Bad Michael

His name ... Is Michael Clifford and he won't stop until he gets what he wants . Right now ... He wants me ...

( story may contain bad language , fights ,&sexual )


4. Meeting the boys






I woke up with Michael in my face ! WTF ?! What is Michael doing in my bed ?!?





Michaels POV




I saw Celeste sleeping she looked so peaceful and beautiful . I decided to lay next to her . I put my arm around her waist to bring us closer . Then all out of the sudden she cuddled me . Like the old days ...


Celeste would always come to my place and we would watch a movie then Celeste would sleep and cuddled next to me


Why did I do that ? Why was I stupid and broke up with her ? god damn it I'm an idiot !


Celeste cuddled me more and then I fell asleep


Celeste POV


I got up thinking ' I don't remember sleeping with Michael '


I grabbed a water bottle and sat at the couch and turned on the tv .


I turned and saw Michael still sleeping on my bed


There was a knock on the door . I got up . Then there knocks knocks knocks and knocks when I was just about to get the door

" I'm coming !" I said

I opened it and 3 boys were there . One was blonde with blue eyes . The other was curly hair and brown eyes. And the last one was black hair and brown eyes .

" is Michael here ?" Asked blondie

I pointed at Michael sleeping at my bed .

I went back to the couch

" are you his friends ?" I asked

" yeah . I'm Ashton . That's luke . And the doofus is calum ." Said Ashton

Then calum smacked Ashton in the head

" owwww " Ashton said chuckling

" are you his roommate or girlfriend ?" Luke asked

" I'm his roommate and ex girlfriend. My names Celeste "

" ohh . How's it going being his roommate and exgirlfriend ?" Asked calum

" he's sort of annoying and an idiot .I don't know how I'll survive being his roommate."                                                      Luke all of a sudden got on top of Michael (A/N Just like in the video '5SOS on Tour - A Day In The Life...)                                                                                                              "Michael " said Luke '' Uhh Luke get your huge ass off of me !''groaned Michael                  ''Come on Michael .Get up and get ready cuz we got to rehears '' said Ashton                                 ''Rehears ?'' ''yeah we are in a band'' said Luke ''and this band is called ?'' ''5 Seconds Of Summer but before that name Michael wanted to name it bromance '' replied  Calum       ''really Michael ?''                                                                                                                                         Michael got up ''Yeah yeah whatever'' . He then left to the bathroom                                               '' So Celeste want to come to see us rehears ?' asked Ashton ''Sure but I have to change .'' ''Okay tell Michael we will be waiting out '' ashton said . '' kk'                                                                     I changed into a sweatshirt that said 'bae' and some dark jeans with my vans. micahel got out of the bathroom .''Where are you going ? " he asked    ''With you guys .Ashton invited me '' i simply replied   ''Hell no!" "Hell yeah bitch !" Michael growned ''Well are you ready ?" he asked "yep"      "okay let's go '' I grabbed my bag and followed him outside and we saw the boys.Michael stared at Ashton.  "Let's go !" called out Luke .                                                                      We went to the parking lot and got on thier car and Ashton drove off.                                             (A/N Sorry I haven't update for a hell of a long time . Hope you love it as much as i love you ;*)                                                               

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