I Wish

Some stories make me believe the whole "happily ever after" ending does exist.. this is not one of them.


1. Diana

Hi, I'm Diana. I just moved here from Ireland and I know this sounds crazy but I've always dreamed about being an author. Issue is, I've never really known what to write about! Never the less, a small town girl moving to the big city of London must be some kind of adventure that people would be interested in. I know, it's something I've talked to my friends and my family about for years but I never imagined I would actually be here! I find it very intimidating, I guess, especially when you accidentally bump into the people who have lived here for years, they tear you down like you're a fresh piece of bait thrown into a lake. 


I found a new place, not too far from the centre of London. Small apartment on the second floor of my building. It's not much but it's all I need: little kitchen; clean bathroom; cosy lounge and a together bedroom, it may be a weird way of describing a room but it fits the gap perfectly. 


Not many other people live in this building, there's: a lovely old woman who lives below me; a newly wed family and their daughter up two flights of stairs and some guy who lives across from me: he's very mysterious... I don't even know his name. I've only caught a glimpse of him before, but how much can you say about a person from the back of his head? I've been meaning to go over and talk to him but if he was going to introduce himself he would come over and knock on my door, wouldn't he?


Anyway, I guess the story truly starts a few days after I settled in, I went downstairs to check if my parents had remembered to send me my mail. I was flicking through them and turned around, not focusing on what I was doing when I crashed into the mysterious man, spilling coffee all down his blue checked shirt. 

"Oi watch where you're going!" he snapped, whipping away a few drops of the drink off his hands.

"Oh my god I am so sorry!" I rushed, panicked about the collision and trying to fix what went wrong.

"Save it, what do you expect from an Irish idiot!" he stormed off and I was stood there, shocked at his rudeness towards me. I waited a few minutes before I went back upstairs in the elevator, mainly to give him time to get back into his apartment so I don't have to deal with another awkward encounter today. 


As I was getting to my door, I was in such a rush to get back inside that whilst I was juggling with my keys they slipped straight out my hand. "Shhhh!" I whispered loudly back at them, knowing it wouldn't make any difference now. From under his door I saw a slight shadow from his feet. Was he coming out the door again? I couldn't risk it! I quickly pulled myself together and shut my door behind me with a slam. I slumped myself down behind the door and breathed a sigh of relief whilst thinking to myself "Is there any possible way that could've gone worse?"

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