A girl named Kate thought everything was figured out,but not everything goes as planned. she made a deal with harry styles. but why? and how will it turn out?

▲ Dirty scenes. its rated R for a reason▲


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5

I woke up groggy, my head hurt from all the crying I had been doing last night.

I turned my phone back on 9.08am oh shit I'm late. I jumped out of bed like a flying ninja bashing into my TV, bumping my leg.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a top and threw it on. I brushed over my hair and put it into a loose ponytail. I ran down the stairs shoving on my converses, grabbing my keys and bag I was out the door. I checked the time on my phone 9.15 hell yeah.

I was obviously late when I arrived at school, so I signed myself into reception apologizing for being late. I made my way to class, I had Miss Levi first lesson. Happy that it wasn't a complicated lesson, so I could maybe sleep in the back unnoticed. I opened the door, and everyone stared at me. I tried to hide my embarrassment for being late by looking in different directions.

"You're late" Miss Levi said annoyed. No shit.

"Yeah I'm sorry I overslept"

"Well maybe you should go to bed earlier?" she mocked me.

"Actually I went to bed when I got home, 15 hours sleep obviously isn't enough huh?" I joked.

"Enough with the sarcasm, find your seat" she ordered.

I looked around the class and saw that this girl named Ashley was sitting in my seat, great. I walked up to her flirting with Harry.

"Excuse me you're in my seat" I said coldly.

She ignored me and carried on talking to Harry, is she for fucking real? I banged my hand on the desk making her turn to face me stunned.

"I said you're in my seat" I repeated.

"It's not your seat, go find another" she smiled.

"You know damn well, every year we have a seat. I got this seat yesterday, I think a smart girl like you can figure out the rest" I mocked.

"Things change, go sit somewhere else"

"You know it even has her name on it" Harry joined in defending me.

Ashley turned to face Harry, embarrassed that he wasn't defending her. She looked from me to him and got up and went and sat somewhere else.

"Thanks" I said to Harry.

"No problem, she was annoying me anyway" Harry laughed.

"Not a fan of Barbie over there?" I asked curious.

"I would so fuck her, but she would be too much drama. Expect me to call her again" he smiled.

I rolled my eyes "That would be so awful wouldn't it" I said sarcastically and he laughed ignoring my tone.

"But you Morris..." he looked me up and down. "I would definitely call the next day" he said winking at me.

"Aw, shame I'm not deluded like every other girl" I pulled a face making him laugh.

I sat down on my seat and put my bag on the floor. I put my head in my hands and shut my eyes. Maybe I could try and sleep like this.

"I thought you weren't tired?" Harry asked interrupting my sleep.

"I never said that, I said the amount of sleep I had. Doesn't mean I'm not tired" I snapped.

"Whoa chill your ass, someone got out of the wrong bed huh?" he joked.

"Its wrong side of the bed, but whatever I'm not in the mood for your games today".

"Since when are you ever in the mood?"

"Fair point Styles"

"Oh I love it when you call me that" he joked.

"Do you know what, you don't deserve for me to call you by any part of your name. How about asshole or dickhead? Either of those work for you?" I asked.

He rolled his eyes "Oh come on, I'm just joking. Call me Styles" he pleaded.

"On one condition" I demanded.

"If it's to sleep with you I don't think that would be a good idea. It would ruin our friendship" he laughed.

I rolled my eyes "No it's not that you ass, please stop talking. I beg you I have a headache and you're annoying me"

"Ouch, okay I will when you say it"

"Say what?"

"You know exactly what" he moaned.

"Styles?" I asked and he nodded his head not muttering a word. This made me smile.

"Have you finished yet?" Miss Levi asked me.

"Finished what?"

"Your conversation that obviously seems more important" she said coldly.

"Oh well come on Miss, it is Harry Styles after all" I joked.

"If you make one more snide comment, I swear to god I am chucking you out this classroom" she half shouted.

I could hear Harry's faint laughter beside me. Why wasn't she having a go at him? We were both talking.

"Why?" I asked him.

"Am I allowed to talk to you now?" he asked and I nodded. "Why what?"

"Why did she just have a go at me?"

"I think she told you why, you were talking" he laughed. The urge I had to slap him was unreal.

"Why did she not have a go at you?" I moaned.

"Well I'll let you in on a secret" he leaned in closer to me. "Yesterday after school, she asked me to sign her One Direction album" this made me laugh loudly.

"Even the teachers are fooled".

"Has One Direction ever done anything to you?"


"Because they seem to have pissed you off a lot" he said coldly.

"I just don't like people like you" I returned the coldness.

"How so?"

"People who use their fame for getting girls, everyone worships you and it's annoying and embarrassing"

"I don't ask them to worship me" he said annoyed.

"Yes you do, you practically beg for it"

"I'm really not that bad"

"Prove it" I challenged him.

"Let me take you out one night this week?" he asked.

"Harry..." I warned.

"Oh come on, one evening with me won't be that bad"

"Eurgh, please don't make me do this" I whined.

"I'm not making you do anything, just agree to it by your own free will".

"My own free will chooses to decline your invitation" I said dryly.

"You know you want to, I'll make you a deal"

"What's that?"

"If you don't change your mind about me I'll leave you alone"

I considered this for a while "Fine"

"For real?" he asked shocked.

I nodded my head "How about tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Wow your eager Morris, tomorrow it is"

"Don't flatter yourself" I rolled my eyes.

"Can I have your number?"

"Please tell me you're joking" I said annoyed.

"No, so you can text me your address and stuff, come on"

I gave him my number by typing it into his phone. I then text myself giving me his number.

"Don't give it out to anyone" he warned.

"It can be a good way to get cash right?" I joked making him laugh.


The bell rang and I jumped out my seat.

"I'll text you later Morris" Harry said loudly making every girl scowl me.

"Yeah later Styles"

Later that evening I curled up on the couch watching some lame ass film. I couldn't be bothered to get up and switch if off, I started to drift off when I heard my phone buzz. It was Jess.

Harry gave you his number????!!!???- Jess.

I laughed obviously everyone knows how typical.

Yeah, he asked me out for tomorrow. I refused but he kept on bugging me so I said yes.

Are you fucking kidding me? Why the hell didn't you tell me this important bit of information? - Jess.

Sorry it slipped my mind.

Slipped your mind? Yeah because I believe that. Tomorrow we are going to plan EVERYTHING! - Jess.

Oh god I can't wait...

30 minutes later I received another text, it was from Harry...

Can't wait for tomorrow Morris - Harry.

I decided to ignore it, I really had nothing to say. I got another text from him 10 minutes later.

You're not ignoring me are you? ;) - Harry.

Of course not, how could I ignore the one and only Harry Styles? :O

Feisty! What's your address so I can pick you up tomorrow? - Harry.

I text him my address and shoved my phone under my pillow, and finally fell asleep.

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