I Wish

Some stories make me believe the whole "happily ever after" ending does exist.. this is not one of them.


4. Writing

The next morning I woke up to someone singing in my shower. I stood up to go find out who it was, then he walked out the door. Steam flooded out of the room as he strolled out with one towel around his waist and another in his hand for him to dry his blonde hair.

"Morning!" he chirped, strolling past me.

"Morning," I replied. 

"Fancy a cuppa?" he asked me making his way to the kitchen.

"Please," and before he could ask me another question I butted in. "Little bit of milk and two sugars." then he swaggered off to the kitchen.  As the kettle boiled I tied by hair back and grabbed my laptop ready to write another chapter about the mystery boy, the only way I would refer to him in my book.


I still found it hard to believe he came home with some random girl last night. It's like he didn't even have the dignity to wait until he got home into his apartment before they started hooking up. I had spoke to Niall a little about it last night, turns out that is the girl who he was rumoured to have broken up with. This left all sorts of questions open: would they get back together? Was this just a bonus night? What was he thinking?  


Apparently, she wasn't a very nice person; she was constantly acting like she owned him. Niall had even described her as a control freak: an arrogant, condesending control freak. That was enough for me to know that I didn't want to meet her, not after the picture that I had built up of her in my mind. 


"What you writing?" Niall asked me, passing me a mug and going to sit down on the sofa.

"Just a story." I replied.

"What kind?" he took a swig of his tea yet his eyes remained in contact with mine.

"It's nothing, just a sort of diary. I'm basically writing about my journey here for Ireland. What made me decide to move here to become an author, how I met Harry and you... basically I write about a lot of things that happen. No-one would ever read it."

"Can I read it?" he asked coming to look over my shoulder.

"Only the first chapter." With that I scrolled to the top and let him read it.

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