Viola comes from a nice, Candor family in city. Her older sister Jessi, has already left the nest to become an Erudite, leaving Viola next in line to make a choice of faction. Will she stay in Candor to help guide her younger brother Alvin, or go off to live her life long dream of becoming a member of Dauntless? If she does leave, will she make it through without being cut? Read to find out.


3. Chapter 3

We all sat at the dinner table together, just the four of us eating our steak and mashed potatoes. My father talked about work for ten minutes once we sat down and my mother smiled and nodded with every word. Alvin didn't speak until I began to talk about my test.

"Did it hurt?" He asked, engaged in every word I spoke.

"No, but my heart was racing through out the whole thing and for a little bit after." I grinned as I divulged into every detail.

"What happened in the test?" He asked without thinking.

"Alvin," my mother scolded, "you know that she can't say!"

"Aw come on Maria, let her tell him just a little bit about it." My father raised his eyebrows pleadingly at her and she sighed.

"Oh go ahead." She seemed annoyed, but I can see the small smile curling on her thin lips.

"Okay," I began excitedly, "so I walked in and all the walls were mirrors and there was a chair and a computer. And this guy who's giving me the test is crazy looking! He's got blue hair and tattoos all up his arms and he gives me this shot-glass filled with this blue liquid and I drink it and close my eyes, right? And when I open them, there's just the chair and mirrors and I have to choose between a knife or meat and there's this dog and...." I remembered that Alvin was in it. I didn't want to tell him incase his young boyish mind interrupts it wrong.

"And what?" He demanded excitedly.

"And it was over. Just like that." I smiled and took a bite of potatoes.

"Woah." Alvin smiled and bobbed his head up and down.

He looked at me and smiled. I returned the gesture and gave him a quick wink.

"So what was your result?" He asked.

"Alvin!" My mother snapped.

"What? She already told us about the test, why can't she tell us about the result?" He asked defensively.

"Because, she's already said to much." My father sighed.

He's a tired man, an honest man. He's good at what he does for work and they definitely don't give him enough credit for every hour worked overtime in the office. Over the years his blonde hair has thinned and left him with a bald spot in the back of his head and silvery hair. My father's a beefy man and when he stands next to the stick that is my mother, he looks even bigger. Not just in weight, but in height.

My mother started bickering with Alvin and my father over dinner for a few minutes while I stole a scoop of potatoes off of Alvin's plate when he wasn't looking.

"It doesn't make sense as to why she can't say when she said that much."

"She's already divulged enough details. Your time will come to have your test." My father explained.

"But I just want to know one, more, word!" He whined.

"Alvin, if you do not start acting like an fault then you do not get to be in adult conversations such as this one." My mother hissed.

"Dauntless." I announced.

The table was quiet.

Alvin stared at me wide-eyed.

"Really?" His voice was filled with wonder.

My mother slammed her fork down onto her plate and shot me a glare.

"Viola Helcast, how dare you disobey me!" She screeched.

I got up and put my plate in the sink, ignoring her screaming fit. Things like this happened all the time. My mother screams, I walk away, and it ends.

"Come back here! I am not done talking to you missy!" She yelled as I hurried up the stairs and into my room.

I didn't hear her footsteps thump up the stairs, so I'm assuming that all will go as planned and her anger will subside in a few hours.

I sat in my room, which I had painted cotton candy pink when I was five and never changed it. Pictures of my life covered the walls, my ceiling, resting in frames on my desk but some of them I have hung up yet.

I look at one picture of Brooke, Hannah, Raymond an I in the winter huddled together to get in the picture all wearing matching grey knit hats Hannah's mom had made us when she had time to focus on things like hobbies. Our cheeks and noses are flushed red from the cold as snow fell from the sky. This picture was taken 2 years ago probably- I can tell because Brooke still has her braces on and Raymond's hair is cropped short.

I take the picture and peel it off the collage that it lives in and stuff it in my pocket from tomorrow. We're not supposed to take things from our home's but I think that if I keep it hush then no one will care.

The late summer air is chilling up. I open the door to get some fresh air and lean half out the window, keeping my top toes glued to the ground. Dauntless huh? I never really thought I would actually be Dauntless, it was just a wild dream. I look down and see a figure with a black hoodie on and black, frizzy hair.

Even from here she's noticeable : Brooke

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