My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


7. chapter 5

Eleanor's P.O.V

"May I help you?" I turned over to see Evan holding Becka's hand. She wore a tight slutty tank top that revealed her cleavage and short-shorts that looked more like underwear.

"Hey goody goody." Becka said chewing loudly she looked at me up and down.

"Would you like a room?" I asked her smiling, I knew I had to play the nice game so here I am trying this out.

"Bitch, if Evan and I wanna have sex we'll have sex whenever, wherever." she say bopping her head and pointing her finger. Bitch?! What the hell...stay calm Eleanor.

I breathed tensely and smiled "I mean a changing room." I said holding up my key.

"You should've said that in the first place." she walked in front of me towards the ladies changing room since there were no changing rooms for the sluts.

I closed the door and headed back to were Zayn and Evan stood and continued to fold the t-shirts.

"Who's that?" Zayn asked referring to Evan.

"My ex..." I trailed off.


"I know." I can feel my face getting red. I was young and had a thing for bad boys I guess.

"Where's Louis?"

"He and the guys went to stop by at Starbucks across the street." I nodded at his response.

"Hey Zayn." Hannah said walking over.

"Hey Hannah."

"Long time no see." she beamed and batted her eyes at him. Give me a break. I rolled my eyes at her but all she did in response was smile.

"Maybe sometimes El, Nel and I could hang out with you and the boys." she said twirling her hair and licking her lips.

"Yeah, I'll ask the guys about it."

I felt a slap on my bum thinking it was Zayn I laughed and turned around. But instead it was Evan....That dumb ass. I glared at him and Zayn turned to the both of us.Just then Becka rushed up to me.

"You bitch!" she said and slapped me hard.

The side of my face steamed red from the slap she gave me. My eyes widened with anger. I looked at her.

"You whore! Don't steal other people's man because your's won't satisfy you." she threw the clothes at me. My eyes never left her...The Lord is testing me.

"Louis and I are happy together. You're the slut. Now leave." I pointed to the door.

"Don't fucking talk to my girlfriend like that!" Evan yelled at me pushing me against the wall.

"Leave her the fuck alone!" Zayn then slammed a punch into Evan's stomach causing him to bend down holding his stomach in pain.

He turned red.

"Eleanor can get any guy she wants." he spoke before pressing his lips on to mine. I kissed back holding the nape of his neck moaning in the kiss. Evan took Becka's hand and walked towards the door.

"Eleanor you'll regret this." he yelled back ",and that's a fucking promise." chills ran down my back.I looked blankly at Zayn.

"Sorry, I wanted to prove the fact to him." he said picking up the clothes Becka threw.

I caught my breath before speaking, "Zayn..."

He looked up, his brown eyes sparkling in the light with a half smile on his face

"Thank you.." I finished and got on the ground to take the clothes from him

. I walked back to the place the clothes back in their place and looked at the door where Even and Becka rushed out seconds ago.If Evan was going to pay me back, any how like he promised I hope it was not going to be in the presence of Louis.

"You kissed Zayn...." I heard Hannah say behind me.

I turned to face her "It was a mistake just to get a point across Han." I said looking through the racks.

"But you're with Louis...don't you love him?"

"I do love Louis with all my heart. Like I said mistakes happen I'm human and that kiss was nothing passionate." I said placing my hair behind my ear.

"Are you gonna tell Louis?"

I stared at her for a bit "I don't know... I don't think so... I don't wanna hurt him or anything and Zayn even said it was nothing himself. Don't tell him, please" I gave her puppy eyes.

"Fine, where are you and Louis heading tonight." she winked at me.

"The beach." I smiled at the thought of spending more time with Louis.

"Aw, how romantic." she said doing the hip thrust.

We both laughed hard "Hipsta please." I said holding up my hand.

"Are you two gonna last?" she asked.

I looked at her and blinked "I believe so, we are truly , deeply in love. And I love Louis."

She wiggled her eyebrows. "So...."

I looked at her "So..."

"I was thinking of getting with Zayn." she smiled.

"He has a girlfriend. . ." I said chuckling a little.

"I know but like just a one night thing."

I raised my eyebrow "Ohh, I see."

"Yeah go for it" I said briefly, really...get with Zayn? She's crazy although I got with him too.


Eleanor's P.O.V

I felt him brushing his tip against my entrance teasing me for some time and then Zayn slowly pushed his length into me causing me to moan and he bent down to kiss my forehead. It hurt a little bit but this wasn't my first. He looked at me and I nodded meaning I was used to his dick size. Zayn started to rock his hips rapidly, it was so hot I thought I was going to pass out. He pulled his head back and rocked even faster.

"Oh fuck Eleanor." he moaned, he looked back down to see me biting on my bottom lip. Zayn cupped one of my boobs and sucked on my nipples.

-Flashback Ends-

"Eleanor..." I looked to see to Zayn waving his hand in front of me. It was pretty awkward to have him right there when I just had a flashback of our night together.

"Yeah." I answered smiling.

"I'm gonna go now."

"Uh okay, see you later then. And once again thanks." I said waving.

"Anytime" he turned around and smirked and continued to walk.

I was happy to have Zayn help me in that situation unlike Hannah who stood there. But then again she was as shocked as me.

"Man isn't he gorgeous." Hannah sighed referring to Zayn.

"How can a man be gorgeous?" I laughed.

She shrugged "I don't know ask him, ask Jesus"

"Hipsta please." I said and we both stared at each other for a minute and laughed.

Killer's P.O.V

I watched her laughed from my view. What a bitch.. she thinks she's so pretty and has everything and anything. But just wait. In a couple months she won't be alive and laughing. She's gonna be dead and screaming. I watched her put the clothes away and head towards the storage room. I hate her so much...and that's why she deserves to die.

Eleanor Calder deserves to suffer a slow, torturing death. And I will kill and torture her. I laughed at the thought of seeing her cry and beg at my knees for her life.

I looked at my mask and back up at the door of the storage room and smirked.

A/N I know it's short sorry but I might update again so it all good :)

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