Save Me \H.S fanfic/

** before passion shimmer's, first it bites **

In a world where Vampires's, Werewolves, Witch's, and Demon's, didn't exist. Until the year 2018 came. They came out of the shadowy wood's and came into the human world, which they now come to rule. In each country, there is a Lord, which the vampire Lord is looking or a Queen. A human Queen. The vampire Lord came into a small town called Wings, in search for his Queen.

What happen's when she lay's her eye's on a beautiful green eyed curly haired boy?


Turns out he found, her but not in a particular good way..

What will happen next?

Can he Save Her? and most importantly, can he resist his soon to become Queen's beautiful smelling blood?


16. Chapter: Fifteen

"Why can't you listen to me? Since you got here you've been nothing but a little dweeb. Maybe you should just go and leave. Heck, you have a better chance at getting killed in this mansion then out there!" The curly haired dude said.

I froze in place. He can't be kicking me out? Is he? I need to stay here. This is the only place I've got. I looked up at him, "I'm sorry." I said, looking down at my feet.

I looked back at him, and his facial features changed from stone hard to soft. He sighed, "go back to your room. I'll make sure nothing happens to you." He grabbed my arm and started to walk me to my room, but I didn't budge when he went to walk. "Common, let's get you to your room." He looked at me confused. I don't want to go or stay in there alone though... After just what happened... "I-I don't want to go back in ther-there." I said shaking my head. He stopped trying to move me, to make me walk. He placed both of his hands on my shoulders, and looked at me in the eyes.

"I won't let nothing happen to you Marissa." He said sternly.

I looked everywhere else but his eyes. "I can't go in there alone. I don't even know who you are or what almost happened back there. I just can't." I said, trying to remove his grip on me, but they tightened.

It took him awhile to reply, "you can stay in my room with me if you liked? And I know you don't know me. Let me introduce myself properly-" he paused to look at me. "My name is Harry Styles. But you can just call me Harry." He said looking at me, smirking.


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