The Heartbreakers

In a land called Raelia lived the Heatbreakers. People that are sent to Earth to break hearts. The more hearts you break, the higher your ranking, and the higher your ranking, the more 'respected' you are. It's weird, but that's what that world is like.

One of the top Heartbreakers is called Zach Clayton. He was famously known as the 'Build and Tear'. Building the girls' hopes high and tearing them apart.

But when Zach meets Ashley, he feels this pull towards her. To him, she was different, and the last thing he wanted to do was to break her heart. But that was what he was supposed to do. When he finally figured out that he loves her, it meant one word. Chaos

Will he choose to break her heart or stay with her? Does he have a choice?

The description may not sound so good but please finish the story, it's got an extreme plot twist ending. Please read the story :)


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

Ashley's POV

The whole school already know we're together and of course there were more jealous girls glaring at me all the time and some nicer ones that are willing to be friends with me.

There were some rumors that Zach wasn't serious and that he was just playing with me but I wouldn't let that get in my way.

I love Zach and I'm willing to go through anything with him.we started hanging out even more, spending most of our time in school with each other.

Emma still isn't willing to talk to me, but every time she passes by she'll ignore me. I think she was to embarrassed to come and apologize and I thought we would never be friends ever again.

But today, she surprised me.

" Hey Ashley. " I turned around from where I was sitting and faced Emma.

She was nervous, I could see it from the way she shifted from her right foot to her left foot, repeating the mtion again and again. She was rubbing her right arm with her left hand.

" Hi Emma. " I said with a smile, to make her feel calmer.

" I just uh... wanted to say I'm really sorry. " she said softly.

" Oh.. It's ok... " I replied.

" I'm sorry for being a bitch and ditching you when you were in the worst of times, ignoring you and hanging out with other people instead. " she said with her head down.

I was sensitive and I couldn't stand to see people like this so I stood up and went forward to hug her tight. " It's okay Emma, I forgive you, just don't do that ever again. " I said with a smile after pulling apart.

" You were always there for me but I wasn't... " she said softly, I could hear her voice cracking like she was about to cry.

I put an arm on her shoulder, " It's okay Emma, really, I forgive you. And stop apologizing. " I said and gave her a reassuring smile.

" I love you Ashley. " she said with a smile.

" Hey why not let's go shopping, spend some time out together. I need to get some dresses and some books. " I said with a smile.

" Okay, sure, after school? "

" Yup. " I said, popping the ' p '.

We continue chatting for the rest of lunch and went to our classes later. I saw Zach and went to tell him about Emma and I.

" Good to know. " he said with a smile and I smiled back. I was really happy to have my best friend back. You'd probably be thinking why should I talk to Emma after what she's done but we were best friends, I always had a soft spot for her.

The bell rang signalling the end of school and we walked to the parking lot together and she drove use to the mall nearby.

" Ew, not that. " I said when she took out a muddy green coloured dress that looked like it was for my grandmother.

" It's not that bad... " she said and went in front of the mirror.

" Yes it is. " I retorted.

" You know what, you're right, it looks horrible. " she said and I just laughed.

We continue out shopping and at the end of the day, I bought 3 dresses and she bought 4. After shopping for shoes, we decided to go and have Starbucks for tea.

We ordered our drinks and sat down together. I was looking around the mall and saw Troy, next to him was Zach so I decided to go and say hi. They were in Burger King, just opposite of Starbucks and I walked towards them.

" shouldn't do this - " I heard Troy say before I said hi.

" Hi Troy, hey Zach. " I said with a smile.

" Oh hi, what are you doing here? " Zach asked with a smile.

" Shopping. " I said and gestured to Emma and she waved at them.

" Cool, " he said and I looked at Troy, he was having a distant look on his face and wasn't looking at me. I pointed at him and Zach just shrugged.

" See you later. " I said and walked away. Why was Troy being like this? But I just shrugged it off.

Zach's POV

After talking to Ashley, I went into the classroom and Troy said he wanted to talk to me after school so we decided to meet in a mall nearby. We went there after school and sat down in Burger King.

" What are you doing Zach Clayton? " he asked, I knew what he was talking about but acted like I didn't.

" What do you mean Troy Wilson? " I asked and sighed.

" You know what I mean. " he said sternly.

" No I don't. " I said and was trying to avoid the question I didn't know the answer to.

" What on Raelia are you doing? You're in a relationship with Ashley. " he said and I looked at him annoyed.

" So? I'm ' Build and Tear ' remember? " I said.

" I know you mean it this time. You have real feelings towards her. I know it. Do you know how much trouble you can get into? " he asked, furious.

" No I don't. " I said, trying my best to avoid this conversation.

" I know it. I can see it in your eyes. The way you look at her. You really are in love with her. " he said.

" Ok. Fine. Whatever Troy. Yes I am. Now quit it. " I said annoyed.

" You're a freaking Heartbreaker Zach! " he whisper-yelled.

" So? "

" You're not suppose to fall for her. " he said annoyed too.

" I don't care Troy. You don't know how it feels like. She's different from the others. I feel a pull towards her that can make me forget everything as long as I'm with her. I want to protect her, to keep her away from any harm. " I said, frustrated. I thought he would understand.

" Do you know how wrong this is? You shouldn't do this - " he was cut off when I heard a familiar voice.

" Hi Troy, hey Zach. " I turn to see Ashley smiling at me.

" Oh hi, what are you doing here? " I asked, silently praying that she didn't hear the conversation.

" Shopping. " she said, gesturing to Emma and she waved at us and I just smiled back.

" Cool.. " I said, not knowing what to say. She pointed at Troy but I just shrugged, I guess she didn't hear the conversation.

" See you later. " she said and walked away.

" If you have a clear mind and think about it. You're really wrong dude. " Troy sighed.

" Love is Blind. " I just shrugged.

" This is just hilarious... The Heartbreaker fell for his target. " he said with a forced chuckle.

" I don't know man.. I've never felt this before. " I said and closed my eyes.

" Do the right thing and let her go. You know you won't be able to be with her for long. " Troy said.

" Whatever. " I replied. Deep down inside, I knew he was right, the Heartbreaker can't be with his target.

Supp? This was a boring chapter I know but the conversation is really important!

The next chapter is where chaos happens and all the epic drama starts!

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