Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


42. 42

Three days later

Ellen’s POV

I lie in the middle of the mains rooms floor, a candle slightly off to the side as I read the book assigned to me, I was past half way in the novel and only two days in, I had to admit the book is great, the story line, amazing.  The cats roam around me, checking out the candle every now and then, I hear Sassy pad away from me as she heads into the kitchen where Bandit is eating, I continue the book, flipping the pages and I hear the door click open and closed, I don’t look to see who it is, I know its Louis as he quietly places his set of keys on the bench and comes towards me. His presence is now lying beside me on the wooden floor and I turn my head to look at him, I smile when he does and he grips the book letting it fall shut as he places it down behind him.

“Hi.” I say softly.

“Hey.” He smiles, “I like this.” he tells me tugging at the hem of my almost see though singlet, I blush and he moves to hover over me, knees either side of my waist, “So beautiful.” He whispered pecking my lips. In that moment I knew it was Louis, I wanted to give myself to him, he could have me, all of me, and I desperately wanted him, he smiled, dipping his head to kiss my neck, I gripped the nape of his neck, fingers pressing into his warm skin as I built up the courage.

“Make love to me.” I barely whispered, he heard my very quiet plea, his lips unmoving as he processed my words, Louis’ body seemed to tense above me, not quite sure of his next move, my fingers slid into his hair, fisting it and gently guiding his head away from the crook of my neck, our breathing was heavy as his forehead rested on mine, my heart thumped in my chest, Louis’ stunning eyes piecing into mine, “Louis.” I wasn’t naïve to the fact that Louis had had sex before, that information was evident, his knowledge and experience often intimidating me as I had no clue on most of the acts under the sex title. But making love, I wasn’t so sure he had committed to anything as remotely profound, and by his almost stiffened posture my thoughts were confirmed, this would be the first time it had actually meant something to him, I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted that sort of intimate connection with him, the connection that only lovers had; to put my trust in him and his in me.

He looked almost frightened as he stared at me, his eyes wide and blazing, “Are you sure?” Louis’ voice hoarse as he desperately gazed at me, I gave him a small nod, my touch slipped from his brown strands as he moved away slightly. I rolled my head to the side as I watched him blow the small candle out off to the side; a kiss was pressed to the corner of my eye, his soft lips brushing against my cheek as he pulled away. I intently observed as he got to his feet, holding out his hand towards me, I gripped it before Louis lifted me to stand in front of him, my fingers intertwining with his, my eyes fluttered closed as he leant down, our lips connecting in an innocent kiss, his nose sweetly rubbing against mine, the gesture made me shyly smile, we pulled apart seconds later, Louis leading me towards the opening of my bedroom.

I quickly made my way over to the other side of the dark space and up onto the bathroom plat form, my finger feeling around for the small switch on the bottom of the vanity counter to turn the mirror lightly on, once found the room was dimly lit with the light glow from the large bulbs circling my mirror, I turned to face Louis who had removed his phone and wallet from the back pocket of his jeans, the depths of his stunning eyes stared at me as I fiddled with my hands, I knew my nervousness was clear, receiving a small smile from Louis.

“Come here.” His long fingers extended to me, my feet moving toward him to accept the gesture, I swallowed down my anxiety, biting on my lower lip, Louis’ left arm slid around my back, gently enticing me closer. “You’re safe. I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered. And I believed him, I knew Louis would stop at nothing to protect me, it was difficult to describe to anyone how our relationship had begun, but more so how it had developed, I could trust Louis with practically anything, is this what it felt like to be in love? To be so engulfed in someone, to want to give them everything.

An innocent kiss was exchanged between us, pulling apart, but still our lips continued to brush, our foreheads pressed together as I carefully felt down his stomach, my hands trembled as I caught hold of the bottom of his top, the shirt was peeled from Louis’ torso, his slightly tanned skin was smooth as I traced over the defined lines on his stomach. “You must be an angel.” I whispered, peering up to his face.

His stunning features illuminated in the glow of my mirror lights. “I’m no angel, Baby.” His words holding a hint of hurt, orbs falling down to where I gripped his hand.

“Well, I think you are.” I raised his hand to my mouth, leaving delicate kisses to the knuckles.

“Why?” He asked confused.

