Betrayal, Deceit, Lies & Friendship

This story is about a woman that thought she had it all, friends, the perfect man, career until one day her world took a turn and she didn't to what to do.


1. The story

I can remember it as though it had just occurred, it was 9.00pm and all my girls had come over, I was just stepping out the shower and wrapped in just a single red towel, my tresses was all damped you could see the water running down my neck. Whilst my girls was drinking wine and chatting away about the night that we would have ahead I was getting dress, I had already picked out the outfit that I was going to wear, this was my show stopping outfit that I decided that I was going to take out from the back of the closet.

OK, I was engaged to this man for about 3 ½ years and I was absolutely and completely in love with this man, I found him to be enticing, with him I didn't need anything or anyone else as all was roses when it comes to him. He was all that I want and couldn't wait to get married to him, until about 5 weeks ago, he came to my apartment and said that he wanted to talk, at first I thought wow, this is extraordinary until I saw where the discussion was leading, he was telling me how he loves me and that he doesn't want to cause me no hurt but this is the best way that he can do it and he wants out of the relationship, I was absolutely bewildered by this, I thought that we were happy, all in all he got his belongings and left and that was all he said. Following that I was distressed, I was with this man for more than a hot minute, we had our expectations planned out, saving bought a house together that we were fixing up the way that we wanted and planning on having children’s together one day. One way or another, I didn't understand and I wanted answers, I was all perplexed and messed up, my head was in an unusual place and my heart was ripped into little pieces.

This is where tonight came in, after that break-up I didn't know what to do but to put myself into my work and try to work ten times as hard as I was before, my girls all thought that I was going mental, I wouldn't go out anymore with them, Wednesday night was the night that we would all get together and have a cocktail party but I wasn't feeling it anymore. 

At first I was trying to think of reasons why he would just abandon me like that and I thought it was to do with my friends, I knew that he didn't get along with my Tracey, those two where always in disagreement, there was no putting them in the same room without them having a fight and for real I honestly did not know why they hated each other so much.

I did take the break-up bad and me and my girls started fighting a lot, Tracey more so than anyone else, I hadn't seen my girls in about 4 weeks, they been calling and I didn't answer until one night I was at home by myself, drinking a glass of white wine and reading a book and I became conscious and realize that I need my girls around me at this time and I just rang them I make an apology for what happen, told them it’s my treat so we going to the hotspot that we normally go to on a Friday night. I reached I the back of my closet and I found this dress that I hadn't worn in a while it was a beautiful red silk, backless knee-high dress it was beautiful and I hadn't worn it since I started dating. I didn't even think that that dress would have fit my huge apple bottom behind but it worked and I was ready to go have fun again with my girls and try not to think about the pass 5 weeks.

There was this hotspot on Belview drive called Soul Bar that my girls and I use to go, it was the place to be, I love poetry and that place had it all, they had live jazz performance, soul music you couldn't get better than that. They made the best cocktail drinks, not only were the drinks great the men knew how to dress and work the ladies it was a beautiful spot and we loved it there; we don’t ever fail to have fun there.

We left the house, got in a taxi as everyone was drinking before and I wasn’t going to be the one left out so cars keys were left in doors and I was ready to get my groove on. Got to Belview and the Soul Bar was on fire, the scenery on the inside was to die for, the lights were always dim and the place was beautiful, there was a resident soul singer on stage, she goes by the name Devine Soulstar, she had an amazing voice as she started singing you could feel the music going straight through your body, we walked over to the bar, we are regulars so the bartender already knew what we wanted. I love baileys, baileys was a drink I been hooked on for a while now so I normally have the baileys comet, it was a beautiful drink, Tracey my girls was a white and red wine kind of girl but at Soul Bar Tracey normally go for Bahama mama that girl loves those kind of cocktail drinks.

Chantae and Kara would tend to have the same drink; those two sista’s was some crazy ass chick, they would have the after dinner cocktail but they wouldn’t stop their as they have to try them all by the end of the night Tracey and I would be like a bucket for those two, because as we take them out Soul Bar we would have puke all over us, I mean it’s nasty and smell bad but tonight they decided that they would give it a miss and just go for something light.

Now we’ve been at the bar for about five minutes or so when a group of gentle men came in looking real beautiful, you could tell that these brothers knew how to dress they were looking fly, ok so I didn’t go Soul Bar for a guy but there was some real eye candy there, but I wasn’t going to put myself out there after everything.

One of the man caught eye with Kara, they shared a sweet smile and then look away, we were all teasing Kara saying girl, that’s you and you could see she was blushing, so we walked away from the bar and went to sit in our spot where we normally sit, it was like a scene, for love making it had beautiful scented candle lit on the table with a dark Rosie kind of setting and soft velvet couch, it was an amazing scenery, where we was sitting we could see pretty much everything, the entrance, the stage area and the bar. We sat there for a while the mood in the bar was getting real sexy, Devine Soulstar started singing another track titled sex with you tonight, I mean the lyrics in that song would make you want to have sex where ever you where, you could see the dance floor starting to fill up, at this moment I was in my own little world and didn’t even realize what was going on.

I found myself thinking of Jerome, the ex-finance. I was thinking of that night we went out on our 1 year anniversary of being together, he took me to this beautiful restaurant, that place was all romanced out, you had your own little private room where you eat and no one else could see you, that place was just beautiful, he was showering me with compliments and telling me how much he loved me, the way the way that I made him feel, the things that he was saying started erupting in me and when I look into his eyes and see his lips I just wanted to make love to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some tickets and just said “lady, I’m taking you away for two weeks to the Caribbean, I have sorted everything and your work knows all about it so you don’t have to worry about anything, it’s all sorted” I was in shocked as he knew I’ve always wanted to travel to the Caribbean as that’s where my family was all scattered.

We sat there eating and I was still amaze at what he had did without me realizing I felt tears in my eyes so I just gave him a sweet and romantic kiss to show my appreciation, I felt an arose in me as I did in him, we continue to eat and talked and laugh with each other, we ordered desert and he fed mine to me as I did him. It was all so sexy, the mood, the lighting the scenery, everything that was there just set the mood, it started raining outside, after eating we sat there for a while drinking some wine and he got up, took my hands and started slow dancing with me, he kiss me gently on my neck and my body was in tingles, we started kissing and caressing each other, I could feel it in my belly bottom, he wanted me as much as I did.

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