My Magcon Dream (T.C fanfic)

My name is Chelsea Leshea im 17 and I live with my parents and my best friends name is Gracie West. Me and Gracie make YouTube videos and we have over 1.5 million subscribers and one day we get a call at 3am saying that we've been invited to magcon........ See what happens next


4. magcon event #2

Chelsea POV

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When me and Taylor got back we waited by our hotel room door when he leaned in and I leaned in to but mahogany opened the door before we even touched lips.

Did I ruin anything she asked

Umm no we were just coming inside I said taylor agreed and we went inside. I got in my pjs and I felt a nudge on my shoulder and it was mahogany motioning me to go our in the hall with her.

We were in the hall and she said I am really sorry on you and Taylor so I'm going To make it up to you so I invited all the boys to our room to play spin the bottle if that's okay with you.

Ya that's fine I said and we walked inside and I put my hair up into a messy bun.

The boys came over and we got a bottle and sat in a circle.

Mahogany screams out I will go first. She spins it and it lands in Nash so they kiss for 5 seconds then I yell out Hayes you go and of course it lands on me so..

Ya and Nash says don't get to comfortable kissing my little brother.

I won't and I hit him on the shoulder lightly.

Hayes wants me to go so I do and it lands on carter so we kiss do 5 seconds.

Then taylor spins it and it lands in me and his face goes bright red.

Everybody turns to me and Taylor and when we are about to kiss.

Mahogany yells out let's change the rules how about for now you have to kiss for 10 seconds okay.

Me an Taylor lean in And I felt fireworks but I don't know if he felt the same all the girls (Gracie and mahogany) awed and the boys just yelled get a room and Hayes got up and went to the mini fridge and got a water bottle.

Then it was Matthews turn and he spins it and I lands on Gracie so they kiss.

Mahogany yells out once again back to the old rules okay.

We kept going then I said let's play truth or dare.

Who wants to go first I will said taylor

Matt I truth or dare?

Dare Matt says with no hesitation.

Okay I dare you to make out with Gracie.


Who's next

Mahogany says Taylor truth or dare?

Have you lost you virginity yet?

No I haven't

Okay that makes everybody laugh exept me and Taylor.

It's my turn and I ask carter truth or dare?


I dare you to go out in the hall in your underwear and scream.

He goes out there and a lady comes out and goes back inside and comes out again with a blanket and says here and where are your pants?

They are in my hotel room.

And he ran back to our hotel room.

Everybody starts laughing.

We all went to bed.

I woke up by someone shaking me I looked up and it was Aaron trying to get me up.

I took a shower an got dressed in:

•a black crop top that says or nah?

•white shorts

•black converse

Everybody met in the lobby and split into two range rovers and we went to our second event.



We got there and I shouted into the microphone who wants a dance off. Everybody screamed.

Mahogany turned on boss @ss b!tch. And it was carter and Aaron then it was me and Hayes and we were twerking. Then it was Taylor an Cameron then it was Shawn and Nash then Gracie and Matthew.

~skip the rest of magcon~

We went back to the hotel and I got a text from Nash that said oh ya and I forgot to tell you but your friends left except Gracie.

To: Nash😜😜

You could have told me that!!!

From: Nash😜😜

Sorry. I forgot🙀😩

To: nash😜😜

Jk bro pick me up pizza please❤️

I looked through my twitter and I saw some people started trending the #chaylor I tweeted me and Taylor already have a ship name thanks guys love ya!! #chaylor

Taylor POV

I walked in my room and I looked at my phone and I had a bunch of notifications about people spreading #chaylor.

I noticed Chelsea was sitting our bed smiling.

I said sup gorgeous. She said hello handsome.

So I was thinking if we made it official since we are getting really close I said.

That would be awesome I said!!

I got in my pjs and pulled mahogany in the hall and told her that me and Taylor made it official.

She started screaming and hugging me.


Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been busy. Aren't you just so excited taylor an Chelsea are together.

Can't believe I have 58 reads thanks guys so much!!💛💙💜💚❤️

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(It's a magcon account)

- Jess

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