My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


10. chapter 7

Eleanor's P.O.V

Louis drove up the driveway of the beach house that had a beautiful view of the ocean.

"Louis..." I said walking behind him into the house.

"Yeah love." he said leading me up the stairs.

"You do too much for me." I said quietly, and it's true. All this for me when he doesn't have to is absurd

"But I want to." he said kissing my forehead before opening the door of the masters' bedroom.

He's hard to listen but I didn't want to argue "Thank you, I love it." I said walking into the room, Louis grabbed my waist and left a sloppy kiss upon my lips.

"I want to make love to you." he said in his sexiest voice.

I blushed looking into his blue eyes, "I want to make love to you also." I whispered in his ear kissing his warm neck. He brought his hand up and rubbed my back soothing me. I closed my eyes for a minute and opened them.

"Let's go something different."

He smirked "Like what...." I said running my fingers through his hair.

"Mmm like..maybe in the shower", I guess Louis wants it kinky now to try new stuff.

I smiled and walked over in the bathroom.I stepped in the shower and as soon as I did, I was pushed up against the wall. He grabbed the backs of my thighs and lifted them up, giving him easy access.

"I need you baby." He said, his voice raspy. "Right. Fucking. Now."

Without warning, he slammed into me, letting out a loud throaty groan and making me let out a moan/scream. He found a rhythm quickly and was thrusting hard.

"Fuck baby! You're so fucking tight!" He groaned.

"Faster..." I moaned, holding onto his neck.

He took me off the shower wall, and started making me bounce on his dick while he thrusted fast at the same time. Once I felt him hit my g-spot, I let out the loudest moan.

"Right there Louis! Don't stop baby.."

His head was thrown back and loud, pleasure-filled groans were escaping his mouth. His thrusts were getting sloppier and I could tell he was close, and so was I.

"I'm gonna cum" I moaned.

Right after I did, I came hard while screaming his name.He pulled out and squirted his juices all over my chest and my stomach, groaning as he did so.

"You're a bad girl" he said before kissing me, we both stood there breathless, letting the hot steamy water fall on our bodies. He grabbed my hand held me close giving me a hug. At least red coat didn't get to see this scene haha.

Red Coat's P.O.V

I walked out of the driveway once my job was done and headed back to the beach. I then got a call from the same previously person.

"Yeah" I answered.

"Did you do it."

"I did."

"Good, hopefully they don't die...not just yet."

"Yeah I here you."

"I'll take to you later."

"Alright see ya dude." I put my hoodie on and ran back in the direction of the beach.

Since it was fucking hot outside I slowed down and started huffing and puffing. I took off my mask and lit a cigarette. I continued walking and smoking, waving at the little kids that passed by on their bikes.

Two Hours Later

Eleanor's P.O.V

After the shower Louis and I had dinner and watched 'Nemo' in the living room it was a perfect evening and now I was heading to the bar at TGI Friday to have drinks with the girls. I walked down the driveway and got into the car sitting in the passengers' seat. I looked at Louis who was smiling.

He turned to me "What?"

I blushed and looked down "Nothing, I just like to see you smile." I said smiling back at him, he leaned to me and we passionately kissed, our lips in sync lightly biting on each others lips, Louis moaned slightly with pleasure. He pulled back and grinned putting his key into the ignition and reversing out of the driveway. I looked out the window, I can actually see a future with Louis, popping out two or three kids and living happily together as a family. I smiled a little bit. Louis turned the steering wheel and headed down the street where there was a line of cars waiting at a red light.

"Bloody hell." I heard Louis whisper to himself, I turned my head and looked at him.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"The car won't stop." he said repeatedly stepping on the brakes, my heart thumped in my chest as we got closer and closer with speed towards the cars.

God must have sent us and angel because the light turned green and the cars started to go. Louis stepped lightly on the gas making us go a little farther for the green light. But soon the light turned red.

"Louis!" I screamed, the car wouldn't stopped it zoomed back the line of cars next to us. I held onto Louis' hand and closed my eyes.

Within seconds our black Audi slammed into the cars in front of us causing me to jolt back and forth. The airbags opened up pushing me hard into my seat. I still held onto Louis' hand hoping he was alive. My eyes closed terrified but our car still kept going. I heard cars honking and people screaming.

