Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


50. 50

Ellen’s POV

I had been wondering around for at least two hours talking to old friends, I had noticed a large pile of presents and it makes me smile that they all thought of me, the DJ was pumping club mixed music and most people were dancing, I had lost Louis a while ago and im wondering if his catching up with friends from last year.

“Ellen, come to the bar.” I feel a hand wrap around my forearm and start to drag me away, I rush my goodbye before im sat in the middle of Claudia and Tegan, three shots lined up.

“Your drinking?” I look at Tegan and she shrugs.

“Well im not going to be the only sober one here, Jacks almost off his face and im only three months away from being eighteen, so what the heck?” I laughed but shrug it off; remembering the days Tegan and I went to party’s and got smashed.

“To you.” Claudia toasts and we clink the cups some of the clear liquid spilling out before we rose it to our lips and though it back.

“Give us another!” Tegan shouts and the bartender fills our glasses up again, we throw it back and take one more shot before I get a bottle of watermelon cruise, sipping it as I make my way around trying to find Louis, I finally spot him drinking the same green liquid as me and make my way over, falling into his lap and wrapping an arm over his shoulders as I take a swing of my drink, his watching me, a grin on his lips.

“I haven’t seen you in forever.” I say and kiss his lips; I can feel the other boys eyes on me but I don’t care as I look at Louis.

“Well you disappeared.” He replies taking a sip from his bottle.

“Mhmm, but im back.” I say and nuzzle my face into his neck, biting the skin before im ripped up from my position on his lap, my hand caught in Tegan’s as she pulls me.

“Come dance.” I nod and pull my arm away, quickly bending to be close to Louis’ ear.

“Im going to dance for you.” I whisper and lick a strip up his neck before taking his ear lobe between my lips, sucking lightly, “For you only.” I whisper before kissing his ear and taking the lobe between my teeth and biting and make my way towards Tegan, the DJ playing a mixture of songs and Im lost, my hips swaying, hands in the air and whenever I look towards Louis his slumped in his chair, taking swings of his green liquid watching me.

The next time I check the time it’s almost midnight, a few people have left but the party is still booming with bodies, most of which are drunk and making no sense.  I stand with the DJ as he shows me some of the things his does, I’ve been drinking a bit and probably shouldn’t be around all the cables but I don’t take my own advice and I stay there near all the electrical equipment. As I sit on the table facing the DJ as he changes dials and flicks switches I feel an arm sneak around my waist, pulling my back slightly, I can’t help the giggle that falls from my lips as im dragged away and taken into a dark room, the light is flicked on to reveal Louis I smile and kiss his lips, I notice I was standing in the room Tegan, Claudia and I had gotten changed in, our clothes were no longer there though and I wonder if my parents had taken them home. He held me closely, his lips discover the curve where neck met shoulder, his hands were everywhere imaginable, squeezing and navigating their way under the costume, mine mirroring enthusiastically.

The heavy thump of base could still be heard from the hall only meters away, rhythmic drumming most likely being the support that guided the timing of hip thrusts. “Wait.” Louis’ mouth paused with my objection, concerned eyes finding mine. My fingers were wound into the hair at the nape of his neck, providing control if I desired to tease and tug, an aspect of play that Louis had brought to my attention in a new light.

“What’s wrong?” He panted.

“I really love this song.” A smile crossed his lips before diving back in, to continue the attack, a sharp groan was released, my fingers gently yanking in response to Louis’ teeth grazing skin.

“Good,” he almost mouthed, “Because I’m gonna fuck you to it.”

 “I don’t want to have sex on a dirty floor, Louis.” It wasn’t my intention to sound whiny or inconsiderate of the situation, but I fretted that’s how my statement came across. However, Louis didn’t give the impression that he was all that worried, still with his hands shoved up under my dress.

“Good thing I wasn’t thinking of using the floor,” he disclosed a playful threat. “I’m going to take you up against the wall.” I striped him from his button up shirt and not too gently unbuckling his belt; something which he was more than happy to oblige to. His trousers were unceremoniously dropped, as he attended to my underwear, tugging them down my legs and untangling them from the boots. I worked on the condom he handed me from his back pocket as his trousers; he tugged his briefs down and let them stay around his ankles with his pants. I was hoisted up between Louis’ firm body and the wall after we got the condom on his large, hard shaft, breath emitted in small laboured gasps.

