My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


2. chaper 1

Five Months Before Eleanor's Death

Eleanor's P.O.V

I woke up beside Louis on the couch ,and stared at him for awhile admiring his cuteness before getting up to brush my teeth. I started the water until I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see Harry smirking at me with my toothbrush in my mouth.

"Good morning to you too" I said annoyed.

"So what happened last night was..." I quickly interrupted Harry.

"What happened last night was nothing." I said and turned back around to continue on brushing my teeth.

He walked over to the other sink turning on the water and splashing his face with water.

"We kissed Eleanor..." he said quietly.

"And it meant nothing to me, I have Louis." I stated, he shrugged and wiped his face.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Harry then mumbles as if I can't hear him.

"If you're referring to me, you're wrong because I'm not the one coming up with false bullshit." I snap then spitted out the toothpaste in the sink and walked away.

Harry was always a flirt, and I knew that. Last night we were making dinner for the guys and he leaned over to kiss me. . . I honestly don't know what got into him because I was dating his best friend. And I was happy with Louis. . . he was everything I ever wanted.

Later that Morning at Eleanor's Flat

Eleanor's P.O.V

I walked upstairs to the third floor where I shared a flat with my best friend Nelly. She and I had been friends for a long time, since I started working at Hollister I was a rookie and she had been working there for quite a while. I unlocked the door to see Nelly and Hannah sipping cups of tea and giggling.

"Hey El!" Nelly said rushing over to hug me.

"Hey." I said back with no emotion, I was probably interrupting their time together.

"Ellie, hey girl long time not seen huh!" Hannah said while hugging me after Nelly.

"I just came to grab some clothes. . ." I said low toned walking over to my room.

"What?" Nelly questioned me.

"What?" I looked back at her, she folded her arms.

"I didn't get the memo that you were moving with Louis" Nelly said, I could see the anger in her face.

"I'm not. . ." ,but before I could finish my sentence she finished it for me.

"Whatever, we're going to Club8 tonight, you, me and the band." She answers for me.

"Okay" I said nodding, "I'll text Louis" I said back at her.

"Good" she said beaming.

Nelly was the one to always get her ways and there was no use in arguing with her, plus I think I need the night out myself.

"When are we leaving for New York again?" I asked while texting Louis.

"In about five months" Hannah said putting her cup down.

Five months. . . can't wait till New York.

Louis' P.O.V

"Dumb ass!" I yelled at Niall as he took the last chip.

I was about to wrestle the shit out of my Irish mate until I felt the vibration of my phone. -New Text Message from EliBoo- ' Nelly offered for us and the guys to go to Club8 tonight is that alright' it read. I stared at it for a moment and looked up.

"You guys wanna go to Club8?" I offer looking at them.

"What's Club8?" Zayn asked looking up from his phone.

"It's a club you dick" I joke smirking at Zayn.

"Oh okay, sure" he said nodding, I replied back to her massage saying that the guys agreed.

"I don't know what I'm going to wear.." Harry said peeling a banana.

"That sounded so gay," I said throwing a pillow at him. Someone's gotta be the mature one around here.

Eleanor's P.O.V

Before going to the club Nelly, Hannah and I decided to go shopping. I changed into a sweater, blue skinny jeans and grabbed my black leather coat. I also put my hair into a messy bun and took my sunglasses with me.

"El! Hurry up!" I heard Hannah call from the kitchen. I grabbed my chap stick and switched off the bathroom lights rushing towards the door.

"Sorry" I said doing the puppy dog face.

"Girl you take for-ever" Nelly teased. He walked down to Hannah silver Chevy Volt.

Since there were three of us Hannah drove and I sat in the passenger's seat and Nelly sat in the back seat in the center that way we could see her. We all put our seat belts on and Hannah started driving.

"Did Harry say anything about the kiss?" Nelly asked.

I turned around "Of course he did.." I say looking at her.

"Like...." Nelly insisted on getting her answer.

"He was just teasing me, trying to see if it meant more than a connection besides our lips" I said doing the duck lips.

"He's quite a player" Hannah said giggling.

"I know" I rolled my eyes and turned the radio on.

"Have you talked to Niall?"

"No..." I said.

"After he asked you out... you two never talked?"

I nodded and looked out the window. Niall asked me if I would dump Louis and date him and promised me happiness, but I'm already happy with Louis, I could tell he was angry but I promised to not tell any of the other be honest I hadn't seen Niall this morning at all.

It wasn't too long after we arrived at the mall. We walked into the mall and I received a text. 'Sorry babe, I won't be able to come with you guys today at Club8, but the rest of the fella's are willing to come along Xx LouBear' I sighed and started to look at the racks of designer clothing.

