What is happening

Alexia Longbottom, you probably have heard of her parents; Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. This is her story of her life. She has a massive crush on Albus Potter but James Potter keeps on following her everywhere. But what happens when Albus, Alexia and this other boy;Dennis Thomas has to save the world from Voldemort's son.


6. What is Happening?

~Just a quick reminder the people who have tried for my movella will be announced next week~

The next morning, Alexia quickly dressed up and swallowed her breakfast and headed out for Potions. "Ah...You're early, now sit down and wait,"said Professor Malfoy. Alexia nodded and sat down, scanning her book and keeping an eye on Professor Malfoy, after 10 minutes many students began coming in. Behind some girls, stumbled Rose Weasley, she ran and sat nest to Alexia, "Early Bird, you are,"she said, Alexia smiled. Suddenly, Scorpius began singing, "I don't wanna let this go-."

"That's it, Scorpius you are GROUNDED!,"said Professor Malfoy, everyone began laughing. "Enough, laughing and now--where's Mr.Potter and Mr.Thomas?,"said Professor Malfoy, everyone shook their heads. Suddenly, the door flung open and entered, Dennis and Albus, "You two, I think you'll be having double detentions and 500 points from Gryffindor!,"sneered Professor Malfoy, every Gryffindors, frowned at Dennis and Albus as they sat down.


All the classes went quickly, Alexia paced to the library but bumped hardly into....guess who? ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER, "I think you have a phobia of me,"chuckled Albus, Alexia smiled, "Where are you going?,"asked Alexia, "to the library,"replied Albus, "I am going there too," she said, "Ok, why don't we go together,"said Albus, Alexia nodded.

They entered the library and Alexia picked a newspaper and Albus picked up a book and Alexia took out a couple of books and they both borrowed them.  

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