“No,” I blurted as he went to remove the hat, “Give me that.” He chuckled at my suggestion, right hand placing it on my head before bopping it down; I fixed it comfortably on my head, Louis nuzzled into my shoulder before delivering the first heavy thrust of his hips, a welcomed impact of relief, his arms hooking under my knees as my fingers scratch at his back and tug at his hair, moans erupting from both our mouths. I crash my lips to his as he continues to thrust into me, the angle perfect as he brushes my g-spot, my back arching and a growl admits from his lips.

“Fuck your tight, baby.” I bight my lip as one of my hand rise to hold the hat on my head the other pushing though his hair, my head resting back on the wall as he continues to thrust up into me, I look down on him, my eyes almost closed as we watch each other, my head flicks towards the door where a knock just sounded, Louis continues to thrust not caring, my arms around his neck as he nuzzles between my breasts, my fingers tangles in the stands of his hair, the knock sounds again.

“Occupied!” I shout and bit my lip as Louis delivers a particular hard thrust, the door swings open and Louis stops moving in me, we both look towards the door, where Tegan stands, a smirk present on her face.

“Get out!” Louis and I shout as one.

“Aww, little Ellen and Louis having a fuck.” She giggles, you can tell she’s drunk as she grips the handle and starts to sway pompously side to side, im still trapped against the wall, Louis still inside me.

“Tegan, get out, seriously.” I say pointing; her right eye drops down in a wink before she starts to back away.

“Great position. Ain’t it.” my jaw drops and she closed the door, Louis looks back to me and I just look at the door.

“Come one, don’t worry.”  He says nuzzling his head into the crock of my neck, kissing lightly, “Do you want to finish?” I think for a quick second before nodding and connecting our lips as he starts to thrust again.

“My friends have great timing.” I say as he smirks and he watches me.

“And how’s my timing?” Louis asked withdrawing before gifting me with a driven thrust.

“Commendable.” I choke, I was given little warning as Louis’ hips magnetised to mine once more. Tight, strong and unbelievably sexy; his conviction held with athletic precision, my fingers seized the material still hanging from Louis’ shoulders, drawing it into my desperate clasp in some urgent need to stable myself in reality. Part of me wanted to rip the material from his body, have him completely bare whilst he knocked me into the wall, but the prevalent fragment of my lingering composure had me clawing to the present, I’d never had a circumstance of similar occurrence before; so utterly impatient to have each other that the removal of clothing was kept to the essential; only stripping out of what was necessary.

Louis’ lips were busy seeking out the thumping pulse in my neck; the beat proving a worthy competitor against the bass of the music being emitted from the room close by, I was feathered with kisses, some involving sharp discomfort from nibbling bits, Louis had sparked my senses, he possessed an apt ability to judge the situation, his hands displaying appropriate gentleness when removing stands of hair from my face before securing my thighs to rock heavily into me. “I’m not gonna last long.” He panted against my neck.

It was heavenly, I didn’t want it to end but to have him close was unreservedly one of the best sights I had ever witnessed, he was all lip bitten, flushed cheeks and absurd language. “Pull out.” I demanded, my hands pushed his shoulders urging him to comply, his hips had stilled, enduring the tight heat with breathless relent.

“I’ve got a condom on, its fine.” He muttered.

“Louis.” Nothing more needed to be said, his expression one of worry as he aided in my untangling from him, I remained in the small space between Louis and the cool wall even after my feet touched the ground.

“Did I hurt you?” His voice coarse and low perturbed at the thought of causing me harm.

“No.” I pause. “I just- I wanted to…” I had imagined it to be more alluring in my head, demanding dominance of the situation, it was going to be more difficult than previously thought; and judging by the disgruntled look on his face, Louis wasn’t all that please we’d put the brakes on our romp, I’m sure if I was anywhere near sober I wouldn’t do this. “Touch yourself.”

“What?” I observed the clarity wash over his features, a smug expression taking the place of initial confusion.

“I want to see you touch yourself.” My instruction was given in a much firmer tone, confident in the action I sought after and how Louis was going to preform them, it was brazen of me, but the risk of him disobeying was almost non-existent, considering the flash of excitement his eyes were shot with, he wanted this. I had always been curious as to how he indulged himself, I yearned to study him without the distraction of touching me; I wanted to see how he teased himself, whether he delayed the inevitable messy ending for as long as he could withstand or if it was hot and fast, apparently I was going to find out.

