Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


27. 27

Five days later

Ellen’s POV

I had called Louis for his birthday this morning, and we spoke for a while, he told me he would pick me up at six thirty and that was only minutes away, I had slipped into a white dress and a beige pair of heels, I grip my clutch when there is a knock at the door and slip my phone into it, grabbing  my keys I head to the door, when I open It im greeted by a nicely dressed Louis.

“Happy birthday.” I kiss his lips.

“Thank you.” He smiles, his eyes raking my body for a moment, “You look lovely.” I blush slight.

“Thank you.” I say as we watch each other.

“Shoulder we go?” I nod and lock the apartment, I meet him by the elevator as he holds it open, I step in and he follows pressing for the ground level, once we are there we leave the building and go to Louis’ car parked on the street he held my door open and I thank him as I take a seat, he jogs around the car in his black suit and opens his door before dropping in.

“You should us the garage instead of parking out on the street, pass me your phone.” I say and he pulls it out of his trouser pocket, I press the power button and punch the four digit code for the garage into his notes before handing it back to him, “And that’s the code.” He smiles and thanks me, “Also, I got you this.” I open my clutch that I chose specifically to keep his present in, I pull out the wrapped box and pass it to him, he observes it for a moment before looking at me.

“You didn’t need to get me anything.” I nod.

“I did, it’s your birthday.” He smiles leaning over and kissing me.


“You haven’t even opened it yet.” He laughs and starts to unwrap the box, trowing the paper in the back of his car before pulling open the cardboard and takes out the glass bottle.

“Cologne, you think I stink?” I smirk and I nod.

“Very much.” He smiles.

“Thank you.” He kisses my lips once more before placing the bottle back in the cardboard box and placing it in the glove box, “For safe keeping.” I smile, a short moment later he has started the car and we are on our way to where ever his mum has organised a birthday dinner for him, we arrive shortly after to my surprise at the place I work, I laugh slightly catching Louis’ attention. “What?” he asks looking at me grinning.

“I work here.” He raises an eye brow.

“You became a waitress again when you got here?” I nod, “Come one, everyone will be waiting.” We get out of the car and we started walking into the restaurant hand in hand, we spot an overly long table and head over to it, the only two seat vacant were in the middle of Jay and a small girl who I assume is Louis’ sister, we head to the table and are greeted by everyone, Harry greets Louis but of cause not me, Louis takes a seat beside his sister and I by his mum, I place my clutch in my lap as convocations are stuck, I talk to Johannah and she repeatedly tells me to call her Jay, im asked by Louis’ family and friends about the reason im in England, im sure before I told them I got here before Louis arrived back last week they all though I came here over a summer love. Soon we have all ordered a few of my co-workers cooing things in my ear about Louis and soon everyone has their meal, small talk is made while everyone is eating, Louis introduced me to his four younger sisters, the twins telling me I speak funny, Louis tells them that im Australian and they are trying to spark convocations with me to hear my accent. Louis finds out that him and a few of his mates are leaving straight from the restaurant in a car that has been organised and going to a few clubs in the city, Louis and I agreed I would take his car back to mine and he would collect it tomorrow some time. A lot of time has passed and a cake was served for dessert, the waitresses singing happy birthday to Louis, along with his family and friends and some of the other people in the restaurant, Louis and I kissed in front of his guests after the song thanks to peer pressure, our fingers intertwined under the table as we finished our dessert, whispering small things to each other for only our ears, I feel eyes on us.

“Have a good night.” I say as Louis and I reach his car, I lean against it as he stands inches away, his family and friends at different parts of the car park as we say our goodbye, the friends that are going out with him already at the starch hummer that is taking them tonight.

“Don’t crash my baby.” He says as he grips my waist, our foreheads connected as we look into each other’s eyes, I feel the heat of other people’s eyes but chose not to think about it.

“And if I do?” I ask and he moves his lips to my ear, bitting the skin lightly.

“I won’t be happy.” I smile and he pulls back to look at me.

“Well I just won’t tell you until your birthday is over.” He kisses my lips.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I nod and he hold up his keys for me, I take the ring that holds an insane amount of keys between my thumb and index finger before hiding them behind my back.

“No turning back now.” I say and he laughs.

“Louis, let’s go, come on.” One of his friends call, he turns and holds up on finger before turning back to me, my back still pressed against the car and his body still inches from me, he leans down taking my face in his hands and connecting our lips, my arms wrap around his neck and I rise slightly higher onto my toes, the heel on the shoe not touching the floor as Louis and I share a kiss.

“I’ll see you later.” He whispers as our foreheads join again, I nod, my eyes closed and I loss his contact, I open my eyes and see him backing away.

“Enjoy your party night.” I smile.

“I will, goodnight, beautiful.” I blush slightly and turn to the car, pressing the button to unlock it and getting in, I start it and look towards the stretch hummer Louis is now climbing into and I leave the car park heading back to mine.

It’s one in the morning and Liam and I are sitting in the hallway, the cats roaming freely as both our apartment doors are open, we slide back and forth a bowl of lollies as I type on my laptop and we talk at the same time.

