I Wish

Some stories make me believe the whole "happily ever after" ending does exist.. this is not one of them.


10. Georgia-Rose

"I moved out of my last flat because my room mate began to get very judgemental of my life choices. I mean I've always loved writing stories for children and I would love for my work to be published!"

"That's crazy. I'm a writer too! Well attempt of writing! Anyway, you said your name was...?"

"Georgia-Rose. I just moved here from Nottingham. What about you? Do I sense an Irish accent?"

"Yeah, I reasontly moved here from Dublin."

"O... M.... G, Seriously? That is so cool!" well she seemed nice enough.

"So rent, I usually would have to pay £250 for the flat per month plus £150 for utilities so how would £200 a month be, then we'll split the cost of groceries and the phone bill will be spilt depending on who uses it most. Is that okay with you?" 

"That sounds great! I'm just glad I finally found somewhere, I'm sick of living with my parents!" 


She wasn't happy being with her parents, that is so much like me! I finally found a room mate. Maybe it'll finally make this place feel less empty. 

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