Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


60. 60

Next morning

Ellen’s POV

Our bodies were cuddled under the doona, my toes wriggled as the hair on Louis’ legs tickled at my bare skin, his head was resting on my chest as I carefully combed through his tousled hair with my fingers. His arm was wrapped around my waist, softly snoring, I shifted slightly, Louis’ grip intensifying as he held me close, he looked so beautiful, his hair lighter, pink lips. I watched almost in awe as long eyelashes fluttered on his cheeks, drawing in a deep breath before settling to rest on my chest once more, his breathing levelling to a slow, steady pace, it calmed me. I had found him in this position a short while before as I woke, the pillows in disarray above and below the doona, instead he had subconsciously opted to use me, wrapping his limbs around my body. It wasn’t so much protective, but almost a little frightened, reminding me of a child clinging onto a loved one for comfort, the length of his legs were tangled with mine, fingers occasionally twitched, lightly fisting at the shirt adorning my upper half.

I was quite certain Louis’ slumbering position was in fear of me leaving, desperately holding on, but he needn’t have worried, there was no chance of me disappearing, the feelings I had developed for the stunning guy currently keeping me overly warm, were something I had never felt before, I had never been in a relationship before, never felt such a desire to be as close to someone before. I was unable to ponder over the thoughts racing through my mind for any longer, my attention was drawn back to Louis, he lightly mumbled my name, his warm hand sliding over the doona, seconds later I realised he was in search of my smaller one. I offer my touch to him, long fingers oddly intertwining with mine and encouraging it up to the hair tousled over his head, a heavy sigh fell from my mouth, my bottom lip taken between my teeth as I watched him settle once again.

My heart began to thump against my chest and I felt almost certain Louis could sense my increased pulse, his presence suddenly felt overbearing, weight pressing down on me, I couldn’t breathe. My fingers struggled to gently pry his arm from around my waist, attempting to wriggle out from under his larger frame, I found it difficult as Louis’ long limbs were heavy with sleep; he had quite literally tangled himself with me, the strength of his body still profoundly evident even in his weakened unconscious state. Frustrated mumbles could be heard as I tried to free my leg from between Louis’ thighs. The sounds grew louder as I resisted his arm which intended to drag me back to him. All the while, Louis’ sparkling blue eyes remained hidden from me, I pressed a kiss to his cheek, fingers running lightly through his hair, and the gesture seemed to calm him, allowing me to ease my leg out from between the strength of his thighs, the throaty moan that accompanied the action flushed heat to my body. My eyes widened slightly as my knee lightly brushed the growing hardness between Louis’ tensed legs, I ignored the images that sprung to my mind, my lover panting and glistening in sweat above me, my head shook, denying myself the indulgence of a glance under the covers; knowing the thick erection I have felt rather intensely, would be straining against the black fabric tightly hugging Louis’ lower half.

My absence was voiced in a strained whimper from Louis, his forehead creasing in a frown, eyes still remained shut, despite his displeased expression, Louis was still the most beautiful male I had ever seen, his restlessness continued until he shifted over slightly to the spot I was previously laid in. Long legs stretching out under the doona until his feet poked out the end, I couldn’t help but smile, his pink lips were parted as I placed a soft kiss to his cheek; my presence retreated, leaving Louis to grab the nearest pillow to entice closer into his bare chest.

My mind was on other things as I swiped the knife over the toast, spreading the butter, I didn’t hear or see Louis enter the main room, it startled me when his arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I smiled as he hummed in my ear, resting his chin on my shoulder; he tickled my neck with his lips leaving teasing kisses across my skin. “I don’t like waking up alone.” He mumbled.

“What like you did every morning before we met?” I joked, his teeth sinking into the skin of my neck before he hummed his response.

“Mhmm.” I smile as I raise the toast to my mouth taking a bight.

“Want some?” I mumbled over the food and I felt him nod, I rise my hand to my shoulder, I feel Louis take a bit from the toast I offered him before I put it back on the plate, his grip leaves me and he sits on a stool around the other side of the island while I pack the still slightly hot toaster away.

“I woke up with a hard-on this morning.” He tells me and I look at him as I lean on the island counter, across from him.

“Did you?” I asked as I took a bight of the toast and he nods doing the same thing, “How’d you fix it?” I asked playfully.

“How do you think I fixed it?” I smirked.

“Well I need to go shopping, we’re out of milk.”

“Can’t that wait?” he asked hopefully and I shook my head.

“It won’t get done if we wait because you know exactly what will happen.” Louis smirked before agreeing.

Week later

The week past quickly, nothing much happening apart from Louis and I finally going to school every day, there were some days one of us would refuse but the other made them go, the party was today, I had had a shower but was now lying on my bed with only a towel wrapped around my body. My hair wet and hanging from one shoulders as I hold my weight up on my elbows and look type on my laptop, Sassy and Bandit asleep on the pillows while I wait for Louis to get back from work at the gym. I hear the door to the apartment close and the rattle of Louis keys as he drops them on the bench, I feel his presence in the doorway behind me.

“I can smell you from here.” I say scrunching up my face, “Have a shower.” I tell him and moments later feel his hands on my outer thighs, sliding his fingers up my skin, causing the towel to bunch up. “Louis.” I whine, “You stink.” I say as he straddles my butt and leans on me, his lips leaving kisses to my bare shoulder, I hear him chuckle before his presence is removed from the bed, I close the laptop and fold my arms under my head, as I stay lying on my stomach, I watch Louis strip down and get in the glass shower. His back muscles contracting as he runs his fingers though his wet hair, the water cascading over his body and when he catches me staring I blush looking away, taking an interest in the cats at the head of the bed.

