Viola comes from a nice, Candor family in city. Her older sister Jessi, has already left the nest to become an Erudite, leaving Viola next in line to make a choice of faction. Will she stay in Candor to help guide her younger brother Alvin, or go off to live her life long dream of becoming a member of Dauntless? If she does leave, will she make it through without being cut? Read to find out.


5. Chapter 5

The morning seemed to take longer than usual today. I feel the nippy, late August air creeping into my sheets and slowly pull the covers off. I don't care if I'm late, I'm taking in the final moments of my room, my home, my faction. When I slide my plain, black pants on for the last time, it feels odd; almost ceremonial. I pull my favorite white sweater over my head and fluff up my hair before brushing it out and braiding it down the back of my head.

I look in the mirror not just at myself, but at my faction clothes. My staple of being a Candor, those who respect honesty and fairness. Will I be able to see myself as Dauntless, those who protect our city and who are brave? I guess I'll have to take the leap of faith.

I'm downstairs and cleaning the dishes before I feel my mother hug me from behind, causing my to jump.

"I'm sorry I raised my voice yesterday, it was unkind of me and I was angry because you disobeyed me." She explained crisply.

"Thank you for your honesty." I grumbled. The phrase didn't even sound genuine after all the years of repeating it to everyone.

"Your welcome." She strides away and started to sweep even though the floor was practically spotless.

People with mandatory jobs in the city have to stay at work today, but anyone else can come see the choosing ceremony. My parents, since their jobs are minuscule in a non-important faction, can come without issue. I'm glad they'll be there to see it, to see me go.

"Good morning, father." I said aloud as I scrubbed a pot we used for pasta one night.

"Good morning Viola. Did you sleep well?" He asked over his book at the table.

"No, I was too nervous to sleep." It was the truth, as always.

"I was as well, so you're not alone." He assured me.

I'm not alone? I feel alone right now. No friends, no family soon, and just a new faction.

"Okay." I replied simply, unsure of what to say.

We were all quiet while we waited for Alvin to finish his bagel with eggs. I didn't touch mine. Once he finally swallowed the last bite, we walked down the street as a family to the Hub.

Alvin's hand nudged mine halfway down Michigan avenue and I intertwined my fingers with his. I gave him a soft smile and he returns the gesture.

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