My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


17. chapter 13

At The Mall

Eleanor's P.O.V

I walked into WetSeal looking through the racks and I finally saw a pair of floral shorts that wear extremely sexy, there you go got this. I smiled and looked around the store. I took my size and headed to the dressing room until the accessories' aisle caught my eye. I always love to add accessories to my outfit to make them pop. I looked at the floral pants I had in my hand and decided that I should wear a plain black tank top along with some gold accessories. I my eyes floated across the shinny objects.

I gasp when I saw a long gold necklace with a cross hanging on it. Perfect Eleanor, good job. Although I knew Nelly and Hannah were going to be more expose, I couldn't let them out do me. Not in front of my boyfriend. I took the necklace and headed to the ladies changing room. That's when I saw her, red coat. I looked back at the changing room and at her. She wore the mask of course but instead of her black shinny heels, she wore black converse today. I walked towards her my eyes never leaving her plastic face. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I know that I'm scaring her. She backed away and ran before I could get any closer. I shrugged and turned around heading for the changing rooms. No, I was not wanting to catch her...if I did I would have ran after that bitch. I tried on the shorts and necklace, I smiled. Per-fect El, you're done it again. I laughed.

I then got a text message -New Text Message from LouBear- 'You excited for tonight?' I replied ' Of course I am baby, I'll bring sliced watermelon and some drinks if you want' I typed back. He replied saying sure, I put my phone back in my purse and put on my normal clothes.

Maybe I should sweep by Hollister and drop off the food for Nel. I went in line and waited to pay for my shorts and necklace. I looked back at where red coat once stood and smiled. She..or scared of me? More like scared of being caught.

"Next please" I walked up and put my two items on the counter smiling at Betty

"Oh hi Eleanor" she said smiling; Betty was the owner of Wetseal and knew me from Hollister of course.

Red Coat P.O.V

That bitch! She thinks she can scare me..Not at all. I should have stood my ground. I looked down and took off my mask. Next time I won't run. Hopefully she didn't see me too well. I took off my red coat and wrapped it around my arm heading towards the food court. I get hungry like you, you know...

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