I never really bothered me that Louis was famous and well known, just the lack of time we would like to spend together was taken and in five months Hannah, Nelly and I were heading off to New York for a girls week. I was extremely excited because I've never been to New York but always wanted to.

Later That Night

Eleanor's P.O.V

I got dressed in some skinny jeans and a cute over top vest like thing that I bought from the mall earlier today.

"So, how are things with you and Louis?" Hannah asked me while she was putting her mascara on.

"Fine, we've gotten closer" I said smiling and curling my hair. It wasn't till ten-forty when we were all dressed. We took Nelly's car because Hannah's was out of gas and she was working tomorrow so she actually needed the car.

Five Minutes Later

We got down from the car and walked in line waiting our turn. I looked around and saw some stoners smoking cigarettes, slutty girls and some guys thinking they were the shit walking in line behind us. Before I knew it was our turn and I showed the guy my I.D. and headed in. The music blaring and people dancing and drinking. Nelly pointed across the room, and I followed to where she was pointing to. I saw Zayn waving and Harry dancing with a slutty blonde. We walked over and I sat by Zayn.

"Hey, glad you made it" he said before taking another drink of beer.

I smiled, "Sorry it takes us girls for-ever to get ready" he nodded.

"Sorry Louis couldn't make it, he stayed to handle the band's paper work."

"It's fine I totally understand."

Then a red headed girl came up to me "Would you like anything to drink?" I don't drink though so

I guess a cranberry juice would do.

I looked up "Um a simple cranberry juice will do"

"Coming right up" and she walked away

Zayn looked at me... "You don't drink El?"

"No, I don't, see my mom used to be an alcoholic so I have have a seventy-five percent chance of becoming one to so I choose to limit my options"

He nodded "Well do you still know how to have fun?"

I giggled "Of course" I said shaking my hips.

Zayn grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor. All of a sudden 'Pour It Up' came on and everyone went crazy with girl grinding on the guys behind then. Following along I did the same with Zayn. I could feel his length getting harder by the second... was I wrong? I mean he's Louis friend. I don't care anymore,tonight I'm going to have fun.

We continued grinding on each other until the next song came on which was ' Started From The Bottom' came on. I turned around and smiled at Zayn. He smiled back licking his lips.


He looked up "Yeah love"

"We're just friends" I said taking a sip of my cranberry juice.

He nodded and motioned for me to sit on his lap "I know" he whispered in my ear. Nelly and Hannah were dancing together, kissing each other on the dance floor while some guys watched then. They looked like slutty lesbians..yuck. I then felt a vibration from my phone. -New Text Message from LouBear- 'Hope you're having a great time' I replied back saying yeah I was definitely having a great time but not too great because he wasn't here with me. All of of sudden my song came know my song 'Rude Boy' I mean.

I put my phone on silent and just couldn't help but start grinding again, of course Zayn went along with his hands holding me from behind. After the song was over I got up to go to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, my curls didn't stay in place and I kind looked like a slobbed. I heard the toilet flushed and saw Hannah come out.

"Hey girl, where have you been, I haven't seen you all night" she said while washing her hands.

"Oh with Zayn...he and I were dancing" I said fixing my hair into a new bun.

"Wanna see something cool skilled" she said and jumped on top of the bathroom counter.

I nodded and backed away "Woah" I said, she started shaking her bum until one of her foot slipped and fell backwards. I ran beside her and picked her up. She was laughing as if it was funny.

"Are you okay?!" I asked her

"Course Eliphant" she called back at me still giggling, I could smell the alcohol in her breath. She didn't waste time. As soon as she got back up she rushed out the door with her arms up.

"Woah! Crazy mother fuckas!" she screamed.

I laughed and got my purse and walked back out. I saw Niall dancing and shaking his Irish hips, I couldn't help but laugh, I also saw Zayn and Liam dancing together. What weird kids. I walked over to Nelly who was dancing and started to dance beside her.

"Nice to see you too" she said turning around and dancing facing me. I shook my hips a littler and nodded.

"Yeah, sorry I left you guys." I spun her around and continued dancing with her until I felt a hand on my hip. I turned around to see Zayn staring at me with his gorgeous brown eyes. He pulled me away from Nelly and before I knew it were across the room grinding on each other like before. I have no idea what's with Zayn tonight. I mean he has Perrie even though she isn't here. Why outta all girls did he pick me? Still grinding against his length Zayn kissed my neck leaving chills down my spine.

"Zayn..." I moaned. But he forced a rough but yet soft kiss on my lips leaving me breathless. His large hands caressed my hips.

"Let me make you feel good" he whispered into my ears.

"I'm with Louis" I reasoned with him taking his hands off me. But he placed them back to their original spot.

"I know..." he said. I then felt his finger rubbing against my clit. I have to admit the feeling felt extremely good. I moaned and layed my head on his shoulders in pleasure and closed my eyes.

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