Paper Lyrics

It started with a sheet of paper lyrics. Written by five of the biggest idiots in the world.


3. Chapter 3

"You did WHAT?!" I screamed at my best friend, who actually had the nerve to still be happy and not cower from my rage. 

Then I realized that I had to get to class and I had already wasted enough time as it as. 

I glared at her. "We'll settle this later." 

I passed the rest of the day by day-dreaming different ways to kill Dani.


Even though I was exhausted by the time school was over, I still waited for Dani to come outside so I could interrogate her.

She finally emerged from the school. I immediately stomped my way over to her.

"Dani. Why in the world did you enter me in the competition?" I asked her.

She just smiled at me. "Because you are amazing at musical instruments and have a great voice and since you weren't acknowledging it and entering, I decided to enter for you." She replied nonchalantly.

I took this information in. I guess I was kind of good at musical instruments, but not good enough to win a competition. And my voice was not great.

My voice resembled the sound of a dying cat.

The competition was called 'The Music Battle'. Any person who had any musical talent could enter. You could enter as a band or solo. 

I sighed. My ability to fight with her had left me, since I was so tired. "Well, whatever. It's not as if I'm going to win the competition anyway. You entered me as solo, right?" I asked. 

She nodded. Just then, I caught a glimpse of brown hair and a familiar smile. Louis. And he was coming towards me. With his friends, the popular guys.

I froze when he called out my name. Dani's eyes went wide too, but she recovered faster than me and nudged me in the side. 

"Well, Tori, I'll be going now. Bye!'" She said and left before I could protest.

"Hey, Tori. What're you still doing here?" Louis asked when he approached me.

"Oh, I just stayed back to talk to my friend." I answered calmly, although my heart was thumping inside.

He nodded. "Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to my friends." He gestured towards four other people.

I acted like I didn't know who they were. But of course I did. I mean, they're like the most popular people here.

"This is Harry." He pointed towards a cute guy with curly hair, green eyes and dimples. Harry cheekily winked at me.

Louis then pointed towards Niall, a boy with obvious dyed blonde hair. He smiled at me and said 'Hi'.

Then there was Liam, who had the same brown hair as Louis, but it was cropped. He smiled at me.

Last was Zayn, a tan boy with black hair up in a quiff. He simply nodded at me. 

I was trying to keep calm, but in front of me were the five HOTTEST guys of the school. 

And then Louis said the most surprising statement I had heard all day.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with us sometime?"

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