“Come on darling. Show me. I'm the only thing you've got...”


2. 2.

I suppose I better start this with the big question; why did I join TeensQuack? It wasn't because I am depressed or friendless or 'wanted an escape from the real world'. None of those things, just boredom. Sorry to disappoint. It was a school night, I was procrastinating, and I just typed 'Teen chat site' into Google.

The site itself is innocent enough. There's a nice, rainbow coloured logo, with a little duckie. A rainbow duckie. How could that be seen as a site that holds sinister members? If anything, the duckie made me join. If I got to see that every day, my life would get better, I thought. Obviously. So I made a username, typed the password twice, had to go through the torture of the verification code, and voila. 'Coffeeheart_x' was now a member. It was almost exciting to see my name pop up on the 'New Members' tab. It was even more exciting when a bunch of people popped up on the chat, welcoming me.

Now, I know I said I am not friendless in the real world. I have a small selection of friends at school. We have the same classes, eat lunch together and exchange homework tips. We do not hang out outside of school, and rarely speak on Facebook. I guess they are more there for convenience. So I suppose the sense of community TeensQuack gave me isn't at all surprising, and the fact I got addicted quickly isn't either.

I'd better get to the juicy bits. It was about a week into using the website that I met Ur_666. Or as you know him, Mr Walters. The nice bit of devil number immediately drew me in. Who doesn't love a bit of a bad boy? Of course, then I just thought he was a badass emo kid, with dark hair and eyeliner and oh...

Sorry. Serious time. The guy sounded interesting. I sent him a message, asking what was up. I wouldn't have done this with any of the many Facebook friends I have, who are really strangers, but I had nothing to lose. Besides, I'd started to become a little bit popular on TeensQuack, so I had a little boost of confidence. 

I laughed as I saw his response:


Ur_666: the sky is up. ;) x


Coffeeheart_x: XD I meant how are you? x


Ur_666: why didnt you ask that then?! x


Coffeeheart_x: I don't know, I don't know... x


I'd talked to a few guys on TeensQuack, but none of them had as decent grammar as him. Yeah, grammar is a turn on on the Internet, since you don't have all that much to go on with first impressions. Ur_666 especially was one of the few on the site who'd opted for a guitar pick profile pictures instead of a picture of his face. That should've been alarm bells straight away, but I just figured the guy was cautious about posting his face on the Internet. Lots of people are, after all.


Ur_666: whats your name? x


Coffeeheart_x: I'm not going to give you that straight away. You could be an axe murderer! x


Ur_666: lol! well love, im zac x


Coffeeheart_x: Love? Are you British? x


Ur_666: yes maam! x


Despite not using capital letters, I could tell he had a personality. Which was great. He soon started to emerge on the popular list right next to me, so I assumed he was a pretty friendly person. After about three months of talking to him every couple of days, the fact he was a 'pretty friendly person' started to make me jealous. I wanted him all to myself. But at least I was subtle about it.


Coffeeheart_x: You're on the popular list too!.. We're buddies ;) x


Ur_666: haha what can I say I talk to a lot of people x


Coffeeheart_x: Do you really? x


Ur_666: yeah, but none of them of are as interesting as you... x


I'm a sucker for flattery. Mainly because I don't get it very often. I'm just one of those bog-standard girls who put on a bit of concealer and a bit of eyeliner, so of course I fell for him. The compliments never got tiresome either. At the end of each conversation, about four months in, he'd end the conversation with:


Ur_666: good night. youre beautiful. xx


Yes, we had upgraded to two kisses. I can't remember who started the extra one. Somehow, he took that as permission to start getting a tad possessive. At first I didn't notice. He'd just ask who I'd spoken to that day, and I'd tell him and ask the question back. Then he sent me this:


Ur_666: I am the only guy in your world. xx


For some stupid reason, I didn't mind. He sounded gorgeous, his words were like poetry in motion, and I didn't really have any other guy friends on TeenQuack or in real life anyway. Now I know that jealousy is one of the most immediate signs of a toxic relationship. No one teaches you that sort of thing though. You only get the puberty talk and the 'S' word talk at school. Not the 'L' word one.

I never got the 'Stranger Danger' one either. Or I might've done, but I obviously didn't take note. 

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