Locked in the Attic

Life being Louis Tomlinson's little sister should be amazing. Its not, at least not for me. No one knows who I am. No one has ever even heard of me. Not even his fellow bandmates. Not until now. This isn't your normal fanfiction. This isn't a normal tale. This isn't just a story. This is my life.


1. Prologue

October 31st 1998

Louis' POV

"Mummy! Mummy!" "Yes, darling?" "I got a lot of candy, and I scared daddy earlier!" "That's amazing sweetie" "when is sissy coming mummy? I want you to come home" "I know sweetie, sissy will be here shortly, why don't you go to the cafeteria and get some cake?" "Okay mummy!" "Be careful Louis!" "I will daddy." Then I went to the cafeteria, once I came back I wasn't let into the room because my sister was coming. I fell asleep in the waiting area, and woke up to my room. When I went downstairs my father was sitting at the kitchen counter, head in his hands. "Daddy, what's wrong?"... "Daddy?" ... I walked over and crawled onto his lap. "Louis, not now" "are you okay daddy?" "Louis daddy has something to tell you" "okay" "your sister is...special" "what do you mean daddy?" " no one will be aloud to go near her, and no one can know about her" "why?" "Because I said so Louis, now go watch tv, I'll make breakfast" "okay daddy." That was only the beginning.



After that night, things changed. My sister was put in her own room up in the attic. She was never let out. She had whatever she needed brought to her. Only my mother, father and I were aloud to see her. My other sisters came out fine. But they weren't aloud to see her. No one else was either. At least, they weren't supposed to.

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