Noa can't seem to handle the pressure of homework anymore,
she needs some distraction.
And what's a better way than to lurk around on your phone?
Then she receives a friend request on snapchat,
from a complete stranger.
She is getting hell of a distraction, that's for sure.


2. two

The next day at school my mind was wandering to places where it shouldn't be wandering to. I've had a sleepless night, 1. because a mosquito kept buzzing around my room all night long, 2. because of the boy on snapchat.

I kept thinking about how he found me, my username is 'rosesandtiaras' why would a stranger randomly look for that name? Like, 'Oh, I am so bored, let's search for the name rosesandtiaras woohoo' just no.

I want to ask Alexis if she knows him or if she or one of her friends is connected to him. But I haven't seen her since I arrived at school. I have already been at her locker, and I was now sitting in the hallway on one of the benches, waiting for first period to start.

Suddenly, I spot Alexis walking through the front door of the school. I fly off of the bench and walk up to her. She didn't seem to notice me until I tick on her shoulder. She turns around, wearing a thick winter jacket with a super large hood with fur. She gives me a sly smile, pulling the hood off of her head.

''Lex, the weather is super nice today, everyone's wearing shorts and you.. well you're wearing a winter coat..'' I trail off, checking the jacket out with a raised eyebrow on my face.

She shots me a defensive look and lets out an almost inaudible 'ugh'. ''Well, missy, since I'm grounded, my parents don't want to bring to school by car and I had to go on my bike. And since it's so windy, I don't want my hair to be messed up when I arrive at school, and this jacket protects my hair, duh!'' She points to her curled hair, ''See, still as fabulous as when I left at home.''

I raise my eyebrow even higher than it already was and let out a laugh, ''Ts, you're kidding me, right?'' I ask. She nods, being really proud of herself and her hair. I shake my head in disbelief. ''And you call me 'missy', jeez Lex.''

''Ugh, just let me be! At least my hair still looks freaking good! You should look at yourself in the mirror Noa.'' Her high and girly voice argued back.

You see, Alexis has always been like this. Her parents are pretty rich and I have to admit she's a little spoiled. But she also has a kind heart and helped me through my darkest days. We grew up together, we know everything from each other. That's why I just let her be her, she's just a little... dumb. But I won't let her get away with this one just yet.

''Oh, oh, really? I think my hair looks fine, you know why? I have natural waves, and natural red hair. The hair you always wanted to have, but no, you have to kill your hair by curling it everyday and dying it every month.'' I bitched back, shooting her a fake smile.

Just as she wanted to say something back, the bell rung. You know what they say, saved by the bell. ''Come on, bitch. Let's get to class.'' I laughed, and fisted her shoulder gently.

In class, we both sit next to each other and Ms. Polina claps in her hands for the student's attention. ''Okay, I have left my books in my car so I am going to get them real quick. You all can talk quietly with each other for the next 10 minutes, but please don't make too much noise. There are important tests taking place in the classrooms next to this one, alright?'' Everyone nods and she leaves the classroom.

And soon, it sounds like a poultry house. Well, that's not my problem. I turn to Alexis and she follows along and turns to me. ''Alright, so I have to tell you something. Yesterday I was checking my snapchat and I got a friend request from a guy named 'sirbizzle94'. Do you know him or something because I don't?'' I ask her, hopeful she does know him so I can get this over by.

''Sirbizzle94'? No, I don't think I have ever heard of that name, why?'' She questions.

''Well, I asked him who he was yesterday after I found out about his friend request and he replied saying: 'The boy of your dreams' and ugh it was really weird because I don't know him.'' I explain to her, sighing because I'm thinking about him again.

''Oooh, looks like you've got a stalker Noie, you better keep an eye out.'' Alexis coos as she playfully winks at me. ''No, but, do you maybe have a picture of him? Maybe I can still recognize him.'' She asks me, licking her lips.

''Um no, well I wanted to screenshot the picture he sent me but I was too late.'' I look down and bite my lower lip. Just as Alexis wants to reply, Ms. Polina walks in and commands us to be quiet.


After all my classes were done for today, I get my jacket out of my locker and put it on as I head outside. And of course, my mum makes me walk to school on a day like this, when it's raining like crazy.

I groan as Alexis passes me with her big winter jacket on, ''Yeah, regret not having a coat like this at the moment huh, Henderson?'' She teases, blowing me a kiss as she heads outside.

I roll my eyes at her action and follow along. At least I don't live far away from school. I run as hard I can and put my bag over my head to prevent all the raindrops to splatter onto my face. Well, bye bye nice, expensive bag.

As I walk into my neighborhood I begin to feel warm and sweaty, it feels like someone is following me. I turn around, to the left, to the right and check every side of me. No sign of anything except breaking branches and the rain clattering onto the ground.

I shrug, deciding to ignore it and run even harder. I finally arrive at home, walking into the house soaking wet. ''Ma, I'm home.'' I yell. No answer. Oh yeah, I totally forget, her and grandma were going shopping today. Great, now I have to do the laundry.

I dress out of my wet clothes and hang them on the clothes horse. I run upstairs to my room, opening the closet and grabbing a warm sweater and sweatpants. Suddenly a sharp flash flashes through my bedroom window and I was 98 percent sure it wasn't lightning. My reflexes immediately make me turn around.

I see a figure fleeing its face and a phone away from my window, running away from the house. I rush to the window to maybe still catch a glimpse of the person. Someone took a picture of me! And if you haven't received the catch yet, I am half naked.

''Hey, dick! Get back here! Ugh.'' My girly voice screams as I push my fist in the air.

I suddenly feel very uncomfortable, deciding to get dressed quickly. I run downstairs again and see my phone, laying on the coffee table, lightning up. I walk up to it, checking the notification.

It shows that I have two new snaps from 'sirbizzle94', oh crap, that guy again. What the hell does he want from me? I don't hesitate for a minute and open the first snap I received from him immediately.

I hold onto the picture and it showcases a picture of me running through the pouring rain, with text saying: 'Look who I spotted' and a winky emoji. What the hell?

I open the second snap and it shows a picture of me standing in my bedroom, only in my underwear and getting ready to get changed with the text saying; 'Lookin' good babe' with again, a winky emoji. So it was him! He was the person who took a picture of me!

Alexis was right, I did have a stalker, and it was him. But who the hell is? What does he want from me? Where is he from and why haven't I ever seen him before? And how does he know me?

That weren't the only questions I was asking myself, but I was sure of one thing.

I had fans.


i don't really know where i wanna go with this story like, it could have so many twists and turns and i just don't know what. if you guys have any ideas, suggestions or anything you'd maybe like to see, please tell me! :)

this chapter was boring and ew but please leave a comment if you're a real babe.

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