Tears filled my eyes and all I could do was hold on tighter to Louis' hand. He squeezed back, relieved that he was alright but I could tell our car was coming to a stop. We swerved a bit feeling the force of the cars we hit. Once we came to a stop Louis let go of my hand and I heard a door close.

"What the hell man!" I heard an angry man yell. I can tell that it was one of the many people we hit. I can't see anything because of the air bag but soon after my door opened and I felt Louis' hand. I took it and got out, I looked and Louis and hugged him tightly.

"I thought I lost you." I cried.

"It's alright, I'm here...I got you. I love you." he said calmly while rubbing my back. I closed my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder. I turned around to see four cars in front of our now damaged Audi and sighed.

"I'm sorry everyone, it wasn't our fault it seems that our car needed new brakes." Louis said to the four car owners who stood looking at their damaged car. Thankfully no one was hurt. But I noticed Louis had a small cut on his head which blood dripped down his forehead. I touched the small wound.

"I'm alright." he said holding me and kissing my forehead.

I held onto him looking at the car waiting for the police to arrive. The car was fine when we were at the beach...but now the brakes aren't working? This doesn't add up. I looked around at the witnesses and kids with their moms, and old people pointing and watching us. I then skipped around and saw a flash of red coat. I know it's her. She did this. But why....a chill ran down my spine. She stared at me but when Louis turned to see what I was looking at and heard police sirens. She ran. Ran out of my sight.

"You alright love?" Louis said.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said back to him. My nose was a little brushed from the pressure of the air bag but I didn't want to worry Louis. I looked back at where Red Coat once stood.


You'll regret it." he said chuckling. What did he mean, I'll regret it? Was he joking... I guess he was from the chuckling part but you never know when to take a threat serious.

"Thanks for the ride." I said starting a new subject.

"Yeah, no problem" he said steering the wheel into my apartment complex parking lot.

-Flashback Ends-


Evan took Becka's hand and walked towards the door.

"Eleanor you'll regret this." he yelled back ",and that's a fucking promise." chills ran down my back

.I looked blankly at Zayn.

-Flashback Ends-


"Morning Niall..." I trailed off quietly.

"Hi..." he said back.

I turned to him and he turned away from me "Look Niall, I don't want things between us to become awkward. I'm Louis and I'm happy."

"Whatever." with that Niall grabbed his bowl of cereal and headed towards the living room. I saw Liam walking past then.

-Flashback Ends-


"Hey gorgeous." Harry walked in and grabbed a banana.

"Hey." he came up from behind me and had his hand on my waist.

"Stop." I said quietly, unlike Zayn,Harry actually let go of me.


"It's okay."

"So did you and Louis get it last night?" he teased rocking his hips back and forth

....Here we go, I have another suspect of being red coat. I looked back at him.

-Flashback Ends-


"You whore! Don't steal other people's man because your's won't satisfy you" she threw the clothes at me. My eyes never left her...The Lord is testing me.

"Louis and I are happy together. You're the slut. Now leave" I pointed to the door.

"Don't fucking talk to my girlfriend like that!" Evan yelled at me pushing me against the wall.

-Flashback Ends-

For once in my life I'm so very confused. Still looking were Red Coat stood I held onto my number protector, Louis Tomlinson.

Red Coat's P.O.V

I watched in glory as Louis and Eleanor's car slammed into the cars before them.

I couldn't help but smirk my evil ways once again worked. Four cars before them swerved around and smashed together. I waited until Eleanor got out of the car. Louis got out first...I waited. Fuck, did I killed the bitch? Already? I was relieved to see her get out of the car. She rushed into a hug with Louis. "Awww" I said rolling my eyes. I watched until she looked at me, I starred back at her. Yeah bitch, you deserved it.

Still looking at her Louis turned around. Shit, he's gonna see me. I ran out of sight and down the street in my heels, my feet hurt from all the walking. At least I was wearing my mask and my hoodie covered over me. Knowing no evidence was left on the car I smiled and looked back at the accident. I rushed down the street smiling. Wait..... SHIT !

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