“How can someone look as breath taking as you and not be an angel.” I spoke quietly. “That’s the only explanation I can think of.” I smiled, he quietly laughed off the comment before kissing me on the end of my nose, my fingers trailed over his strong shoulders and down his toned arms, lightly squeezing at the muscle. My arms clung around his waist, I’m not sure how long we stood and held each other but Louis’ embrace gradually calmed my nerves, kisses were left on my cheek.

“You alright?” Louis whispered, I lightly nodded as he squeezed me. “Good… now let me make love to you.” I shyly smiled at the beautiful boy in front of me, I took a step back out of his hold, blazing blue orbs never left me as I crossed my arms over my stomach, fingertips finding the hem of my top. My bottom lip was taken harshly between my teeth as I raised the material up, my vision obscured as I struggled to remove the clothing in my nervous state, I heard a deep laugh before large warm hands rested over my own, helping to rid me of the material barrier, once off, I dropped it to the floor.

The blush on my cheeks seemed to heat my entirety; I stood in my bra and jeans. Both of us topless as Louis closed the distance, soft lips were instantly on mine, tongue forcing its way into my mouth, I didn’t resist, my body surrendering itself to him, Louis could have everything I was able to give and more, I was his. My hands gripped the back of his neck, heart thumping against my chest as I felt his long fingers fumble with the button on my jeans, I gasped into his mouth as he tugged the zip down. “Shh.” Louis comforted. “It’s alright, Baby.” His whispered words had a calming effect, even though my breath was still trembling from my parted lips, he let out a laugh as I leaned up for another kiss, our noses bumping, but I stood frozen as fingers were hooked into my jeans, pulling them down over the curve of my backside. My thumb absentmindedly skimmed his right nipple, the throaty groan released took me a little by surprise, I repeated the action before dipping my head. “Ellen.” Louis’ breathless voice sounded.

My lips kissed the sensitive nub, sucking and licking, I was forced to lose contact as my jeans were eased down around my ankles, Louis taking my hands and guiding me out of the clothing, he caught me as I stumbled into him, but his grip released as he left me standing on my own, the length of my hair fell forward over my shoulders, concealing my black bra. “Holy shit.” Louis spoke, his lustful eyes trailed from my head to my feet, he took his time, lovingly absorbing my body. I had never been one to tan very well in the sun and next to Louis I looked paler than ever, but with him, I had never felt more beautiful, I watched his heart-fluttering smile appear as I nervously wriggled my toes. “Nice colour.” He complimented the shiny red nail polish.

“Thanks.” I whispered, shyly, I yearned to feel his warmth, I couldn’t wait any longer, I initiated the contact, the large span of Louis’ palms all over my body as he touched and caressed the soft skin, he smiled into the kiss as I trailed up his back to a place where I knew he loved to be touched, fingers instantly winding into the hair adorning his head.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled, I gasped, one hand remaining tangled in Louis hair, the other gripping the back of his neck as he walked me backwards, our bare feet touching as we stopped at the bottom of my bed. The heated kiss was broken, a small giggle fell from my lips as Louis swept me off my feet, my hair fanned out around me as he laid me back on the doona, his gaze was almost in awe, eyes never leaving my body.

“Louis.” I breathily whispered, I reached out to him, trying to get him to move closer, he complied, kneeling in between my bent legs as he bent to place a lingering kiss to my lips, pulling my glasses gently from my face and leaning over to place them on the bedside table, he brought my hand up to his mouth. Pink lips left small kisses to the skin, my arm was turned over, Louis leaning in to press his warm mouth to the underside of my naked wrist, I still laid on my back as Louis continued his delicate touches, my heart thumping as he hovered over me, a small smile on his face as his thumb brushed over my necklace before moving higher to my ear, running his thumb over one of the silver, diamond studs I always wore, our eyes met as he knelt taller. My right leg was lifted, I whimpered as Louis’ warm hands ran down my thigh, knee, calf to the anklet decorating the bottom of my leg, his fingers traced it, all the while leaving wet kisses to the smooth skin.

“So soft.” He mumbled, my foot pressed flat to his chest, I watched a he turn the ankle bracelet so he could see the small plaque with the two letters ‘T’ and ‘C’ engraved onto it, he traced the small plaque before turning it to see the other side which had ‘We Will Miss You’ engraved, his fingers tracing the words as I watch him. I couldn’t help but laugh as Louis brought my leg up higher before sucking on the inside of my ankle, the sensation tickling, he grinned at me.

