Social Casualty

so tell me tell me what you want from me
i dont just want to be another social casualty



1. ™~chapter 1~™

azette's POV

first day of junior year in 12 hours

first day of a new high school in 12 hours

australia cant be that different from england, after all my mum said it would just be 2 years then i would be back in london with her and my new step family for my gap year. I'll finally get to try to be a singer. Ever since the age of 5 when i was Mulan in the play Mulan Jr. I've always wanted to be a singer or actress, the thought of just making people happy just made me happy.

i was told by my mom that i was to meet my new step brother michael clifford? well he's my stepdads son and im only here to see if i like it in aussie so i can tell my mum either to move here or stay in england.  

"good morning passengers, the plane has now landed. It is 10:23am here in australia and it is 32 degrees Celsius(89.6 degrees F) here in sunny sydney. Please carefully exit the plane, thank you for flying Quantas Airlines." 

I reached above for my luggages, and off i went to find this michael guy. Mum says he'll be easy since he had dyed his hair pink. i scurried off the plane as i went to the arrivals section, i saw a head of pink next to 3 other guys, he had a name tag on that said michael 3 times, so i decided to walk up to him.

"hello? excuse me are you michael clifford by any chance?" i had an uneasy expression on my face, there must be thousands of michaels in australia.

"depends who you are, if your one direction thats me, and also if your azette mayfield." he answered staring at my big grey eyes.

"thats me." now all the boys cut out of their conversations to see michaels new step sister that just happened to be me.

Michael lead me to his car and we drove out. i fell asleep on someone that drive back, at england it would be time to go to sleep, i woke up by a slight shaking, my natrual brown waves bouncing around my stomach, "go away im tired." i said stubbornly

i was not in a mood to get up. i felt a pair of arms wrap around me and carry me into their house. I stared in shock at how much it looked like my house in england, i jumped out of what seems like michaels arms and ran up the stairs to see a huge poster across a door saying welcome azette and guess it was my room and say everything was the same, my turquoise walls, the pastel purple curtains, my queen bed with teal sheets and light grey blankets, and i plopped down on my mini couch. 

"dads gonna be home in 10 so change, shower, get ready or whatever girls do cause we're going out for lunch in a hour." michael shouted across the hall. I quickly showered and changed in to this : 

i put my hair in a side fishtail that fell right down to my upper stomach. i headed out my room with my phone in my back pocket. michael stared at my shirt and then whispered to his friends and they all looked at me, someone with dark brown hair asked

"you like nirvana?"

i looked at him like no i just bought this shirt because it was pretty. "no actually i just like the wacko smily face, OF COURSE I LOVE NIRVANA. got a problem?" 

"no cause your just in luck we love nirvana," he said,"by the way im calum, thats luke, and hes ashton." 

i nodded in response and just smiled. i slipped on my black dr. martins and followed them outside, "hi mr. clifford. nice to see you again." i smiled and hugged my step dad.

"just call me dad, today we're going to Toms BBQ and Steak House. I've heard that you are quite the carnivore."

i laughed at how true that fact was. i followed them into the car and shared some laughs with the other boys, "will i be attending school with you guys?"

"yeah you will actually and i'll help you get to class and stuff. You excited?" Michael asked

"i guess i mean new high school, junior year? pressures on. i wonder who i should be friends with, i mean junior year, everyone already has their cliques their friends and i won't be sure. so you guys have any suggestions?" i felt kind of worried already but now i just made it worse for my self. 

"theres always us." ashton winked at me and smiled brightly with those big dimples.

"i guess yeah." i smiled that i just found my group of friends. 

"you have one dimple?" luke saw as he turned to look at me.

"yeah funny story actually, i got pushed off my bed by my sister and bumped my cheek on my cabinet next to my bed and bam dimple. haha, why is it bad?" my smile quickly faded, into a more worried look

"no its adorable. i like it." luke replied quickly and smiled, he had dimples too. 

my smile came back and we just kept talking until someone mentioned her.

"wheres your sister?" calum wondered

"well," i felt a lump in my throat, tears threatening to escape, but i held up. "she passed on, bullies get the best of her, kinda got compared to me alot and started thinking what they said was true and." i started losing it, i just hid my face in michaels chest. 

"sorry, shouldn't have mentioned it." calums face dropped.

i just fell asleep and dreamt about her again. when i woke up i was resting my head on michaels lap and just stared at him for a little. Michael noticed i woke up and just smiled at me. i smiled back. he was really nice, maybe i wouldn't mind living in australia for a change.



hEyyy rEaDErs 

waddup, what im about to say is that i will be updating 3-4 times a week or maybe even 2 times if i don't have time. AND that once i finish this one i can start on new ones, so basically putting this you don't have to wait weeks or even just week for a update only like 2 days so byeee LOVE YOU GUYS



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