My Magcon Dream (T.C fanfic)

My name is Chelsea Leshea im 17 and I live with my parents and my best friends name is Gracie West. Me and Gracie make YouTube videos and we have over 1.5 million subscribers and one day we get a call at 3am saying that we've been invited to magcon........ See what happens next


3. date❤️😍😘

Aaron's POV:

I walked in Chelsea's room she was sitting on the couch. I asked her for Taylor if she would meet him in at the movie theater just 2 blocks from the hotel, why can't Taylor just come and ask me. Because he is shopping for clothe to go on your date so I'm the messanger. Get ready. I texted Hayes and said hey so you want to go on a date with me and you tomorrow because I'm going on a date with Taylor. I took a shower and when I came out with my towel around me and when I came out Taylor grabbed my waist and kissed me and said you ready for our date we giggled and I still got to get dressed so you dork have to leave. I get in the shower and I go down to Taylor's room and I say I'm ready to go.

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