“Louis.” I giggled, trying to get him to stop, he played with the chain around my neck, the one he had got me before I left Australia, he gave me the elephant pendant necklace the day we thought we would never see one another again. His hands skimmed down my body, cupping my breasts and gently squeezing them, tingles of pleasure burst across my skin in goose bumps, he knew exactly what effect he had on me and he was taking full advantage, my head rolled to the side, chest rising and falling rapidly under Louis’ intimate touch.

“No, look at me.” He instructed, my eyes flickered open as I met his intense gaze, fingers trailing over my stomach, every tiny touch seemed to be magnified. Louis’ presence all-encompassing, overwhelming me, Louis had moved further down the bed, kissing at my sensitive skin as he went, his movements were so hot, seductive, if I wasn’t laid down, there was a strong possibility I would have fallen in a heap to the floor. My mind snapped back when I felt his touch on my underwear, “You know I love these.” He fiddled with the lace. “I want to take them off…but not yet.” Louis added with a wink, before I had a chance to regain my breath he dipped his head,  hands trapped my ankles, pinning my feet to the bed, knees bent, his open mouth placed over the front of my panties, hot breath seeping through the thin material as he purposefully puffed out.

“Louis.” I whispered, my trembling body brought a satisfied smile to his face, unable to move my legs and at his mercy, his chuckle could be heard and felt as he nipped at the skin on the inside of my thighs. An ankle was released, index hooking my undies to the side, my hips shifted as his tongue dove into me, I wasn’t in any way prepared for his actions, but I knew Louis took pleasure in my writhing state, lips and tongue working together to have me whimpering his name, my lower half lifted from the mattress slightly, desperate for more contact. His rumbling laugh vibrated against me, tongue zigzagging down the length of my aching core, my hands desperately fisted the doona around me, clinging onto anything I could as Louis continued his heated torture, my chest constricted, breath hitching as his mouth closed down around my clit, sucking on the small nub, Louis rose up a little for air, grinning, “Does that feel good?” I nodded, incapable of speech. My eyes fell closed, hand blindly travelling down to search for the soft strands on Louis’ head to tangle between my fingers, I jolted when his nose brushed my clitoris, “You have no idea how amazing you taste.” He mumbled against me.

His bold words stimulated me further, intensifying my already heightened arousal, I knew I wouldn’t be able to delay my orgasm for much longer, the tingles signifying its imminent onset, bursting through my body, something that was becoming increasingly apparent to Louis as I attempted to clamp my thighs around his head, his hot tongue flicked the sensitive nerve endings twice more before parting my legs and pulling away. “Not yet, Baby.” His tone seductively alluring, I felt like I couldn’t move, my limbs limp as Louis shifted. He lay back on the pillows, hands holding me by my hips to easily take me with him, my back pressed to his bare chest as he bent his knees, my body sprawled on top of Louis’. He gently drew my hair over to one side, the length cascading down my front, my breasts were gently palmed before one of the large hands was raised up, “Suck.” Louis’ voice rumbled beneath me. I took the extended finger into the warmth of my mouth, moans could be heard as I swirled my tongue around, lubricating the length, my lips pursed as Louis drew it out. “Good girl.” He mumbled.

There was no time wasted in slipping long fingers into the front of my panties, I cried out as his index nudged into me, my feet pressing to his jean clad thighs, a strong arm held me to him as I wiggled with his relentless actions, my hand tightly gipped his straining bicep as he continued to pump a finger into me, his chest vibrated in a moan beneath me as I ground my backside into his crotch. “L-Louis, please.” I attempted to roll off him but he wouldn’t let me, his arm tightening.

“No, don’t. Ellen, stay with me.” He breathily told me, my head fell back to his shoulder in defeat, but his touch still caused me to writhe on top of him, Louis groaned with the friction I was creating against his crotch, an increasingly prominent bulge pressing into me, the thump of his heart could be felt on my back, I had never experienced anything like this before. “I’m gonna try two.” He quietly informed me, I didn’t reply, unable to, my muscles clenched as he attempted to enter me again. “Ellen, you need to relax.”