The span of his palm was pressed flat to the wall above me; his body virtually sheltering mine. His right hand descended but my eyes lingered on his, estimating the exact moment the awaited caress had taken place. It was revealed by a small gasp of inhaled air, parted lips and lowered lashes, Louis was unexpectedly patient with his stroke, relishing the undivided attention I laid upon him, he liked being watched. I wasn’t sure if the occasional touches to my stomach were deliberate as he continued to fist the length, but the playfulness was apparent assuming the kink in his lips was a provocative tease. My hand took up residence upon his shoulder, hooking to have my fingers around the nape of his neck, Louis’ costume hat still on my head, bands of sweat were making running paths downs his neck, a testament to just how hard he was working not to cry out. The twinges in my stomach had me longing for him to do away with pleasing himself and have him please me instead, but I resisted, a silly inquisitive part of my mind wishing to discover just how long it would take before I was begging him.

“What do you think about?” his smile was one of hazy mischief; our bodies had grown closer, both just as eager to feel our lovers heat.

“You.” Louis strained.

“Me?” I asked in disbelief, for the first time, my vision trailed down his body to watch his performance, skilled fingers tended to the erection still protected by contraception, the easy glide made my checks flush, fully aware of just how ready my body had been for him before I’d lost my underwear and he’d lost much more.

“I think about how you like it slow.” He admitted roughly, the grip Louis held tightened as he pumped nearer the base, closing his fist smaller before freeing himself to execute the movement again, he was wrecked and it was taking all my will power to curtail the yearning to pounce. “How tight you are.” He chocked, “Your body, your lips.” He was against my hip, torturing me with grazes of knuckles and unashamed whimpers, Louis couldn’t seem to draw in a full breath, the air consumed in small sharp gulps as he squeezes the sensitive tip. “Your kiss.” I place my hand on his hip, the skin was smooth and warm beneath my palm, his lips much the same as we shared a kiss. “Your tiny hands.” He laughed a strained laugh, I tightened my grip on his waist to prove to him just how credible my ‘tiny hands’ could be, I hadn’t expected Louis to respond in such a despairing way, “Please.” He begged, his head had lowered; the once boyish playfulness had dissipated into shameless pleading, I wouldn’t touch him, not in the way he craved, as my hand retracted from his side, the deliberate brush was noted, beseeching me to take hold of him, to coax him to his end, but I refused, he was going to do as I said.

“No, be a good boy.” The vibrant language expelled from Louis’ mouth in reply was muffled into my shoulder, his left arm still striving to keep his body from crushing mine against the wall. Although he was partially leant upon me, but not overwhelming so. It was a need to feel another, and I couldn’t explain how hot it was to have Louis completely comfortable with being so openly vulnerable, he trusts me.

“Have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” Louis boldly asked his tone sent goose bumps across my skin; we were well past the point of polite etiquette concerning anything considered remotely naughty. His eyes sought out my retort, but I feared my answer may have brought an end to something I was immensely enjoying, a languid smile crossed his pleasured features as he assessed me nod. “You came?” the speed of his caress slowed, dangling on the edge of the question in which I knew the answer he hungered for; to knew that I cried out his name whilst alone in my bed, I wasn’t ashamed, the hand still clasping the back on his neck and drew Louis to me, my lips brushing his ear.

“Twice.” I whispered.

“Fuck.” His wrist flicked at double the speed, pressing his forehead to mine and releasing soft sounds, the thick vain in his neck became prominent, straining not to call out and alert the other party goers of our current situation, that was all it took, he fell apart whilst I held him, told him how good he’d been for me. Once spent, Louis was on his knees; prying my legs apart and pinning my hips to the wall, kisses were imprinted up my thigh before he succumbed to submission and held me, rocking into his mouth as my climax was forced from me by Louis’ skilled lips. I sunk to the floor, wrapped in his arms as my centre throbbed after my orgasm, I soon found the strength to wrap my arms around Louis’ neck, pushing a kiss to his lips as I straddled his kneeling position.

“That was good.” I admit softly as I nuzzle into the crook of his neck, his hands cupping my bare butt and squeezing every now and again.

“It was.” He agrees and I smile as I held him to me.

“I love you.” I say and he repeats my words, I pull back and plant a gentle kiss to his lips before getting up and making my way towards my discarded underwear, Louis worked on getting his briefs and pants up as I step into my panties, fixing them back into place before straightening out my thigh high stockings, as Louis buckled his belt I get to work on his shirt buttons.

“Can I have my hat back?” he asked and I shake my head placing my right hand on the top and taking his hand with my left, leading him out of the change room, flicking the switch for the lights and entering the hall, it is noticeable of the loss of people as I lead Louis onto the dance floor.

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