A girl named Kate thought everything was figured out,but not everything goes as planned. she made a deal with harry styles. but why? and how will it turn out?

▲ Dirty scenes. its rated R for a reason▲


12. chapter 12

Chapter 12

I woke up exhausted. My body had still not recovered from yesterday. Harry was beside me on his phone. I turned round to face him.

"Morning beautiful" he smiled.

I nodded at him too tired to talk.

"Maybe you should spend the day in bed miss school?" he asked.

"No it's fine, I just need a shower or something" this made Harry raise his eyebrow, me and my stupid mouth.

"I want to wash you" he murmured.

"Then why are we sitting here for?" I asked, if I played along this week will go some much quicker. I don't want to admit to myself that I might not be faking it.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into his bathroom. He undid my bra, and I took off my knickers. He took off his boxers so we were both standing there naked. I started to laugh to myself.

"What's funny?" he asked.

"If I told someone that I have seen Harry Styles naked, they would never believe me" I continued to laugh making him smile.

"You could get any guy you wanted, trust me".

"I doubt that" I said feeling self-conscious, I hated talking about myself.

"You don't realise the effect you have on people" he shook his head.

I shrugged not knowing what to say, I felt very awkward. He placed his hand in mine and pulled me into the shower. Turning it on causing the water to splatter over us, he grabbed a sponge and some soap and began to wipe it over my body. He caressed each of my breasts, moans escaped my lips. He then moved on to my stomach and then down my legs, he then ran it over my sex making me squeal.

"Harry" I shouted making him laugh.

He ignored me continuing to rub the sponge up and down, he stopped before I lost all control.

"I love making you scream" he whispered in my ear, followed by kisses down my neck.

I needed to try and control the situation, I wanted so desperately to see him vulnerable like he was yesterday. I knelt down on my knees and grabbed his dick in one of my hands.

"Morris" he warned but I ignored him.

I licked the tip before inserting it in my mouth. I moved it in and out as I twirled my tongue around it. Occasionally nibbling the end making him squirm. I enjoyed watching him lose himself because of me.

"Morris stop I'm close" he tried to say whilst steadying his breathing.

I carried on, ignoring him, he held on to the wall trying to balance himself. His breathing growing heavier.

"If you don't stop now I will cum in your mouth" he warned making me smile.

He grabbed on to my hair as I finished my first blow job, he released into my mouth crying out my name. I quickly swallowed it down ignoring the taste. He sunk down on to the floor trying to catch his breath. I sat down beside him and leant against the wall.

"Wow Morris" he was stunned.

"We need to get to school" I said to him

He got up off the floor and held out his hand pulling me up. He got me a towel wrapping it around me. I never actually planned on giving him a blow job, but watching him fall apart like that kind of turned me on. What is wrong with me, since when do I get turned on and most of all by him? I asked myself in disgust. I'm letting my guard fall down, and I can't let that happen I need to be extra careful. I dried myself and then put on some jeans and a hoodie, making sure Harry couldn't touch me in anyway today.

When we got to school we were greeted by Zayn and Niall. I smiled at both of them but I didn't speak, I already have to deal with Harry I can't be dealing with the whole One Direction gang. I once again had first lesson with Harry and Jess... I have no idea if we are even still talking?

When we got to class Jess was already there sitting in her usual seat. The 2 seats behind her were free so Harry and I went and sat down. I tapped Jess on the shoulder and she turned to face me.

"Hey" I smiled at her.

"Hey" she said dryly.

Oh god I have definitely pissed her off but I don't know what I have done.

"What's up with us?" I asked her.

"I don't know you tell me" she moaned.

"Oh don't give me that crap Jess, just spit it out" I said agitated.

"Why didn't you tell me about you and Harry? I had to hear about it from Ashley".

I looked down at my desk "I'm sorry, I promise I will explain everything soon okay?"

She smiled at me "You better".

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and kissed her on the cheek.

Harry whispered in my ear "You like kissing girls don't you?" he joked making me almost choke on my own saliva. I glared at him making him smile.

Ashley approached me and asked the person on the other side of me to move. Much to my dismay they did as she said and ran like a little puppy.

"Hey Morris" she smiled at me.

