The Heartbreakers

In a land called Raelia lived the Heatbreakers. People that are sent to Earth to break hearts. The more hearts you break, the higher your ranking, and the higher your ranking, the more 'respected' you are. It's weird, but that's what that world is like.

One of the top Heartbreakers is called Zach Clayton. He was famously known as the 'Build and Tear'. Building the girls' hopes high and tearing them apart.

But when Zach meets Ashley, he feels this pull towards her. To him, she was different, and the last thing he wanted to do was to break her heart. But that was what he was supposed to do. When he finally figured out that he loves her, it meant one word. Chaos

Will he choose to break her heart or stay with her? Does he have a choice?

The description may not sound so good but please finish the story, it's got an extreme plot twist ending. Please read the story :)


8. Chapter Eight

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Ashley's POV

I wouldn't have said yes unless I had no other choices. Believe me, you think that I actually want to stay with him for the week? Yes you do. The voice in the back of my head said. He's an annoying, retarded, idiot with a huge ego that can barely fit through the door, dumbass, asshole- "How nice of you to say that to someone that had kindly volunteered to let you stay over, free of charge.”  Shit.

"I didn't say that out loud did I?" I looked at him, my face as red as a beetroot.

“Unfortunately for you, you did." he smirked and turned back to the road.

There was an uncomfortable silence between us, with the radio playing softly in the background. After another ten long minutes, we arrived back at the house. Remember when I said he had a huge house? Well, scratch that, it's a huge freaking mansion. I stared in awe at the cream walls, glass windows that must have been wiped clean every single hour because there wasn't any stain or even a speck of dust on them.

The double glass doors on top of the stairs were also humongous. We entered the foyer and to the right was a large living room, to the left there were a few tables and some chairs. 

"No need to drool over the house on the carpet hun, I’d much rather you drool on my washboard abs. " he said with his cocky voice, lifting his shirt and stroking them.

"How modest of you. And don't call me hun." I rolled my eyes.

"Very modest indeed. You don't like hun? Maybe baby doll, sweetheart, babe, princess, anything that floats your boat,” he winked and went upstairs. I had no choice but to follow him. I can imagine myself getting lost in this gigantic house.

"Shut up you idiot!" I snapped at his face, he smirked and I sighed. "Can you show me around?" I asked, wanting to know my way about this huge house in case I need to hide from him one day.

"Sure. Maybe we can visit every single room, and do something special in each one to remember them by," he winked and smirked. I felt myself blush. Why is it getting so hot in here? " You're so cute when you blush."

I sent him a death glare, feeling embarrassed on the inside. "No need to be embarrassed doll." I was resisting the urge to slap him right across that perfect, sexy, hot face of his. Wait, no, ugly, I meant ugly.

“Shut up and show me around." I said once more and he walked upstairs, gesturing for me to follow him.

Zach's POV

I showed her every single vacant room in the house. Ninety percent of them were empty, I had it all to myself really, me being the only one that lived here. Some may wonder why I can afford it here. Well, I am the top ranker in Raelia, and I’m rich there, the currency is like 5 times the amount here, so yeah, I can totally afford houses like this and many cars that I owned.

"Are your parents businessmen or something? This house and the cars must have cost billions of dollars," she asked suddenly when we were standing in the home cinema.

"Yeah they are," I lied smoothly. "They're rarely home though, it's just me all the time." Second lie.

"Oh, don't you have any siblings?" she asked.

"Nope. I'm the only child." I said, trying to make her feel some sort of pity for me. That is also one of the best ways to get girls, make them feel sad for you, then they will be nicer.

"Sucks but I guess it’s kind of lucky. I don't think anyone could survive with that personality of yours." Forget what I said about sympathy from girls.

"Thanks," I said sarcastically. "Do you have any siblings?"

"Yeah, an older brother." she replied but she sounded, sad?

"You guys aren't really close right?" I asked, trying to get to know her more.

"Yeah... He left the house when he turned eighteen. He doesn't come back anymore... We used to be really close, but then all of a sudden he began hating all of us. He came back home really late at night and... the last time we heard about him was from one of our neighbours... " she sobbed and choked on her words but continued. "They saw him smoking and taking drugs in one of those back alleys near to my house.”

I could see that her eyes had became reddish and I could hear her sob. So I did the thing any guy in my position would do. I went towards her and hugged her. I felt like I needed to protect her. To keep her away from harm and pain. I don't know why, I just felt like that. 

Ashley's POV

He asked about my brother. One of my most painful memories. I can still remember when we were younger. Running around the garden and playing tag. He wasn't just my brother he was also my best friend. Now, I know he isn't ever coming back...

 Zach was listening and I could feel the tears stinging my eyes at the memories I once shared with my brother. Before I knew it, he came forward and pulled me into a warm hug. His touch sent tingles through my body and the heat radiating through his clothes was very comforting.

I buried my head in his shirt and started sobbing. I do that every time I think about my brother. I had to face this myself all the time but now in the arms of Zach Clayton, I felt safe. I felt like I wouldn’t be left alone like my brother did to me. The tears that I've built up over the years pours out of my eyes and I started crying even harder into his shirt.

“Shh... It's going to be ok..." he whispered, stroking my hair and muttering consoling words.

He held me until I finished crying and we both sat down on a couch in his lounge. It already one in the afternoon. "Thanks." 

"Anything for you babe." he smiled. This is the first time I ever saw his real smile. The real, genuine smile that looked like it belonged permanently on Zach Clayton’s face. And these were moments I wanted to treasure and keep locked in my brain to savour forever. This idiotic cocky badass can also have a genuine smile.

And I think I like it.

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