“Everyone was shocked at the way Louis was acting with you.” I look up from my laptop, when Liam speaks, his eyes cast down as he digs though the big bowl of lollies.

“What do you mean?” I ask, he shrugs placing the bowl on the floor and sliding it towards me.

“He has never been this way before.” He states as I start looking though all the lollies, “I don’t know how to explain it really. All I know is he mush really like you.” We watch each other for a moment.

“So with his other girlfriends he didn’t act the way he does with me?”

“Other girlfriends?” Liam asked.

“Yeah, like Amber.” Liam shakes his head.

“Amber was never his girlfriend, just some slut that got caught up on him.” I raise an eyebrow.

“She followed him to Australia.” I state finally finding a lollies im satisfied with and sliding the bowl back, Sassy struts out of Liam’s apartment and starts brushing up against his legs.

“I wounded where she was.”

“She goes to your school?” he nods, “You say slut what do you mean, she sleeps around a lot?” he nods.

“Her and Louis had a thing a while back, it started when Louis and Harry when to a Christmas eve party, a lot of crap happen hat night and it ended with her smashing a beer bottle over Harrys head.”

“Because Harry did it to Louis?” I asked and Liam paused for a second before nodded.

“I didn’t think Louis told you about that.” I shrug.

“What else happen that night?” he doesn’t reply, “Like before they went to hospital.” He narrows his eye for a second while he thinks. “How did Louis and Amber get involved?”

“They slept together.” I felt my body slump slightly before I quickly straightened up.

“Is that it? And she though they were dating?” he nods, watching me wearily.

“How did you know about Amber?”

“Louis and I took my little cousins and brother to the movies once and she was there.”

“What happen?” I shrug.

“Louis took my hand, I think trying to make a point to her but I couldn’t stand there and pretend to be something I wasn’t, I walked away taking the younger ones into the cinema, Louis came in a little while later and told my she was his ex.”

“In a way she is his ex, they had a thing were they shagged for a while, Louis didn’t want to do it anymore but she thought they were emotionally attached.”

“So Louis’ just like Harry.” Liam’s eyes widen.

“He doesn’t do it anymore, Ellen.” my right eye does its stupid little squint as I watch Liam, his face has panic written all over it, “He really likes you Ellen, you’re not going to dump him are you, because of what I said, I shouldn’t have said it.” I bight the inside of my cheek, “Say something.”

“Don’t worry Liam, im not going to dump him.” I sigh, “How many people has he been with?”


“In what time frame?”

“Amber and him lasted five months maybe, the other girl two months, she went back to America.”

“At different times?” he shakes his head.

“No they both started at the party.” He tells me, still watching me wearily, “Don’t worry about it Ellen, Louis stopped it because he thought it was wrong, he still thinks it’s wrong just forget I ever said anything.”

“Liam, don’t stress, its fine, it was two years ago. We’ve all done something we wish we didn’t.” he nods.

“What have you done?”

“A few things actually.”


“One of them would be almost braking Harry’s shoulder. He hates me now.” I shrug, “I don’t like it when people hate me.”

“He doesn’t hate you, he just makes you think he does.”

“Then tell him to stop.” Liam smiles.

“I’ll try, what else?”

“I sometimes regret things?” I shrug, “Things I’ve said things I’ve done to people, the list doesn’t stop.”

“That’s everyone really, I regret things I have and haven’t said to people, its natural.” I nod. “Elevators on the move.” He says and I look to it, it normally stops before our level but this one came all the way up, I look for the cats making sure there not out here to run onto the elevator, the doors slid open and Louis steps out.

“Louis, what are you doing here?” he smiles at me, not replying to my question, the alcohol radiating off him, “Are you finished partying already? Its only two in the morning.” He looks at his wrist before tapping it, “Looking at your watch?” I asked and he nodded, Liam and I both laughed, he doesn’t have a watch on, “Come on, you need to sleep.” I say and he walks towards me, I stand, so does Liam, he grabs the bowl and I close my laptop, holding it under my arm as I grip Louis’ arm leading him into the apartment, “I think the cats are still in your apartment will you bring them over?” I ask Liam and he nods, I walk Louis into the bedroom and sit him on the bed, he looks up at me and tugs at my t shirt.

“You got changed.” He states and I nod, “I liked that dress, it was very pretty.”

“The cats are back.” Liam calls.

“Thank you.” He calls a goodnight and I do the same back before I heard the apartment door close and Louis looked at me, wide eyed.

“Who was that?” he asked as I pulled his jacket down his arms.

“Liam.” I say and place it over the edge of the bath and removing his shoes leaving them beside the bed, im not sure I should undress him to his undies, should I? I decide against it, “Come on, lie back.” I say and he pulls himself backwards up the bed, he lied his head on one of the pillows, “Under the blanket, Louis.” he pulls the blanket out from under him and lays it over his body, I walk out of the room as he watches me. I lock the door, the cats in the kitchen eating the kibble as I start walking back towards the bedroom, I turn all the lights off and crawl into bed beside Louis, his arms wrapping around me as I pull the covers over me, I smile at his warmth and lean into his body, closing my eyes but not falling asleep straight away as I listen to Louis talk about random things, things his watched on TV or seen in the street, I think I like drunk Louis.

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