My Magcon Dream (T.C fanfic)

My name is Chelsea Leshea im 17 and I live with my parents and my best friends name is Gracie West. Me and Gracie make YouTube videos and we have over 1.5 million subscribers and one day we get a call at 3am saying that we've been invited to magcon........ See what happens next


2. magcon day

Chelsea POV

It was the day to leave for magcon, it was 7:00 when Gracie texted me and said do I look fine. Yes you look fine I responded when Gracie said gtg I finished packing and put it in my moms car and yes I can drive my mom just wants to say goodbye at the airport. I got out my phone and called Taylor my best friend that is going to magcon Matthew Espinosa said it was alright if we brought two friends so I was bringing Taylor and Katie. Taylor had dark brown hair and brown eyes she likes Nash. Katie liked Aaron and she had auburn hair or light red hair. And I liked Taylor or Hayes but I like Taylor a little more and Hayes is only 14 but I guess I can still like him right. My mom yelled from downstairs and said are you ready hold on I need to call Taylor real quick, (t stands for Taylor and c stands for Chelsea)

T: hey

C: hi um I will pick you up on the way to the airport and Katie is meeting us there and so is Gracie

T ok I'm ready

C: ok I'm coming to pick you up right now.

When I got to Taylor's house her and her brother were talking and I said come on let's go. She got in the car and we went to the airport and a couple people surrounded us and asked us for our autograph and Taylor and Katie have been in some of the videos so the signed autographs too. This one girl said do you have a a Crush on a youtuber or anyone famous Gracie just shouted I like Cameron and Katie likes Aaron and Taylor likes Nash and I like Taylor one girl came up to me and said back off he's mine , don't worry we are not going to date them we will just be friends. Ok good the one girl shouted everyone else wanted pictures and follows on insta and twitter. We got on the plane ~skip plane ride~ we got off and this girl came up to me and said is this Chelsea, Katie , Gracie, and Taylor I answered yep and who are you she looked up and her hoodie was in her head so no one will no it's her so she won't get attacked by fans and Katie said who are u I never got your name oh I'm mahogany and get in this taxi and we will be at your hotel and the boys she said. We got in and she was talking to Katie about Aaron. The rest of the girls were quiet including me. We got there and got our luggage out and mahogany checked us in we got our key and went up to our hotel room. Mahogany let us get cleaned up while she was going to go get the boys. Don't forget to get in lounge stuff so we could watch some movies she left. (S M-SHWN MENDES H G- HAYES GRIER N G-NASH GRIER T C- TAYLOR CANIFF C D- CAMERON DALLAS AC-AARON CARPENTER CR-CARTER REYNOLDS JACK JONSON ME-MATTHEW ESPINOSA)

Mahogany POV

We are going to watch some movies at the girls hotel room so pick out some movies to watch. I walked back to Chelsea's room and I heard screaming from the boys room so I tried to listen.

HG: hey pass me insidious 2.

CD: so u can cuddle up to Chelsea.

HG: no I just want to see it okay and then everyone screamed Hayes has a crush on Chelsea, no I don't. I do but I said that in my head.

Omg Hayes has a crush Chelsea I have to tell her so I ran into their room past Gracie and she's like ever heard of knocking I just ignored her and kept ringing till I came to the couch where she was watching tv hey Chelsea I need to talk to you in private. (M= mahogany C=Chelsea)

M: Hayes likes you

C: how do you know

M: I heard the boys talking in their room and all the boys were screaming Hayes has a crush.. Then the room went silent then I started running to your room to tell you

C: omg I thought Matt liked me but I guess not

M: I hear footsteps act normal

Chelsea pov

Knock knock I got up and answered the door hey guys come I'm they all walked and I put in the movie. Hey guys need anything ya popcorn Hayes said ok I will go get some popcorn. I got up and made popcorn and when I came back all the boys were staring at me and I think they were going to attack me so I just set the popcorn bowl on Taylor's lap and sat next to Taylor and Matt because that was the only space on the couch and mahogany, Gracie, Katie, and Taylor were taking up the whole bed. When the movie started getting more scary I started scooting next to Taylor because I was scared and he was I think trying to put his arm around me so I just finally scooted all the way over because I didn't want to make it awkward were he would do it in slow mo. The movie was over and everyone was asleep except me and Taylor. So should we watch tv I asked ya sure he replied

Taylor POV

Chelsea was so gorgeous I wanted to kiss her soft lips so bad but I don't know If she feels the same way so I will just act like I like her and see if she does the same thing. We were watching tv when I went to go get a soda and came back sat down and put a blanket over us because it was cold and I leaned in for a kiss and she leaned in and we kissed and it felt like forever and it fel like it was meant to be. She pulled away and said what was that.

And I said i dont know and leaned in again and became me a make out session and I didn't want to pull away but I was because I didn't want it to go to far so I just pulled away and we went to bed like nothing happened


It was 10:00 in the morning and magcon started at 12:00 it was a late start. Everyone was awake except Aaron, Nash and Hayes went and poured cold water on him so he'd wake up.

Aaron POV

Hey what was that for ? You were asleep so we poured water on you to wake you up cause magcon starts at 12:00 so we have to hurry, get in the shower and get dressed Nash said. I went to go get in the shower and saw Taylor and Chelsea making out in the hall, I thought she liked Hayes but I guess not but Hayes liked her but Hayes is only 14 and Taylor is 18 so that could work. I walked towards the shower and got in. ~skip shower~ I got out and there was a knock at the door and no one was in the room I think they went and got breakfast without me. That's ok because I wasn't really hungry. Oh ya I got to Answer the door. I went to answer the door and I opened it and it was a screaming fan and she literally tackled me to the floor and said can I have your autograph. Ya just get off me first then I will so I gave her an autograph and took a couple pictures. Then I went down to the lobby once she left and got into the limo and drove me to magcon. When I got there I saw Katie and she looked so beautiful. With her curly long red hair. I went back to our room and Chelsea said we need to talk so she pulled me outside the room and she said I know you have a crush on Katie well everybody can tell that you do but she's 16 and your 15 And I know that can work but I know this other girl that is 15 too so come by my room after magcon. And I will show you a picture of her. Her name is Leonora but just call her Leo she hates Leonora.

Chelsea POV

I really like Aaron but I know Katie and Aaron isn't her type and I would hate for her heart to be broken again after Dustin. They really liked each other until Katie found his text messages and she broke up with him.

Aaron and I both went back into the room and Nash just ordered a pizza before the show so we can eat it after. They all got ready and everybody was chanting magcon super loud. They went out there and I was sitting in a chair in the back room watching on a tv them I stage, Aaron was in the back room putting on his shoe then he got up and pulled my arm towards the stage I was bending my legs so I was trying to sit down. while he was pulling me and then we came to the stage when everybody was chanting my name an screaming. They started dancing and Taylor caniff was dancing with Aaron and I saw Taylor whisper in Aaron's ear I really wonder what he said.

After the show we went back to the hotel and Taylor my friend went home because she ate some bad breakfast and got food poisoning. I was sitting on the couch when Aaron came in and...

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