Eyes squeezed closed as a second finger was sunk into me, my excitement made it a little easier for Louis to move within my tight warmth, the new sensation was uncomfortable, stretching as Louis deepened the pumping action, he was gentle, not wanting to force it, I couldn’t control the whimpers leaving my lips, my heels dug into his thighs as the pace gradually increased. “You’re so tight.” He strained, Louis’ free hand caught hold of mine, gratefully accepting the comforting gesture, my mouth fell agape as he kept his fingers stationary inside me, ceasing to pump them, instead he struggled to swirl them around. I heard him swear beneath me as my walls involuntarily clenched around his intrusion, Louis’ gentle strokes left my mind in a mess, long fingers caressing me from the inside, when he curled them up I cried out, his tips meeting a point I never knew existed, the pleasure I felt was far beyond anything I could imagine.

“Louis. I want to kiss you.” I begged, I hated not seeing his face, I wanted to watch him, take in his every detail, air was sharply inhaled as Louis carefully drew his fingers from me, his arm released from my waist allowing me to roll off him to the side, I felt exhausted, breath coming in pants. My head lazily turned to the stunning guy who had brought me close to orgasm twice in an unbelievably short period of time. My orbs were wide as I witnessed Louis raise his fingers to his mouth, eyes closing as he took them beyond his pink lips, long eyelashes fluttered before his head turned to face me, desperately sucking. When they were reluctantly pulled from his mouth, Louis’ tongue glided out, seductively licking his swollen lips as he hummed in appreciation, his sparkling eyes continued to stare at me, unbuckling his belt, the button was soon popped open, zipper pulled down.

“Are you going to help me?” He playfully asked, I swept the hair back from my face, finding my strength and crawling over, I kissed his cheek before gripping the top of his jeans, his hips were raised allowing me to tug the dark denim down his long legs. I giggled, struggling to remove the tight material as Louis wriggled before I successfully throwing the clothing to the floor, he smiled as I gazed at him, the beautiful guy laid out on my sheets. “I’m getting lonely over here.” Louis playfully pouted. “Are you going to come and join me?” His eyes glittered in amusement.

A deep raspy laugh echoed around the room as an uncontrollable smile broke across my face, my body was quickly on top of Louis, we met in a teasing kiss, my teeth lightly tugging at his lower lip. My touch was all over him, gliding over his strong chest which rose and fell at an increasing rate beneath me, I barely felt Louis’ fingers trail up my back, my posture stiffening as the bra clasp was fumbled open, my body pulled away from him slightly, he smoothly slid the straps from my shoulders, my mouth beginning to dry, I still straddled his lap as Louis shifted to sit up, the pretty black lace fell away from my trembling form.

Blue eyes held my multi coloured ones, larger hands were placed around my back, encouraging me closer, my lashes fluttered as our bare chests came into contact, breasts firmly pressed to the hardness of Louis’ torso, his head rolled back, a satisfied sigh puffed out. “Louis.” His skin was warm; I loved being wrapped in his strong arms, I took advantage of his weakened state, placing soft kisses down his exposed neck, Louis’ scent overwhelmed my senses, nuzzling my face into his crook. I never wanted him to let me go, my lips trailed along his defined jaw, placing my hands on his shoulders as I gently encouraged him to lie down, Louis complied, holding me tightly, I smiled as he sweetly rubbed our noses together before pecking me on the mouth, fingers brushed back the brown strands that had fallen over his forehead. “I’m yours.” I barely whispered, Louis’ lips parted with my words, eyes squeezing closed as he absorbed the depth.

“I’m going to show you how much I care for you.” I was rolled over, entirety at Louis’ mercy, my multi coloured orbs intently watched as he dipped his head, straight brown hair tickling at my skin as he kissed the valley between my breasts. My underwear was carefully tugged down my legs, all the while Louis left no part of my skin untouched by his lips; showering my body in intimate affection, I was completely bare, the reality of the situation only just sinking in. One of his thighs rested between mine, his prominent bulge becoming increasingly apparent as he ground his hips gently into mine, I hadn’t noticed my lack of sight until Louis kissed the corner of my right eye. “Let me see those pretty eyes.” He whispered.

