Complicated Love

Try to keep up okay ;)

So Luke is in love with Ariel, but Ariel is in love with Ashton.
Meanwhile Taylor is in love with Luke, but Ashton is in love with Taylor.

Confusing right? :)

What will happen when twin sisters Ariel and Taylor get backstage passes to a 5sos concert? What will happen when Taylor will do ANYTHING to win over Luke's heart? What will happen when Taylor's EVIL side comes out?

Who will die? Who will survive? Who will fall in love? Who will take Taylor down? The world will never know........
Until you read my Fanfic! Haha


1. *********

Ariel's POV

"Taylor. Put. The. Gun. Down" I said cautiously.

"I'm sorry Ariel, but I can't do that."

"Why?!?" By this point I was crying.

"Because the only way to get Luke to love me is by taking you out of the picture!"

"Even if you did kill me Luke would still never date you!" I retorted.

"Wanna bet?"

She took a shot at my stomach. That's when everything went black.

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