I Wish

Some stories make me believe the whole "happily ever after" ending does exist.. this is not one of them.


6. Opinions

"Did you're friend really die?" he asked me looking up from the screen.

"Yeah, depression. Can we not talk about it?" And with that we sat in silence for nearly an hour, just the tapping of my keyboard, which was eventually interrupted by two people yelling at each other across the hall.

"I better go see what's going on." Niall said, standing up and walking to Harry's. I stayed put, I could hear everything from where I was sat. 


What really interested me was that she aimed most of her bullets at Niall, blaming him for their break-up but, according to Harry, it was her fault for cheating on him in the first place. She kept saying that it was Niall who convinced him to break-up with her yet Harry kept arguing that it was his own choice. At one point Niall tried to intervene; all I heard was him being slapped, some murmured talking then the door slamming. 


I stood up and opened my door, seeing a blonde with red lipstick sitting, crying on the floor. "Oh, hi. Who are you?" she asked wiping away a tear and standing up to shake my hand. 

"I'm Diana. Who are you?" as if I didn't already know. 

"I'm Taylor. Listen, I can't stay long but I'd love to meet up with you at some point." she handed me a card with her number on. All I could think about, when she was walking away, how much of a fat chance that us meeting up would happen. 


So I met her. Her name's Taylor and to be honest, my first opinion on her must have been too harsh; after seeing her crying like that I could tell she cared about Harry and regretted her actions.

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