My vision flickered as Louis came back into focus, a small smile playing on his lips, my hands seemed tiny in comparison to his as he guided them to the band of his briefs, I knew what he wanted me to do, my touch was shaky; struggling to remove the last piece of clothing between us, the tight, black fabric was soft against my fingertips. Louis’ erection desperately straining with the confines of his briefs, as I peeled back the material I couldn’t help but remember how he tasted, length thick and heavy as Louis aided in the removal of his underwear, my small hand grasped him gently, Louis groaning as he leant over to the bedside table where he had placed the items from his back pocket. I began to pump as he retrieved a silver, square packet from his wallet, I noticed the pink head of his heavy length was almost the same colour as his lips, the observation made me blush, he grinned, a heavy kiss left to my mouth before abruptly rolling off me, I watched as his teeth ripped at the silver foil; Louis’ fingers routinely carried out the actions, rolling the condom down his stiff length and discarding the foil to the side.

He was soon on top of me once again; palms spread either side of my head before he lowered down, we inhaled each other’s warm breath, my heart beating wildly in my chest, “You ready?” Louis asked, eyes intently searching mine for any doubt, but he found none, I nodded, not trusting my voice. My focus was fixed on Louis’ face as his hand travelled down between us, his eyes were hooded, brown locks falling down around his stunning features as he brushed his tip over me a few times. Muscles tensed as I felt Louis cautiously press into me, I winced, forcing him to attempt a second time, our fingers quickly became entwined to the side of my head, whimpers fell from my parted lips, Louis pushing in a little further, the sensation was something I had never felt before, unpleasant in a strange way. “If I could feel it for you, I would.” His voice strained.

I squeezed his fingers in reassurance, trying not to let my obvious displeasure bubble through to my emotions, Louis was filling me to my extremes. “I’d take the pain away, Baby. For you, Ellen.” And I didn’t for one second doubt his words, but I had a feeling Louis wasn’t just addressing the current situation; he meant all the hurt I had ever felt. I cried out in pain as Louis gently rolled his hips forward, pressing all the way in, he held the position as I whimpered beneath him, I looked up to find his blue eyes full of guilt ,Louis hated the thought of hurting me, his bottom lip was brought between his teeth, brown hair hung around his beautiful face, small tears brimmed over my eyes, rolling down my cheeks. “Don’t cry, Beautiful.”

Louis’ lips kissed away the salty drops, I had never desired to be as close to someone as I did Louis, my arms clung to him as he adjusted slightly, the uncomfortable feeling intensifying as I quietly sobbed. “I know, I know, Baby.” Louis desperately spoke, leaving kisses to my cheeks in hopes of distracting me, Louis’ naked body seemed to enclose around me, protectively shielding me, his larger frame blocking out the world surrounding us as he engulfed me, I swallowed hard as his face appeared above mine again; Louis’ lips softly pouting as he hushed me, I needed to feel him.

“Do it again.” I whispered.

“No.” His raspy voice strained in protest, his mouth fell open as he stared down at me, our breathing was heavy, bare chests rising and falling rapidly, Louis’ face nudged into the crook of my neck; soft lips leaving kisses to the warm skin, his hips unmoving as he stayed buried inside me.

“Please.” I quietly begged, straight hair tickled my skin as he shook his head, I knew he didn’t want to cause me pain, but I couldn’t stay still for much longer, my lower half rose off the mattress slightly, desperately trying to get him to move, I felt the low moan vibrate though his chest, a gasp fell from my lips as one of his large hands pressed to my hip, restraining my movement.

“Stop.” He spoke desperately, his pants grew louder, struggling to deny me.

“Louis, I want to feel you.” He shifted his head; our noses brushing, warm air puffed out over my face, the intensity in his fearful eyes took my breath away.

“I need you.” I whispered, the hand on my hip was removed, it travelled up, fingers intertwining, Louis’ forehead rested on my own, gently squeezing my hand as he slowly drew out. My skin tingled with the sensation before he gradually rolled his hips forward again, the discomfort had lessened but the slight numb aching was still there, we didn’t kiss but our lips continually brushed.

“I’m sorry.” Louis spoke against my mouth, Louis’ head dropped down to my chest, his lips left wet kisses across my collarbones, I felt his mouth gently suck at the skin as he withdrew from me, my free hand gripped the back of his neck, my fingers tangling into the hair. Teeth grazed my chest as he brought the elephant pendant between his lips, I smiled, a throaty groan was emitted from Louis as he rocked back into me, I harshly bit down on my lip to stop from crying out. His face came back to mine, blue orbs locking with my multi coloured ones, he willingly allowed me to pull him down, the cold silver of the pendant pressed between our swollen lips.