"It's Kate" I corrected her.

"Yeah whatever, your nicknames Morris"

I rolled my eyes "What do you want?" I asked.

"To sit next to you obviously" she mocked me.

"A week ago you didn't even know who I was, now you're voluntarily sitting next to me?"

"Like I said things change" she looked at Harry and smiled.

"Hey Harry" she waved.

"Hey" he smiled.

"I'm having a party tonight, you should totally come. Bring all of One Direction".

"Why not, can I have a plus one?" he asked looking at me.

"If you must" she said annoyed.

I can't do this without Jess. I leant into Harry and whispered in his ear "Can you get Jess invited please?" I asked.

"Oh Ashley is it?" he asked and she nodded. "Make that plus two" he smiled at me.

I mouthed thank you to him. Ashley returned back to her seat at the front and I leant forward.

"Looks like me and you have a lame ass party to go to tonight" I said to her laughing.

She turned around stunned "For real?" she squeaked.

"For real, you better wear something sexy for Zayn".

"Is that a joke Morris" she mocked.

"Don't you dare" I warned her making her laugh.

Then my laughter faded, what the hell will Harry make me do in front of them all?

"Harry" I whispered to him.

"Mm?" he hummed.

"Please don't pull any crap at the party" I begged him.

"I will let you have your free will tonight" he promised.

"Thank you Harry" I smiled at him and he nodded.

The bell rang and I jumped out my seat, knocking over my chair. I hate that I'm so clumsy.

"See you at lunch baby" I joked with Harry and ran out the classroom.

I always end up being late for my next lesson with Mr Tubbs. Luckily I was the first one there.

"Hey" I turned around to see Liam.

"Hey Liam you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, are you in this class?" he asked hopeful.

"Yeah I am" I smiled.

"Sweet, I've just been transferred here" he said holding up a piece of paper. "At least I'll have one friendly face in this class" he smiled.

"I suppose I could say the same" I laughed.

Liam handed the piece of paper to Mr Tubb and took his seat next to mine. I could hear girls screaming when they found out he was in this class. Some had no idea and worked it out in the middle of the lesson when Mr Tubb spoke to him.

"So are you close with all the One Direction boys?" I asked him. Maybe he can give me an insight into Harry.

"Yeah we're like a family" his eyes lit up making me smile.

"You get on well with Harry?" I asked and he nodded.

"Yeah he's had it hard, One Direction saved him" huh?

"How so?" I asked curious.

He shrugged "It's not my place to say, but I would be careful. He's not well... erm normal, he has problems. I don't want him getting hurt" he warned me.

"Hey" I held up my hands. "Who says I will hurt him? Harry and I have a deal that is all? We both know what happens in the end".

"And if you get attached what then?"

"Trust me, I will never let that happen. Plus he doesn't know how to possibly love someone".

"True, but I believed that before we moved here. I've never seen him react to someone like he has to you".

"That's because I won't put up with his crap, I don't care about all the stupid fame" I said rolling my eyes.

"Maybe Harry needs that, he's been wrapped up in his own bubble for so long".

I nodded my head feeling awkward about this conversation. Liam looked at me for a few seconds before speaking again.

"I don't want you to get hurt Kate" he frowned.

"I won't believe me" I reassured him. "And thanks" I smiled.

"For what?" he asked tilting his head.

"For calling me Kate" I laughed.

"That's your name isn't it?" he asked confused.

I nodded "Yeah, but the whole school now calls me Morris thanks to Harry" I said.

He laughed "Well I don't follow everyone else" he smiled.

"Good to know".

After lesson Liam walked with me into the canteen. I saw Harry sitting at the table with Niall, Zayn, Louis, Jess and Louise. Liam and I joined them, we sat down either side of Harry. I wasn't sure if Harry had planned this, but I needed to stop overthinking everything.

"What do you think Ashley would say if we invite another person" I asked Harry.

He laughed "Who gives a shit? The more the merrier right?"

I nodded "Good thinking Styles".

We planned our travel and stuff for the party. Harry will take me, Jess, Louise and Liam. Louis will take everyone else. I was starting to think this week wouldn't be so bad, and I was actually looking forward to tonight

A/N sorry it's been so long.

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