Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


4. 4

Next day

Louis’ POV

Harry and I walked into the school together, he told me we had to go to the office to get my time table, when it was printed off and I had spoken to the principal, Harry showed me where my first few classes were. He said that third period we were together in sport, when the bell went I started heading down the hall then across the balcony to the next block when I see Ellen, she was standing sideways facing her friends, her bag pulled over her shoulder, a skirt the reveals most of her legs and her school shirt, when I look around all the other girls have their skirts pulled right up to their butts, Ellen’s was mid-thigh. She hugged her friends goodbye before pushing her ponytail off her shoulder and walking in my direction, I looked down at my timetable and purposely ran into her.

“Oh, sorry.” She mumbled not looking up.

“Ellen, hi.” She looked up a light blush over her cheeks.

“Hey, Louis, right?” I nod, “literally running into each other two times in two days with one close call.” She laughs.

“Must mean something.” I joke.

“Yeah that im not the only klutz in the school.” She rubbed her right palm down the sides of her school top, “Did you need help finding you class?” she asks taking my time table.

“Yeah.” I lied.

“Okay so you’re going in the right direction, you just need to turn left, past the stairs and second to your right.” She looks up at me, “Have a nice first day.”

“I’ll try.” We both laugh and she starts walking in the other direction, when I head the way she told me there wasn’t a sole out of class, I knocked on the door and walked in to be greeted by  the teacher, I told her I was new and she told me to pick a spot which ended up being beside some guy who couldn’t care less about the class, I was defiantly not coming late and having to sit by him again, the whole class I got flirty glances from the girls but I tried focusing on the woman at the front of the class who is talking about guitars. The second period bell rang and I found my class but once again was the last one there, I sat at one of the front desks a spear seat was beside me until someone slipped into it, sliding a green note book onto the desk, I look over to see who it was.

“Late on the first day.” She playfully shakes her head. “You made me late to my writing class, did you find this one without asking for help?” she asked amused and I nodded.

“Yes, I did.” I say smugly, “Sorry for making you late.” She shrugs.

“It was a first, don’t worry.”

“Ellen, stop your talking.” The teacher says and Ellen nods sticking her fingers to her lips and zipping it up for the classes’ amusement, and throwing the key at the teacher who just nods her head and goes back to writing notes on the board.

“Come, meet some of the people in the class, the ones worth knowing anyway.” She jokes, she stands and I follow, taking a seat beside her on a table now completely full.

“Guys this is Louis, Louis this is Flynn, Jess, Hope and Ty.” We all say hi to one another Ellen getting in trouble for talking again.

“I didn’t even talk that time.”

“One more time and you’re out.” the teacher looks angry.

“You really need to learn what your students sound like because none of them voices where me.”

“Out.” Ellen raises an eye brow. “Out!” the teacher is sterner now, she stands throwing her bag over her shoulder and grabbing her green note book.

“Guys make Louis feel welcome.” She smiles down at me, “This is a regular thing.” She shrugs and heads out the door saluting the teacher making the class snicker before she slams the door, she opens it again and sticks her head in, “I didn’t mean that.” She slams it again, “I meant that one.” The class let out a laugh.

“Office, now, Miss Aprils.”

“Yes sir, I mean ma’am.” and she pushes the door wide open before waving at me and leaving.

“You’re from England.” Who I believe to be Hope states and I nod.

“How do you know Ellen?” Flynn asks.

“Ah, friend of a friend well he isn’t really her friend she can’t stand him.”

“Harry.” Jess and Hope nod at one another, they said it in sink its creepy.

“Yes, Harry.” I nod. “Is she like that all the time?” I ask observing everyone.

“Most of the time yes, the classes where she likes the teacher she is completely under control but Geography isn’t the best subject to have her in but I guess it’s amusing having her in here.” I nod after Flynn explains.

“What does she do when she gets kicked out?”

“She will be back soon, the principle will send her back, she will make up some excuse and the teachers let her off because they all think she’s sweet and innocent.” Ty states

“But if they tell her to stay out of class she runs amuck on her favourite teachers classes or her best friends.” Jess tells me.

“GUESS WHAT BITCHES, IM BACK!” Ellen shouts as she swings open the door, the teacher sighs rubbing her temple as Ellen takes a seat back next to me, “What’d I miss?”

“Louis was caught up on your behaviour.” Ty says.

“Oh no, better run and hide from me.” she jokes.

“Call your mum?” Jess asks and im confused to why she needs to call her mum.

“Oh, no I didn’t, woops.” Ellen gets her phone out and I see her tap in a number which soon corrects to ‘MUMMY’ making me smile, she places the phone to her ear.

“Hey mum, just called to let you know I got kicked out again.” she listens, “Geo” she pauses, “No, no, no, you can’t blame me for this one, she said I was talking when I wasn’t, ask anyone.” She replies. “Yes I was a smart arse about it but what do you expect?” she laughs, “Don’t call me a bitch.” She laughs again, “I know.” … “Okay, love you too, mum.” … “Bye.” And hangs up, a smile placed on her lips.

“What did she say?” Flynn asked.

“She told me to stop being a bitch to my teachers and work it out without being a smart arse.”

“You tell your mum when you get kicked out?” I asked as she started doodling on the back of her book, which was almost full already with small drawing that were surprisingly good.

“Yeah, I tell my mum everything.”

“And she doesn’t care?”

“She cares but there’s not much she can do, I don’t know when I think something it just comes out, mostly facts about things, like in science im always correcting the teacher and especially in history, if you’re in my history class I can finally have someone explain to my mum that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.” She sinks in her seat.

“Exhausting being so smart.” Her humour is gone as she looks down at her book.

“Don’t refer to me as smart, Louis.” I look at her confused but she doesn’t say anything or look at me I look up at her friends and they shake their head sadly at me with tight sympathetic smiles.

“Come to the gym this arvo, Ellen.” Flynn try’s changing the subject.

“Okay.” Her reply is chipped before she flips to a random page in her note book and starts scribbling words onto the page, I watch as the pen glides along the page and in no time she had filled in two pages flipping two the third, I look up again and everyone is watching her move the pen across the page at a hundred kilometres an hour.

“What are you writing about?” Jess asks from across the table, Ellen’s pen never stops moving on paper as she replies.


“Must be something, it’s been five minutes and you’re on your fourth page.” Ty states,” she closes the book and stuffs it in her bag.

“It’s nothing.”  She sits back fiddling with the pen, the bell rings a moment later and she flies out of her chair grabbing her bag and is out the door in no time.

“What was that about?” I as ask as I look up at her friend who are slowly packing there things away, “What was she writing?”

“Some people write a diary about their feeling Ellen wrights a chapter, I was also told she keeps a journal but no one has ever seen it.” Jess states.

“What do you mean a chapter?”

“You know how she smashed it though almost four pages?” I nod, “Well that was all about that one moment, she adds a bit onto it but mostly it’s about how she feels about that one moment.” Ty shrugs, “It’s just how she keeps her emotions in order.” I frown at Ty’s statement.

“Why was that a bad thing to say?” I ask and they shrug.

“There are only a few people that know about her, her best friend and her mum, her dad and brother know a bit of it but her mum knows everything, she wasn’t lying when she said she tells her mum everything.” I say bye to the four and leave to room, I don’t think I will be catching up with Ellen to soon, she was gone like a rocket.

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