My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


5. chapter 4

Back At The Tour Bus

Eleanor's P.O.V

I changed into my matching pajama outfit Louis and I bought for Christmas last year and walked over to the mini couch he sat on. He was putting the movie in and I got a full view of his bum. I give it a light smack.

"Hey." Louis said turning back.

I sat for a little and Louis walked over and started to play with my hair, he tied it into a ponytail and clipped a piece of my hair back. I smiled at him meaning 'thank you'. I never had a boyfriend that did my hair, I have to admit that I'm lucky to have Louis.

"I'm gonna go make some popcorn." I said walking back to the kitchen. I looked through at least four cabinets before finding the microwave popcorn. I put the bag in the microwave,set the time and saw a bottle of whip cream. Maybe I could play around with him tonight so I shook the bottle and squeezed out the whip cream on my nipples. I have to admit it tickled a bit.

'Ding,ding,ding' I opened the microwave and poured the popcorn into a large plastic bowl. I was stupid enough to hold the bowl at the bottom and ended up burning my hand.

"Fuck." I whispered to myself. I grabbed the popcorn that fell and threw it in the trash. Since I have whip cream all over my nipples I walked carefully back to where Louis layed under the blanket.

I sat beside him and he inhaled in the smell of the fresh popcorn.

"Mmm I like a woman who can cook." he teased.

I giggled, I placed the popcorn in front of us. It was then he took notice of my whipped nipples.

"Mmm popcorn isn't the only thing I wanna eat. . ." he got up and layed down on top of me and kissed right below my ear.


Eleanor's P.O.V

Zayn groan inhumanly before kissing softly below my ear. I moan tilting my head back grabbing his member even harder.

-Flashback Out-

I felt his hot breath upon my skin.

"Were are the guys?" I asked.

"They went to the bar I guess, they'll be here later tonight." he said before kissing me again, this time he bit down on my bottom lip.

"Louis..." I moaned breathless, I wanted to please him tonight...not the other way around.

"Don't jump!" I heard a yell, I turned and looked at the screen. It was Jack from the Titanic warning Rose to not jump. I stared at the screen for a moment while Louis was leaving wet kissing down my neck.

"Come here baby." Louis sat up and patted his laps meaning he wanted me to sit. I straddle on his lap facing him.

His blue eyes staring into my brown eyes, he smiled and rubs his hands against mine. I leaned in to kiss him and he accepted and kissed back with even more force pushing me back. He pulled back and smiled making me smile. It wasn't moments after staring at each other his large warm firm hands went down my shirt and cupped my boobs. I closed my eyes in pleasure and he licked my nipples with his wet tongue slowly,his blue eyes still watching me while licking. He did the same with the other nipple.

"Oh...L-louis." I moaned.

He had my nipple in his mouth and was swirling his tongue around it over and over again. The feeling was sensational and intense. He smirked and bit on my nipple a little hard. Oh fuck, he knows how to get me hot. I grabbed the back of his shirt holding on to it in sensation moaning deeply. He groaned, what the fuck am I doing? I opened my eyes and got on my knees. My turn.

I rubbed hard against his crotch area feeling his length getting harder. I looked up to him and his eyes were watching me.

He got up a bit to take off his pants and boxers. I watched his erection spring free. I gave him the 'o' look and he smiled of course. I put both hands on his dick rubbing hard back and forth rapidly up and down. His lips parted and moans left through then.

"Fuck El." he moaned and tilted his head back closing his eyes. I put the head of his length in my mouth and licked around it over and over swirling my tongue upon it.H e grew harder as I gently squeezed, watching in awe as Louis’ hips rocked up to my touch. A short time later he withdrew his presence.

“Harder.” He instructed quietly.

I applied more pressure which had Louis groaning in approval. My name fell in breathy gasps from his mouth as I continued to rub over him.A strangled moan echoed round the room before a wet heat spread in his boxers. Louis continued to breathe heavily as another wave crashed through him. His hands held me close as his hips rocked up, desperate for more contact. I could feel he was getting close and rubbed harder.