I bit down onto the chain, Louis’ heated gaze seeming to warm my entire body, his hips still continued to move gently but the pace became a little faster, I struggled to balance my breathing, the limited air I was drawing in, unable to satisfy my needs. “Ellen, y-you’re so tight.” He stuttered, my fingers were released, Louis’ larger hand gripping the headboard above me. The muscles in his arms continually tensed as his hips met mine, the chain fell from my lips, his heavy breathing puffed out, eyes screwed closed, a sob escaped my lips as Louis gave me a particularly painful thrust. My nails racked down his glistening, naked back, he lowly moaned in response, catching hold of my hip, his fingertips deeply pressed into my skin, holding me in place as he continued to rock into me, there were heavy kisses as he held me slightly more securely with one hand. “Ellen.” He whispered.

His lips feverously covering mine in a passionate kiss before dotting small pecks all over my face, releasing his grip on me, he rested his weight onto his forearms, it was so hot, perspiration trickling from his damp hair, down his neck as he concealed me with his naked body. His movement varied from small, quick thrusts to slow, torturous ones, my mouth parted, struggling to breath as his paced decreased again. The feeling was so intense, so overwhelming, but nothing like it had been a few minutes ago. Louis’ breathing was heavy, his eyes on my face the whole time, intently observing me, attempting to see how I reacted to different speeds. “You like it slow?” He whispered in confirmation.

I wearily nodded, his actions leaving me speechless, he was making love to me, slow and romantic, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but Louis, it still felt uncomfortable, but it was bearable. My fingers trailed down his back, he smiled, lightly moaning, his strong body arching into me as I repeated the actions with my nails. “Shit.” He throatily groaned, my head was encouraged to the side, Louis nuzzling into the crook of my neck, small, soft sounds escaped from my lips as he lightly bit at the sensitive skin. I let out a strained giggle, his nose nudging against my cheek as he quietly whimpered, attempting to get my attention, the second I turned my head, Louis’ swollen lips were pressed urgently to mine, the kiss was sweet and playful, his hips still continued to meet mine, the air around increasing in temperature. “Does it still hurt?” He mumbled.

His question took me a little by surprise and there was no point in lying about the answer, blue orbs attentively explored mine as he waited for my reply, Louis received my small nod, drawing back, his expression was one of pain as he absorbed my confection, his eyebrows creased into a frown. Louis’ strong body shifted above me, a large hand skimming across my stomach and down to where we connected, my eyes widened in panic, I hastily gripped his wrist, concern flashed over his face. “I can’t.” I desperately told him.

“But I want to make you feel good.” Louis spoke, hair tickling my forehead, my fingers intertwined with his, urging his hand away.

“P-Please don’t, it’s too much.” I whispered, the look in his beautiful eyes made me believe he was desperately begging for my forgiveness, but my words were misunderstood, Louis thinking I wanted to stop completely, when he moved to gently pull out of me I caught his hip. “No, I want to feel you.” I knew he was aware of what I was asking, but he still seemed apprehensive to comply. “Please.” I weakly smiled.

Leaning up, my lips pressed to his, fingers finding his now damp locks, Louis deeply hummed into the kiss, his steady pace continued to rock against me, hot breath emitted into the small space between our mouths, profanities tumbling from the angel-like figure above me. Louis was fighting to hold on, but seconds later large hands slid beneath me, I gasped, my torso lifting from the mattress as Louis held me tightly in his arms, my head rolled back as he gave me a few quick thrusts, I wrapped myself around his body. “Fuck, Ellen.” Louis moaned.

My breath seemed to hitch in my throat as I felt Louis twitch inside me, releasing his warmth into the condom, our chests were tightly pressed together, the thump of our hearts beating just as furiously as one another’s. Kisses were pressed down his neck, a prominent vein protruding as Louis rode out his orgasm. I was carefully laid back on the pillows, my body feeling sore, completely exhausted as I sprawled out on the doona, Louis sweetly kissed my lips before collapsing on top of me.

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