“Like what you see?” he playfully asks as I head up onto the bathroom platform, reaching for my hair dryer in the bottom draw.

“Very much, actually.” I admit as I plug my dryer in, he smirks at me and as his about to say something I turn the dryer on, the loud noise blocking him out, I watch him for a moment as he shakes his head at me, and soon his out of the shower and my now dry hair is falling down my back. My butt gains a playful slap as I drop the towel in the washing basket and make my way off the platform; I turn slightly to see Louis smirking at me, a towel wrapped around his hips. I step into the wardrobe and slip into a fresh pair of underwear, I pick out a maroon, red high slit dress and slip it on, I left the diamond studs and necklace I always where on. Louis joined me and slipped a pair of black briefs on as I sat on the ottoman in the middle of the room, watching as he buttons and zips his trousers; a kiss was stolen as he crossed the room to collect his button up shirt and jacket before he was standing in front of me.

“Where are your shoes?” I look around before pointing to the black koi couture heels I set out only minutes before, “Well I don’t think there any good to you over there.” he tells me and I smile sweetly up at him.

“Will you get the for me?” I show my teeth when I smile again, he rolls his eyes before complying and making his way towards the black heels, picking them up and dropping them in front of me, I look back up at him and he points to the floor before I smile again, “Will you put them on?”

“I don’t think they’ll fit me.” he tells as he picks one back up and examines it.

“Not on you, on me.” I laugh and I smiles stealing a kiss before he kneels in front of me, my left ankle is taken in his hand before he slips the shoes on delicately, placing it back on the floor before gripping my right, tracing over my anklet before slipping my foot into the second heel, when my foot is placed on the floor in front of me I lean forward

“Ready?” Louis asked as I placed the box of cat food back in the cupboard, I nod and he grabs his keys as we make our way towards the door, it feels like no time had passed before we were on our way there, Louis looking straight watching the road as I continues moved my feet trying to find a comfortable position for them. The car ride is almost an hour before we arrive at a large white house, music is heard as Louis and I abandon the car, I stand in front of the car and wait for Louis, his hand takes mine as he leads me towards the front door, the drive way is large and full of cars, the stone steps make me feel as though im going to slip as Louis and I make our way up the three steps to the veranda, Louis reaches out to press the small white button that I didn’t know was there and a bell was quietly heard and the door opened moments later.

“Thank you.” Louis says as the lady lets us in, my hand in his as we make our way down a long hall where I can see different coloured lights though the glass door at the end, the music getting louder and louder the deeper into the huge house we go. “Just to warn you, my mums cousin is a little.” He pauses, “Out there.” I look up at him and he looks amused, “Especially with females.” I raise an eye brow before I remember there are going to be a lot of lesbians here and his mother’s cousin is one of them.

“Okay.” I nod and soon we are stepping out of the door, his hand leaves mine as we are offered champagne, Louis hands me a glass before placing his free hand in the small of my back leading me further into the back yard, it was huge, a large dance floor and stage, the floor filled to the max, the tables and chairs off to the side slightly and from what I could see there is stairs leading down to a second back garden. Heaps of people are around up, mostly woman, as I observe my surroundings further Louis stops walking and I do the same, I look straight ahead to see Liam and Niall, Louis greets them, as do I and we spark convocation.

“You look very nice, Ellen.” Liam tells me and I smile thanking him, after the comment I feel Louis’ grip around my waist tighten, my free hand drifting to sit over his, squeezing it lightly before looking up at him, a kiss is presses to my temple before I look back at the boys.

“When are the others getting here?” Louis asks before taking a sip of his drink, I look around at the woman dancing and finally spotting a few man in the crowd.

“Harry’s already here and Zayn im not sure.” Louis nods at Niall’s response and I watch as a lady starts making her way towards us, just when I think she is going to bypass she greets the boys cheerily, embracing them all in hugs, she wears a long flowing black and dark purple dress, her earing slightly larger than they should be and a chunky necklace is hugging her neck, her hair short and blonde with a few dark purple strips covering the fringe, I guess to match her dress.

“You must be Ellen.” she says smiling at me, we are of similar height, as I nod as I smile back, “Im Jeraldean, nice to finally meet you.” She says and I’m taken back as she embraces me in a tight hug, I hug back and look towards Louis when I think it is starting to reach a fair point to brake it, he clears his throat and Jeraldean releases me, her hands grasping my upper arms as she holds me at arm’s length, observing me. “You are a very pretty girl.” I thank her feeling a little nervous and compliment her back, telling her I liked her hair, when I get a glimpse over her shoulder the boys are standing in a group trying to stifle there laughs and it isn’t to much longer until she is leaving, I let out a sigh of relief when she is of a distance away and straighten my posture, looking at the boys who finally laugh loudly.

“Oh my bloody god.” I run my hand though my hair before fanning my face, “Im so warm now.”

“You were uncomfortable?” Louis asked and I nod, “Don’t worry, we might not see her again until morning.” I nod and im soon back with his arm wrapped around me, Zayn has arrived and Harry is back with the group, a girl hanging off him and there PDAs are making my want to vomit.

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