I Wish

Some stories make me believe the whole "happily ever after" ending does exist.. this is not one of them.


5. Chapter One

'I'm sick of this petit village. It's the same old thing each and every day. I've finished school now so there will be no drama or stress that I could possibly write about anymore. Yes, I love it here. Yes, I feel myself here... but I guess that's the problem. I may be able to feel myself here, I mean this place is what made me who I am, but I just can't see myself here anymore. 


Too little has gone off since April, that was when one of my closest friends left. I know there's no chance I'll see him again; no-one will.  He died, there's no easy way around it. It's still painful seeing his old house, his parents, his favourite spot to sit in the park. He was gone and I couldn't stay around missing him too much more.


I've been saving up for years to move to London. So many things happen there all the time: the olympics, the royal wedding, not to mention the amount of celebrities based there. Well, sentences always start with a capital, so why can't my story? I'm done of the monotonous town... London baby, here I come!'

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