doing here. 

"Hello! You must be Azette! Welcome to Falcon High, there is a seat next to michael and calum. take your seat and hurry please."

i started walking down the passage to my seat, i tugged down my denim acid washed shorts from hollister a bit and straightened my hipstah please crop top from fresh tops. *A/N i just realized i didnt say her outfit oops continuing on* and i sat down right between them.

"yo sup hoe." calum said "since when were you a nerd."

"um math has always been my fave subject and the real question is since when were you guys nerds." i said in a fake sassy tone.

"well its either this or advanced bio or something, i can't even remember and we both preferred math over bio unlike luke and ashton. so what can i say, we're genius's" mikey sassed back and boy was the sass real. snapp.

the rest of the class went by easy and if i knew this school was so easy i would've came here 2 years ago for 9th grade.

as the day passed i had atleast one of the boys in every class. and the final school bell rung and i just ran out of class. I couldn't stand another minute of chemistry. Can i just say that chem is like my least favorite out of every single class. 

I met michael by his SUV, and we drove home. when we arrived lukey ashy and cal pal were already all there and i was confused. Lukey of course ran straight to me and lifted me up and hugged me. then michael cleared his throat, "excuse me hey um az, mind going up stairs for like 5 mins i just need to talk to the boys about stuff."

"sure?" i looked confused. I ran up the stairs and decided to take a shower.

Mikeys POV.

i stared at all the boys and can't believe i forgot to give them this lecture 2 months ago when her mum told me about her whole past.

"okay guys no one, i repeat no one date her. She has had the worst past i have ever heard of, remember how her sister died, yeah she didnt suicide, she was the perfect sister, who never got compared to anyone but barbie, and she was the nerd and she tried suiciding 4 times. Look pretend you never heard this but her mum really wants to move here so she can get away. no one knows where she cuts no one ever seen. her sister died by cancer, so guys just please be careful with her and never i repeat again and again, ever think even about dating her, cause i won't happen in a million years." i was dead serious. 

they all looked at me like i was crazy but im not. then their looks turned to sympathy and then i knew as we exchanged looks that they understood. They all nodded and ashton and calum whispered at the same time, "what if we said we were all crazy in love with her. "

" i just don't want her as a victim of authority, i just want her to be a social casualty with everyone. I will only let her decide who she loves. if she really loves you then i will allow it but if you dare hurt her, well just dont." i finally came across a decision and furrowed my eyebrows. 

soon azette walked down the stairs with a crop top saying whatever 4 ever and abercrombie shorts. 

"hey mikey, can i ask  you something, privately?" she looked torn.

"sure of course."

we walked to her room.

"is it true?"

"what?" i was as confused as whenever i listened to the advanced french teacher.

"is it true that ashton and calum like me and its my decision. I know it is cause i overheard everything. so don't tell me any other answer, also i have a decision. I like luke. Ever since i first saw him, it felt like love at first sight. so if anything happens, i just want luke, and only luke."

she looked so torn, i knew why. when we were exchanging notes, of course calum stupidly wrote dude have you heard about lukes new crush on karen wellington? and ever since then she hasnt really been happy, but she was happier after school, what happened?




sorry it took so long, so much homework god. anyway how'd you like it and also i fixed some grammar mistakes i saw so :)

ANy WAy its like 3 am and i have school tomorrow at 8 so bad idea, especially since i still have home work -.- stupid books stupid lit, god.




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