Social Casualty

so tell me tell me what you want from me
i dont just want to be another social casualty



2. ™~chapter 2~™

michael POV

it was hard waking up that morning especially after winter break, the skys still cold and dark, the temperature too cold to get out of bed without a blanket. i walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and did my usual stuff to get ready, threw on a shirt, and went downstairs to find all my friends with my little sister (by like 2 months) all hanging out. i smiled, its nice to know thats shes fitting in.  

i yawned and they all turned around. 

"aye michael when did you get here." luke said as he looked at me.

"i dont know, maybe like 17 years ago when my parents gave birth to me and i started living here?"

i earned a few snickers and laughs, i went back to my room and got changed into my green day muscle tank with a pair a black skinny jeans and walked back down the stairs.

"michael! how was your sleep. ready for school again?" my dad said a little too cheerful

"no, no no no no no no no no no." i sung so loud that the guys and azette said shut up because they were all still adjusting to early wakes and rushed breakfests, "look dad i got to go to school before im late for my first day, love you."

i turned around and faced my friends "lets go losers."


azettes POV.

i tried not to think too much about anything considering i was just the underdog who just happened to have a step brother with the most popular clique in the school and who i now go to school with.

yep i now know my brother is the 'michael clifford' from five seconds of summer. They're pretty big in Oz (australia). my thongs (sandals) slap the hard ground as i walk through the hallway with mikey. 

"okay so the principles office is to your left, then turn right, keep walking down the hallway, turn left at the water fountain and your there ,and i wil see you soon okay? um have a good first day i guess BYE!" michael said so rushed that i barely got any of it so i just decided to guess and test my luck.

i walked in to a random classroom and asked for directions to the principles office and there i saw, ben johnston. he always said he left for the mighty Oz now i know for sure, the worst part is he's at my new school, my new continent that i was living in, my new CITY. 

"Excuse me miss, but i think that someone from this class would be delighted to escort you there. how about you Mr. Johnston, you never listen anyway." the teacher asked.

"i would be over joyed." he had his signature smirk on and made his way to me. "hello again Azette Frayne." 

he was still the jerk he was 2 years ago when he broke me down physically and emotionally. i still have the bruises. i never thought they would let him out so soon. felt like only days.



"STOP! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME." i cried as he threw another and another punch to my stomach. i looked down at my now bleeding stomach. he kicked me one last time before the police came and took him away

"I'll find you someday again, and when that happens, i will get my revenge and you wont last a day." he whispered before he walked away with his hands cuffed to his back

i stared into blank space as my sister came to help me up one last time, the last time she ever touched me again.


i suddenly felt his hand on mine and i whispered " please dont hurt me."



oooohhh cliff hanger kinda not really. but you know. next chapter will be up soon babes.




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