Bad Michael

His name ... Is Michael Clifford and he won't stop until he gets what he wants . Right now ... He wants me ...

( story may contain bad language , fights ,&sexual )


5. rehearsal

                            "So guys what song should we rehears ?" asked Luke ."mrs. all amerrican ?" asked ashton . "yeah" said calum.I sat on Ashton's acoustic drum set .  "okay . 1,2,3,4"yelled ashton banging his drums stick together                                                                                                                                  calum-I love that accent you have when you say relocated from New York a month ago,That minivan that you drives really gets me goin'.And if it feels likes it's right,then it can't be wrong.                                                                                                   Luke-no one understands that chemistry we have and it came out of nowhere.It's not like we planned.It's getting out of hand and now we're gonna go there.                                    ALL-Walk my way .Mrs. All American .say my name . no need to pretend.don't be shy Mrs. All American .I'll show you why you're not gonna walk away .                               Michael- not just a neighbor o.oh hey there I'll ring your the door .pucker you and I'll kiss you well .My lips are sealed.there's nobody that I will tell your secret's mine . close your eyes and I'll make you melt                                                                                             Calum- no one understands the chemistry we have and it came out of no where.Its not like we planned its getting out of hand and now we're gonna go there             (A/N I'm not going to right the whole song .)                                                                                    "wow you guys were awesome !"                                                                                                            "Really?" asked Luke                                                                                                                              "yeah totally."                                                                                                                                              i looked at ashton and he was sweaty " ew ashton you dirty!"                                                          "i know i have to shower.BRB." he said leaving.                                                                                 "you guys want pizza and watch a movie ?" asked calum                                                                    "MEAN GIRLS !!!" yelled Luke                                                                                                                "omg i love that movie .'' i said high fiving luke .                                                                                "no not that stupid movie !" groaned michael .                                                                                    '' lets go find the movie '' said luke                                                   

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