Complicated Love

Try to keep up okay ;)

So Luke is in love with Ariel, but Ariel is in love with Ashton.
Meanwhile Taylor is in love with Luke, but Ashton is in love with Taylor.

Confusing right? :)

What will happen when twin sisters Ariel and Taylor get backstage passes to a 5sos concert? What will happen when Taylor will do ANYTHING to win over Luke's heart? What will happen when Taylor's EVIL side comes out?

Who will die? Who will survive? Who will fall in love? Who will take Taylor down? The world will never know........
Until you read my Fanfic! Haha


4. I can't believe you!!! part 1

Ariel's POV

~the next day(afternoon)~

Last night was amazing! After we all left the diner we exchanged numbers. I can't believe I got my favorite band members numbers in my iPhone! I was pulled out of my thoughts when the doorbell rang. I was still in my pj's and didn't care to change. But when I opened the door I wish I had.

"Hey Ariel. Nice clothes." Luke laughed.

"Shut it, Hemmings."

As we all sat down Taylor came down the stairs. So she had time to dress and I didn't? Wow.

"So what do you guys want to do?" Taylor asked

"Truth or dare?" Calum suggested.(how original. I know😂)

"Okay. You guys start while I get drinks." Taylor offered.

"Okay.......Ariel. Truth or dare?" Calum asked me

"Dare." I can't believe how brave I am around them.

"I dare you to go outside and scream 'Calum is a sex god' as loud as you can." Calum smirked at me. I swear I'm going to kill that boy. I walked out the front door and screamed.


"Nice." Calum smiled at me

Just as I sat down Taylor came with the drinks. She handed all the boys their drinks and came to hand me mine. As she was about to give my drink to me a felt a VERY cold liquid on my head.

"Oh my god! Ariel! I am so sorry!" Taylor said

Is it just me or did she smile when she apologized? I was so embarrassed that I ran upstairs to my room and was anti-social for the rest of the night.

Taylor's POV

As the others were getting the game started I was getting the drinks. I saw how Luke looked at Ariel when he came inside. I didn't like it AT ALL. I needed a plan. So I did the first thing that came to my mind.

I gave all the boys their iced tea. As I came to give Ariel hers I fake tripped and spilled it all over her head.

"Oh my god! Ariel! I am so sorry!" I lied straight through my teeth and couldn't help but smile a little.

She quickly stood up and ran upstairs. I bet she went to cry like the baby she is. I hope Luke doesn't want to date her now. I mean what 17 year old runs upstairs like a child because I little juice go spilled on her?

What a freak.

Hey guys!!! like and favorite!! Bye duckies xx ~_Hemmo1996

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