"Oh shit..." He moaned breathless, before I knew it Louis' warm juice squirted out of his length, most on his stomach and some on my face. I took my finger and licked the sticky substance that my boyfriend shot out and licked it all until it was clean. Louis' blue eyes returned back to his original position and titled it head forward. He grabbed my hand and I layed in the couch with him.

"I love you." he said still breathing hard and layed beside me.

"I love you too." I said back at him quietly and kissed his lips making him moan. We fell asleep on the couch with Titanic running over and over. Louis' arms wrapped around me and his body behind mine. I'm totally in love with this guy. Whoever red coat was... hopefully I'd never see her again. Tonight I didn't fall asleep with Zayn Malik, instead I fell alseep with My baby Louis Tomlinson.

Louis decided to drop me off at work today since he's not busy. I looked out the window and lip sang to 'Everything Has Changed' by Taylor Swift on the radio. Not that I like Taylor Swift, it's just that one song I love that she made with Ed Sherran summed up Louis' and I relationship. Louis then reached his right hand over to grab mine and I held onto his hand with a firm grip and our fingers entwined together.

"So how's everything at work?" he asked me, eyes still on the road.

"Great, Julian decided to give me a raise."

"That's great." he smiled.

"Would you spend the rest of your life with me, if I asked love?" he asked turning to me.

"I would, yes, spending the rest of my life with you is what I want and all I want." I said genuinely back at and leaned over to kiss him quickly when the light turn red. He blushed and continued driving.

I didn't want to bring up the incident that happened with Evan, not just yet. Louis drove into the mall's parking lot where I got unbuckled my seat belt and got out of the car.

"I love you." I said leaning to give Louis a passionate kiss

"Mmm I love you too." he said finishing our kiss. I waved closing the car door and walked into the mall heading for Hollister co. where I worked.

"Hey El." I heard a voice call from behind me.

I turned to see Hannah rushing up from behind me "Oh, hey." I said giving her a hug.

"I just saw Louis' car drive by and so I rushed in to catch up with you." she smiled.

I smiled back "Yeah, today's gonna be busy isn't it."

"I know right getting our new summer clothes in stock." she beamed and walked beside me a little faster than me.

"Is Nel at work?"

"Yeah, she's working a little late today."

I nodded and heard a ding from my phone meaning I got a text -New Message from LouBear- 'After work I'd like to take you out to the beach' I smiled and replied, 'Sounds great babe, I'll be ready ;)'

Fifteen Minutes Later

Eleanor's P.O.V

"Eleanor can you go on back and bring the 'Hipsta Please' shirts up front, I think they're gonna have a hit this summer." Julian ordered.

"Alright, be right back." I said walking into the storage room, I looked around for the black shirts with the white printing of 'Hipsta Please'.

I looked up and finally saw the stash of t-shirts and tank tops. I got fifteen of them with different sizes and headed back into the store. That's when I saw him. Evan. He and his girlfriend returned like he said he would. I became tense and breathed slowly. Okay Eleanor...relax. He's just a customer that has a past with me. I walked over to Julian and smiled holding the pile of clothes.

"Good, you can set them right here and put one t-shirt on this mannequin."

I nodded and started to re-fold the shirts. When all of a sudden I saw Zayn coming in the store. My heart jumped. Now I have both Zayn, Evan and slutty Becka in the store.

"Eleanor!" Julian called.

I rushed over to the front desk where she was. Was I in trouble..? Did Evan say anything? I glanced at him and he was actually shopping looking through pants sizes with Becka.

"I'm gonna need to take the day off, Taylor's sick."

"Oh okay." I said taking the key to the storage room which she handed me.

"Let the rest of the employees know, including Hannah who's in the storage getting belts" she called walking out of the store.

Zayn walked up to me "Hey El." he smirked.

"Hey, I never knew you shopped at Hollister.." I said walking back over to the mannequin and stash of clothes I left behind earlier.

"Yeah just wanted to try something new." he said looking around.

"We meet again Eleanor." I heard a deep voice say. I turned around to see Evan and Becka walking towards Zayn and heart started beating rapidly. Oh, shit.

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