Country Strong

Rose has recently moved to small town Rockport, Texas with her dad and little brother. She's moved before, but nothing like this. Almost everyone is already in a relationship at her new high school and she isn't making friends easily. Until she meets this guy and suddenly, she's becoming the new kick on the block.


5. Work on the farm

I work on the farm every weekend. I sometimes bring Willie along when dad isn't home, but most times I call my friend and only friend Amber and she'll take care of him. Yeah I pay her, but she will only take about two bucks and hour, since she's a friend. The farm isn't so bad, I work from 7 in the morning to about 5 at night and I do get payed fairly well. Ten bucks an hour for ten hours, which makes about one hundred a day. I'm sure that one day however, he's going to lower my pay only because he's going to start running out of money. Which I'm fine with, as long as I still get an income. Mr. Thompson, the owner, is really friendly and he and his wife both adore Willie, which makes it easier to bring him along. Today I didn't though, he's having a play-date with one of his friends from school. I'm happy he's making friends, at least for him it's easier. People at my school are so judgemental. I left social class early one day to go and pick up Willie, the teacher didn't mind but some of the kids at school didn't. I've been hearing rumours that they think I'm his mom. Which I'm not, I just don't see the point in explaining my family life to them. Other people don't want you to hang out with them because of their "group requirements". You either have to smoke pot, be a total rebel, drink all the time or something else totally ridiculous, so I haven't bothered with them. Or any of the school teams. Taking up way to much time to either work, do homework or look after Willie. 

The only thing that takes  my mind off of everything else is the field. Mr. Thompson sometimes lets me ride his horses around in his big field, I look after them too so he trusts me. I like working for him, he's nice and caring and understands if I have to leave early or if I didn't finish a job on time. Mrs. Thompson is even better. when her husband isn't there she lets me help her in the kitchen or in the house. Making cookies, making supper, doing the laundry or vacuuming, I really don't mind anything that they make me do, besides when I help her cook, I get to learn a new recipe. I write them down on a piece of paper and then take it home so I can cook it whenever I want to. There is really only one thing that I don't understand on this farm yet. It's the boy that comes around once a month. He doesn't work or do anything, he just sits there on his tailgate and watches me, of course he talks with the Thompson's and goes into their house and eats and what ever, but I have no idea who he is or what he does.

"Mrs. Thompson?" I asked one day.

"Yes dear?" she replied in the middle of rolling out a pie crust.

"Who is the guy that Mr. Thompson is talking to?" I was looking out the kitchen window at the two men talking. I could tell that she had looked up to see them and to see who I was talking about. 

"Oh that's our friends grandson Blake. He comes over from time to time to drop off things from their farm and he picks up things from our farm to deliver to others around town."

"Like an errand-boy?" 

"Well yes, in a way. Yes, you could call him that." she just kept rolling out the dough and was putting it in the pie plate. I just kept looking out the window, for some reason I could not take my eyes off him. "Handsome man, isn't he?"

"Huh?" I turned to her and I didn't hear what she said.

"Handsome isn't he?" she was looking at me now, knowing that I was watching him.

"I guess," shrugging I went to the fridge to get out the elderberries and everything else for the filling. "I never really thought about it."

"I'm sure you didn't dear." I closed the fridge door and put all the ingredients on the table. My palm going into the edge of the table. 

"What's that supposed to mean?"

She laughed. "I see the way he looks at you and I see the way you look at him. It's the same way that I looked at Henry and Henry looked at me," she sighed. "You should invite him in for pie after." 

"No thanks, I'm fine." I poured the filling into the pie as she watched.

"Alright I'll invite him then." and she walked outside to see both of the men.

I watched her through the window go out onto the porch and yell out to them. You couldn't hear her but then Mr. Thompson started walking toward the porch and up the stairs. The other guy jumped down from his truck and headed off to the barn. I didn't notice until know that he was wearing a cowboy hat and had cowboy boots. I admit that he was sort of handsome. 

"I smell pie!" I had to laugh, Mr. Thompson always says that about pie. 

The smell from pies fresh out of the oven fills this house entirely. Not leaving a single corner or crevice untouched by the forever lasting scent of berries and paper thin, golden brown crust. Opening a window at this time would be a shame. We sat at the four person table eating happily, not saying a word until all the plates were empty. 

I stood up to take the plates away but as I stood at the sink, I heard his chair move and his boots hit the ground. I turned to see where he was and what he was doing. His chair was empty and he was almost out of sight down the hall when he turned back to me. His eyes were a shade of blue that I had never seen before and his teeth were so white that someone could mistaken them for pearls. He tipped his hat to me, smiled and walked out the door. That's when I noticed a little piece of paper on the table. 

Loved the pie

Can't wait to see you again




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