The Heartbreakers

In a land called Raelia lived the Heatbreakers. People that are sent to Earth to break hearts. The more hearts you break, the higher your ranking, and the higher your ranking, the more 'respected' you are. It's weird, but that's what that world is like.

One of the top Heartbreakers is called Zach Clayton. He was famously known as the 'Build and Tear'. Building the girls' hopes high and tearing them apart.

But when Zach meets Ashley, he feels this pull towards her. To him, she was different, and the last thing he wanted to do was to break her heart. But that was what he was supposed to do. When he finally figured out that he loves her, it meant one word. Chaos

Will he choose to break her heart or stay with her? Does he have a choice?

The description may not sound so good but please finish the story, it's got an extreme plot twist ending. Please read the story :)


13. Chapter Thirteen

Song of this chapter ~ Just A Kiss, Lady Antebellum

Zach's POV

I watched her change into the clothes I chose. It was really entertaining to watch if I was being honest. After what felt like ten minutes, she was done. Damn, I should have chosen more for her to try on. I wanted to see more of her beautiful curves and legs. She didn't seem to realise that I actually planned to actually buy the clothes for her.

I took out my credit card and paid for the clothes while she just looked at me in shock. She didn't want to buy them for her, she said that she couldn't afford it, well couldn’t she get the idea I was buying them for her as a gift?

I wanted her to own something of mine, and if not, then at least something from me, I don't know why but that made me feel...special. I sound so whipped right then. 

"I don't want to owe you anything." She said and looked at her feet.

She wasn't going to let this go easily unless she did something for me in return, I knew her too well, call me cocky if you may. "You won't, why don't you do something in return? " I asked.


"Go out to dinner with me. Wear something that we bought and let’s have a nice meal together." I suggested and she surprised me by saying yes. I thought she was going to say no, or eww or something.

She's so different to the other girls. If I did the same thing with the other girls, they would go all slutty and flirty saying they would have sex with me in return. It's more like I would have sex with them. The other girls won't want to pay back, they would get more clothes but Ashley did the exact opposite of what I thought she would do.

It really surprised me. Why is she so different? She's so nice, sincere, and... real.

What's going on with me? I shouldn't be thinking like this. No, I'm not supposed to.

Ashley's POV

The drive back to Zach's place was quiet but it was a comfortable silence, with the music playing softly in the background. I sighed and turned around to look at the bags of clothes at the backseat. I don’t like to owe people things, money especially.

But I'm going out to dinner with him, so that's doing something in return right? Yup… Right...

We arrived in his mansion and entered the house. I went up to my room. It was already 5pm so I quickly undressed and went to take a shower. After I was done, I made sure I was dry before going over to the bag of clothes that he bought for me. I rummaged about and finally decided on one. I put it on and looked in the mirror. I looked really nice in it, it showed off my curves in all the right places, my long legs looked endless.

It was a black coloured cocktail dress. A top with a sweetheart neckline with shiny silver beads over the piping along the curves of the heart. The dress hugged my curves and ended mid-thigh. I put on a pair of shiny silver stilettos and got in front of the bathroom mirror where I had my make up.

After putting on smokey make up and mascara, I decided to put on a cherry red lipstick on my plump lips. I put my hair in a braided low bun with a messy front, I took out a silver coloured clutch and stood in front of the mirror observing myself.

It was already 6.30pm, wow, we girls use a lot of time to make ourselves pretty huh? I thought of today. Zach was being such a gentlemen. Carrying the bags for me, following me into girly shops, buying clothes for me. It's like he has this nice, cute side to him, a part that he doesn't show anyone else.

Nah, I bet he does that to other girls too. Not that I've seen it. Snap out of it Ashley!

"Hey beautiful." I looked to the door and there he was, Zach Clayton. Wearing a black coloured suit, a grey coloured button up and a midnight black tie. He looked, well, amazing. I saw him checking me out and felt myself blushing.

" You don't look too bad either. " I muttered. He chuckled and I tried to hide a smile. He walked towards me and put out his hand. I took it and we exited the house. We got onto a red Ferrari and arrived at a fancy French restaurant. 

He got out of the car and opened my door for me. I got out and we linked arms, entering the beautiful restaurant. It was lightly lit and the people in there screamed high-class. The waiter led us to the corner of the restaurant and we sat down.

He passed us the menu and I started flipping through the pages deciding on a fancy looking steak. Zach ordered ribs and he asked for the house wine. After we were done ordering, the waiter went away and we were left alone.

"So, tell me more about yourself." he smiled.

"There's nothing much." I said.

"Tell me anyways." I sighed and looked into his greyish blue eyes. They were so beautiful and it was like I couldn't say no.

"My parents are businessmen. They're rarely home. They're always on business trips and well, I'm always home alone. We're not considered rich, they just own this small company but in order to get more business, they need to fly around the world to bigger companies." I looked at him and paused for a while.

"Well they own a company they why did you say you can't afford clothes that are just a few thousand?" he asked.

"I don't like to use their money, I rather they spend more time with me. I save the money they gave me for college but I’m trying to get a scholarship." I looked down at the table to avoid looking into his eyes.

"You really are stubborn huh, I don't want your money, I'll pay for myself," he smiled making me look up and blush again. Why do I always blush when I'm around with him? "But I love it."

I tried to hide a smile but was failing horribly at it. Our dinner came just in time and we started eating. He poured me some wine and I raised my eyebrow. "I don't take alcohol. Don't you remember last time?"

"It was a great experience." he smiled.

"It's not even legal. We're in a restaurant dude." 

"Well you look old enough so I don't think we'll get caught." 

"Doesn't mean I want to." I challenged.

"Stop being stubborn this time, just have some. It's the only drink they have here." 

"That's a lie, I'm not that stupid to believe that." I smirked. 

"I speak the truth, and you shall drink it," he said in a faux British accent, making me laugh out loud. "I can take you home anyways, come on." I sighed in defeat and put the cup to my lips. It was quite nice actually.

"Someone's enjoying it." Zach smirked.

"Whatever, it your ribs." I rolled my eyes and started eating my steak.

After around an hour, we were done and he paid the bill. "This isn't really repaying you know." I said.

"Just quit it Ashley, you did me a favor by going out with me." He said as we exited the restaurant and got into his car.


"It's like your my date, a hot date, so I can show off," he winked and I rolled my eyes. We sat in the car but he didn't start the engine. We sat facing each other. I looked into his eyes and was so mesmerised by them. "You're so beautiful Ashley..." he said softly, sending shivers down my spine.

It started to get hot in here, and I could feel myself getting as red as a tomato. I looked away but he lifted his hand and lifted my chin. I looked at his lips, it was like I was attracted to it, my eyes couldn't leave it. I could feel his eyes on my lips too.

We were so close, face to face only a few inches apart. And it took him a while to close the distance between us.

My lips against his, it took me a while to register that, I started to kiss him back, feeling sparks that soon erupted into fireworks. I felt tingles going through my body and my whole body felt like it was going to explode.

He bit on my lip but I didn't give him entrance. His hands went to my back going down and sipped under my ass making me gasp, allowing him entrance.

We battled for dominance and of course he won. We explored each others mouths, he tasted like mint.

After what felt like forever, we separated and began to breathe heavily. Tasking in deep breaths.

Wow... I just kissed Zach Clayton, a kiss that we both knew was coming. A kiss that is one that I will remember for life. 



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