Hermione, I love you.


1. Runaway

Ron and Hermione

Harry, Ron and Hermione had left Hogwarts and it was Ginny's final year.

Life was a lot different at the Burrow.

George seemed lost. He didn't come out of his bedroom often, but when he did, he stayed silent and was always out of everyone's way.

Sometimes Harry, Ron and Hermione could hear George crying late at night. Sometimes laughing. And they knew he was looking through old photographs of himself and Fred.

Mrs Weasley wasn't doing well either. She got angry easily, got upset easily, and always faked a smile.

They all kept in touch with their friends. Neville visited often, they often met up with Seamus and Dean, Cho had recently found herself a new boyfriend and they wrote to Harry, Ron and Hermione once a week.

Even Draco Malfoy wrote to them. After all, Draco and Hermione were together. They often visited each other, and went on dates.

Life was different but seemed fine.

One morning Hermione woke up and heard talking in the other room. She got out of bed and pulled a dressing gown around herself. She made her way to Ron's room- where she could hear people talking. She knocked and entered.

Mrs Weasley was crying and wouldn't stop. Next to her sat Mr Weasley, who seemed calm, but scared. Harry, Ron and Ginny were no where to be seen, and George sat next to the window, tears slowly spilling down his face.

"W-what's going on?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione d-d-dear!" Mrs Weasley sobbed. "It's-it's Ron-"

"What's happened to him!" Hermione interrupted. "He left a note," Mr Weasley handed Hermione, who was now crying, a note, "he left one for me and Molly, one for George, one for Ginny, one for Harry, one for..."

By that point Hermione had zoned out and threw the note. She ran to her room and began searching, too see if Ron had left her a note. She still didn't know what had happened to him

She eventually saw a piece of paper suck out for under her lamp. She pulled the note out and began reading immediately.

The note said:

Dear Hermione,

By the time you read this I will be gone. I'm not telling anyone where, because I don't want people looking for me. But just remember I'll be safe where I am. Don't worry about me.

You're probably wondering why I've gone. It's hard to explain, so I'll explain a little bit.

I've tried staying, but I can't. It's better if I'm not there. It'll make life much easier for everyone.

I'm happy for everyone. Mum and Dad seem to be getting even closer. Harry and Ginny are perfect for each other. George has got a girlfriend and he seems to be getting happier. Percy, Bill, Charlie, they all seem happy.

And you, Hermione, you and Draco and perfect for each other. I want you to grow old together and have children and have a perfect life. And that's why I have to leave. I can't be in the way of that.

Hermione, I love you. And that's why I have to go.

Love from,


Hermione re-read the letter over and over. She thought her mind was playing tricks on her.

'Surely Ronald wouldn't runaway. Surely Ronald doesn't love me.' She thought to herself.

She ran back to Ron's room and read the other notes, too see if the others have more of a description as to why he's gone.

"Where's Harry and Ginny?" She demanded.

"They've gone looking for him. They think they might know where he's gone."

Hermione quickly got changed and left the house, not knowing where she was heading, but she had to start somewhere. She promised herself she wouldn't go back to the burrow until she found Ron, and that's exactly what she did.

It had been months and still no sign of Ron.

Hermione sent a letter to Mrs Weasley everyday to tell her she was okay. Mrs Weasley kept telling her to go back to the Burrow but she always refused. She was going to keep her promise.

She decided to send a letter to Ron. She knew he wouldn't reply but it was worth a try.

She wrote:

Dear Ronald,

We miss you. Please come back to the Burrow. I'm still searching for you. I made a promise I wouldn't go back to the Burrow until I find you, and I've kept that promise.

Please Ronald. Please come back.

Love from,

Hermione xxx

It was short, but Hermione couldn't think straight. She found a store that allowed you to borrow a bird to send a letter, and she sent the letter along with a little package of food and water. She didn't know if he had any.

She was loosing hope.

It had been another 3 weeks. She never got a letter back from Ron.

She was asleep in the tent she had taken with her, when she heard someone coming inside.

She picked up her wand and went to see who it was.

It was a man. He had a black hoodie on and black trousers. His shoes where falling to pieces and he was carrying a bag on his back, a bag which she recognised.

"Ron?! Is that you." She slowly walked over to him.

He put down his hood and revealed his bright red hair and freckled face.

"RON! Where have you been."

She ran up to him and hugged him, for what seemed like forever.

"I've just come to visit you 'mione. I'm not coming back forever. I-I can't."

"Yes you can Ronald!"

"No. I can't. I don't know if you got my letter or not-"

"The one you left, when you went?" Hermione asked.

"No. The reply to you letter. I sent the owl back with a letter thanking you for the food and water, and telling you I'll be visiting you, but not staying. Didn't you get it?"

"No, I-I didn't. But Ronald please stay. I'm begging you! We all miss you!"

"Don't you get it Hermione? I can't stay anymore. Go back to the Burrow and tell them I'm not coming back. Please."

"I can't let you just walk out of here, Ronald!"

Ron started to walk away, but Hermione grabbed his arm and swung him back round to face her.

He quickly leaned in and kissed her.

"I love you 'mione. And that's why I can't stay."

With that he turned quickly and ran out of the tent. Hermione ran after him and when she got out the tent she couldn't see him anywhere.

But then she did see him. Lying on the ground.

She ran towards him and saw a pool of blood surrounding him.


She looked around and in the distance she saw someone else. It was Draco Malfoy with him arm stretched out, wand in hand.

"Draco! What have you done?!"

"I love you Hermione! He was getting in the way of our relationship!" Draco shouted. His voice broke. He must of been crying. "The spell went wrong. He's been avoiding me for weeks and all I wanted to do was tell him to back off. I only wanted to injure him so then he couldn't run away when I was trying to talk to him.. But, but it went wrong!"

"Draco, Ron hasn't been anywhere near me! That's the reason he left!"


"Yes Ronald?" Hermione said, who was now crying.

"I love you."

"I love you too Ronald."

"Will you stay with me?" Ron asked.

"Until the end."

And Ron's eyes slowly closed.

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